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  1. Don't hold your breath mate, I am still waiting for info on something from long before all this covid started.
  2. This arrived today among a load of Australian silver which has now found a new home straight away, its now my rarest silver coin (unless Krause is right about my 1944 Egyptian 2 Piastries), a New Zealand 1940 dated 1/2 crown, made from .500 silver. This coin was minted to commemorate the centenary of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840 in which the native chiefs gave up their sovereignty of New Zealand to the British Crown, the New Zealand Government authorised the issue of a half-crown of special design and they were made by the Royal Mint in Wales, only made in 1940 as a circulat
  3. I hope he isnt going to be disappointed with his Maple bullion after he sent you that beauty
  4. Looks like a victorian sex toy to me mate.
  5. Thanks so much for the offer mate but I am strictly pre 1945 coins only, I dare not open the door to later dates my wallet would take a battering lol.
  6. I first want to dedicate this post to my very good, patient, and understanding friend Merm, who has been a godsend since I lost my best mate last week. I won in an auction these uncirculated and strong lustre USA Philippines silver coins. This design of coin was released in 1937 and minted from .750 silver for all denominations, when WW2 started and the Japanese invaded the Philippines the majority of these years of coins were apparently dumped into the sea to prevent the Japanese getting their hand on precious metals or metals of any kind, therefore coins of pre 1941 date in mint condi
  7. They are nice, do they sell pre 1945 gold coins ? as a big dealer on here I contacted never bothered to get back in touch with me.
  8. Love it, do not blame you, contact trading standards for advice as well they might be able to help, though when I was tackling people making and selling fake militaria in the UK I know how hopeless they are, and you have to basically do their work for them.
  9. I would return them mate, selling forgeries is a crime and a reputation for doing something like that sticks.
  10. The mintmarks, the seahorse was used till 1933 when the grapes took over, there was different mintmarks for the colonies ones also, nice coins.
  11. This is my latest pickup and keeper, a 1943 dated, United States 'Walking liberty half dollar' minted from .900 silver. This design of coin came out in 1916 and was made unchanged until 1947, three mints made them, Philadelphia (coins with no mint mark) , Denver (a D mintmark) and San Francisco (an S mintmark), some years and makers being rarer than others. The front of the coin feature the American Eagle walking and the reverse Liberty walking draped in the US flag, the walking liberty design is still used on the 1oz bullion coins, something that puzzles me is why they only had a 1/2 doll
  12. I have been bidding and winning some of these lovely walking liberty half dollars, the first arrived today, this is a late San Francisco mint one which was made on worn dies, the coin has its full lustre but the centre of the coin on both sides slightly lacks detail which does not bother me, I will wait until all the ones I have bid on (and hopefully won) arrive before I decide which one I want to keep and which I want to sell on.
  13. World gold coins next , I tried to buy some from a well known dealer but they couldn't be arsed to even get back to me.
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