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  1. morning all just thought I'd share a couple of coins I received today. My absolute favourite coin of all time and so happy to have one- the Ethiopian silver birr very hard to find here. One day I'll get one in better condition but they go up into the hundreds! Nice French Indo-China piastre. Interesting to think both the silver birr and piastre were minted in Paris not that far apart, however ended up in very different parts of the world. A few Italian coins also came too. The older ones have such beautiful classic art designs! @paolothanks bud
  2. No prob re the mix up, but can confirm that I had no issues at all selling to @Rumistacker and would purchase off him in future without hesitation.
  3. Paid £75+ fees + post. They were happy enough for me to return it to them but just too lazy to test it. Also bought some coins from another auction house and when I won I called them to say can you hold a magnet to them or weigh them and they outright refused saying thats not a service they offer!
  4. Glad I dipped it in water to test it now... I have bought 4 auction lots last week and all 4 were problematic. 2 had fake coins, 1 had non-silver coins sold as silver and the other was this egg thing
  5. thanks for the help mate. I work near HG but haven't gone there in a long time as am WFH currently. Upon someone elses advice I did a specific gravity test and it failed horribly... came in about 5.5! I peeled back the felt like you said and can see that inside is like a plaster type substance, quite chalky and definitely not silver! Back to the auction house it goes !
  6. Hi Saw this rather nice and unique decorative egg and couldn't resist bidding on it. Just arrived and it's great but want to test it to make sure it's. 999 silver like it says (and not plated or lower purity). I have no idea how to do this though! I don't have an xrf/ sigma or such device and don't think it's completely solid as otherwise It would probably be heavier. Please see photos below. Any help appreciated!
  7. So sorry to hear about your loss mate As always, your coins are amazing and the accompanying story amplifies their appeal. I have to say I haven't actually come across the 1947 50c- will have to keep en eye out in the future for one.
  8. Agreed. I have bought another lot of coins that I am 99% sure are fake and they refused to hold a magnet to them or weigh them before posting saying that they were too busy and that was not a service they offered. Honestly the complacency of the auction houses is astonishing it's a miracle theyre still around.
  9. Please see below for photos of coins and prices Add postage of choice at cost- if you buy a few things Im sure we can work something out. Ignore what it says on the flips- they are just used to kep the coins safe and don't match up to the actual coins!
  10. I have returned them but defaced them with the word FAKE across each so as to avoid liability myself for distributing counterfeit coins! It also prevents the auction house from reselling the coins themselves should they want to do so. If they kick up a fuss about refunds etc Im going to post their name very publically.
  11. Also received these coins (not fakes!). Nice big lump of early belgian silver in a fantastic grade with with plenty of obverse detail and a 1886 maundy 4d groat. This is not something I collect so I have put it up for auction elsewhere. With a mintage of just 6,785 I have to say I am surprised at how cheap these maundy pieces go! I would have thought more people would collect them! This one has beautiful toning which isnt really captured but has a reddish/ rainbow hue to it and lovely symetrical toning.
  12. So I won my first lot in a proper auction the other day and if it wasn't so funny I'd be quite angry 😂 £20 hammer price, which plus commission and postage ended up costing £41 all in! these guys are criminals, 33% buyer fees and 30% seller fees, and £10 handling charge on postage just for them posting it for you! Anyway, thought I had bagged an absolute bargain here and had 6 pretty rare south American coins- admittedly I didn't look at the photos closely at all before bidding, just chucked in a £20 bid and won. Coins arrived and well... as you can see they are cheap cheap chine
  13. Picked up a few coins from a shop on strand. Most were hugely overpriced as you'd imagine but got 10 or so for a decent price
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