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  1. I need a trip to the US when all this covid is over, hard to find those in that condition over here.
  2. Here is my latest auction win a 1938 dated, Yugoslavian 50 Dinara made from .750 silver, this coin and the 20 Dinara were the only silver coins made that year, they featured the young Peter II who's dad was assassinated in France, Peter was too young to take the throne at 11, so his uncle was made regent, his uncle sided with the nazi's and Britain helped organise a 'coup d etat' placing Peter on the throne, the nazi's then invaded Yugoslavia, and Peter left for Britain via Greece and Egypt, he was commissioned into the RAF in 1941. The Germans confiscated most of the precious/war material metals when they invaded and they had to be replaced by zinc, after the war what coinage remained was destroyed and a new communist government and associated currency was adopted. The production of this coin was only manufactured during 1938, and despite 10 million being produced they are quite scarce now in uncirculated condition. The writing around the edge translates to 'God protects Yugoslavia' Quite a large coin, its the size of a British £2 coin.
  3. 2 Marvel wolverines as part of a group order I did, excellent service from @SilverTrader as usual.
  4. This is my latest auction win a 1942 dated New Zealand 1/2 Crown made from .500 silver, this coin was minted in small numbers on the odd year from 1937 to 1946. 1942 being one of the lowest mintage years with 240,000 being made, the highest 1943 with 1,120,000 produced.
  5. Hey you I have had my fair share of excitement and shock, me an the missus were abducted by aliens once, they said to me we are going to insert a large probe up you and release you unharmed, as I parted my cheeks I said good luck with the missus I failed in that dept for the last 10 years.
  6. Got this as one of my Christmas presents, a British 1937 dated coronation 1 crown, minted from .500 silver. This coin was last crown to be made of silver in the UK, and was brought out to commemorate the coronation of king George VI in 1937, it was made for one year only, with only 418,600 made. A very large coin, you would certainly know about it with a few of these in your pockets back then. Surprisingly this coin is still legal tender in the UK, having been revalued at 25p, though they are worth quite a bit more than this now, pics dont do it justice and the coin has most of its original mint lustre remaining.
  7. Yeah I agree with this character above, I collect mint old silver and gold, and I like it to look mint so I carefully remove any muck or toning with a coin cleaner, BUT I prefer to buy coins that have not been cleaned first and would rather do this myself if needed, if keeping clean them, if selling leave them, the toning helps prove to a potential buyer they have not been molested with.
  8. I am no expert but that looks more like a finger/skin print
  9. I got quite a few Nikon cameras very old and very new that I use for work, though the newer ones I am still getting the hang of.
  10. This is my latest pick up a Netherlands 10 Gulden made in 1933 from .900 gold, this version of the 10 Gulden came out in 1925 and featured the final mature Queen Wilhelmina portrait, it was only made in low mintages in 1925, 1926, 1927, 1932 and finally 1933 which was also the last year of circulating gold coins in the Netherlands. The coin is a similar size and weight to a full British sovereign. Mintage for the year 1933 was 2,462,101 Bought the coin from Bullion By Post as a Christmas present to myself and they were superb, they got a selection out of the best condition coins they had and photographed them for me to pick one, and had it delivered to me the next day, all the dealers I contacted on here couldn't even be bothered to get back to me. Pics don't do justice to all the original mint lustre still present.
  11. You could kill someone with it too, love it.
  12. These are my latest auction wins a Denmark 2 Kronor struck from .800 silver, 1937 dated. This coin was released in 1937 only to mark 25 years of the reign of King Christian X, it had a low mintage of 208,699. A good size and weight coin about the same as a modern UK £2.
  13. Don't hold your breath mate, I am still waiting for info on something from long before all this covid started.
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