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  1. Good job mate, that's what I do sometimes, its cheaper to buy a joblot and keep the best and sell the rest, I am saving for a bigger purchase at the moment just hope you aint bought it before I saved enough.
  2. Ahh you only got 2 coins and 4 sides DOH, it was four coins in a lot I was watching, my backs gone and I am high on painkillers at the moment, I won three more coins in auctions, will let you see them when/if they arrive and are as described.
  3. Nah it was just 4 new guinea shilling, I watch loads mate, and bid on the ones I can afford at the time, some pass by until I been paid, great thing about being new to this hobby is that there is a huge amount of stuff out there I have not got, and plenty of everything I want also
  4. So it was you who bought that joblot then lol I was watching them, nice coins, there is more coins in my watching it list than I could afford this year at the moment.
  5. It looks very deliberate now I have had another look, like they have only gone in the fields of the coin and it looks worse being magnified on this screen, possibly angle grinder
  6. I have had that problem, some sellers seem to think that the make an offer is for hugely inflated prices only.
  7. Leave them all with me mate, I will take care of them all for you
  8. Should of put my recent purchase on here
  9. Received this today, it was described as UNC, the pictures were c**p but I took a low bid gamble as the seller had several 1000 pos feedbacks, and 0 negs, magnified it looks like its been wired brushed in different directions on the face of the coin, when its in the hand you cannot see these scratches at all hardly, the otherside I would of lived with, needless to say its going back, what do you guys think has been done to it ? whizzed to deceive ?or badly cleaned ? Will teach me to bid on a c**p picture at 2am even if it was really low, it hasn't put me off using auction sites, I have had about 30 good coins, and only 3 returns so far.
  10. I take it you saw my Beretta 'sporting' gun after you posted about what I did lol
  11. lol neither of those, used to be part of a target shooting team, and did a bit of Martini Henry shooting.
  12. This arrived today, 1937 dated Austrian 2 Schilling, made from .640 silver, Austria released circulating commemorative coins each year, this one was celebrating 200 years since the building of their main church St Karl, 1937 was the last year Austria made silver coins of their own, the Third Reich invading and confiscated their coinage replacing it with their own in 1938. Made one year only, and 500,000 minted. The coin I could tell was a bit of a diamond in the rough, it had been kept in a PVC slip for decades, which had turned it into the incredible Hulk, it was dirty and had unattractive toning and probably one reason I got it so cheaply, so I decided this one I would use some MS70 coin cleaner on and it brought it back to life a treat. As bought Half cleaned And completed, very happy with it, can see all the original lustre now
  13. I suppose that is the risk when something is lower mintage/more handmade, there will be faults, though in this day and age there shouldnt be.
  14. This arrived today, pics dont do it justice, Its a British 1937 dated 3 Pence, made from .500 silver, this style of coin was made from the Kings Coronation in 1937 to 1945, 8,148,100 million being produced in 1937 alone, the smallest and lightest coin in my stack now. Hmm got that wrong, my two Netherlands are smaller and my 5 Cents Malaya is lighter. Shown next to a modern 5p for scale
  15. You sure you didnt serve on the Russian front in WW2 and have a collection of them
  16. lol looks like a gold tooth ripped from someones chops
  17. And restruck, though official and of silver, had the similiar problem when getting a 1938 Hungarian 5 Pengo St Stephen, the originals are most common, the restrikes are rarer but its hard to distinguish the difference on some of them except for the prooflike editions, and luckily so far the fakes are just awful.
  18. Nice hands mate, they haven't done much manual labour
  19. There is no Carcharocles Megalodon, that was bigger than all of these around this time.
  20. It can't be, she must be dead by now, she was minted in 1932
  21. They are a beautiful looking coin, I have been watching quite a few of them in auctions recently.
  22. Well the last of my auction wins arrived today, need to place some more bids on stuff that's ending tomorrow. Got these two .500 silver shillings, a 1939 dated Scottish and a 1945 dated English versions, production of each type for these years are as follows, 1939 dated Scottish 10,263,800 minted 1945 dated English 15,143,400 minted And these two, there its lots of lustre on both of these but its hard to show in the pics, and the tiny 10 Cent coin you can see all the tiny stress cracks from when it was made when its highly magnified. These were bargain wins, with both for under £5 These are United States of America Philippines 1944 dated .750 silver coins, pre 1941 dated coins are harder to come by as nearly all were dumped into the sea to stop the Japanese getting hold of silver and other useful metals that they were seriously short of when they invaded the Philippines , so any found are usually in bad condition from being under the sea, with the islands being retaken by the USA in 1944, production was restarted to equip the country with currency again, the coins be produced by the Denver Mint, production for the two denominations are as follows, 1944 dated 10 Centavos 31,592,000 minted 1944 dated 20 Centavos 28,596,000 minted
  23. Don't try and justify your addiction to me, I have already accepted that I have one
  24. I think its obscene how many lovely coins you are buying so quickly, I am not jealous at all, honestly.
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