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  1. yes it was that lot with the 4 coins! I just only kept 2 of them, the other 2 went to someone else. thought you were talking about this lot below, which also had some very nice world silvers in it but went too high for me.
  2. I think I know the lot you're talking about.. the huge one that went for over £180 with the fiji coins in it too? I was watching that but went for way more than I was prepared to pay although it did have some lovely coins in it. I bought 4 of these from a well established seller on ebay and split it with a fellow forum member as I only needed 2 for my collection.
  3. 2 more for the folder These New Guinea (now Papua New Guinea) shillings have been on my radar for a while now. Only struck in 4 years with 2 monarchs, George V in 1935 and 1936 and George VI in 1938 and 1945. Standard circulating coinage struck in .925 (which in 1945 I think was one of the last countries to do this!) Unique design and the only world silver coin I have with a hole in the middle! That's my first country completed too
  4. bullion sovereign IMO has no numismatic value, its just a chunk of gold. I would clean it personally if it was bothering me. cleaned or uncleaned its still going to be worth spot +3-5%
  5. 1844 Crown now just waiting on my 1937 crown to arrive and then the set of circulating crowns from 1800 is complete! (thank god the Gothic crown was a non-circulating coin!) With a mintage of just 94,200 this is the scarcest date of the young head shield crowns (non-proof). The reverse shield design is remarkably similar to that used on the half crown but is slightly narrower. The inescutcheon featured on coinage by William IV and George IV in the middle of the coat of arms was removed and instead the shield stood bare. This was because Victoria, by virtue of her being a woman, was unable to become Elector of Hanover so the inescutcheon had to dissapear from the coins Despite being pretty worn and dented on the obverse, the reverse shield has a beautiful rainbow toning to it but as usual the camera struggles to do it justice.
  6. GoldElliott

    Silver math

    yes I keep scrap seperated into bags .925, .900, .835, .800, .720, .640, .625, .500, .400 etc. then when I want to work out how much one is worth its very simple just: weight in g * silver purity * 0.466 (or whatever silver price per g is). would be 195*0.835*0.466= £75.88
  7. Or mislead everyone into thinking you are storing it underground Have just found a metro bank a couple minutes from my work that does storage. When this is over I'll go and speak to them
  8. not really willing to put my PMs in a bank unfortunately. Have spoken with someone and decided to store it somewhere secret underground SDB seems to cost a lot with added insurance.
  9. If you don't mind telling me, who is that with? Very good price! And are there strings attached?
  10. Haha the old 'you go up, I go down' I've had some sarcastic replies when making offer but never been accused of harassment! There's no excuse to be rude to anyone full stop! Clearly just a disgruntled old git by the looks of things
  11. Sorry if there is already a thread for this... Title is pretty self-explanatory. I currently don't keep PMs in my house, but I can no longer keep them where they currently are due to Insurance issues. I want to get a safety deposit box. Don't want to pay a fortune, need it to be insured, need it to be in London. I'm thinking Sharps Pixley as it's more convenient than Harrods. Does anyone have any suggestions? Many thanks as always.
  12. And here's a lesson in how not to treat a potential customer... The item was slightly over priced so I though I'd message with a fair offer. The exchanges have gone on and she is now threatening to 'tell ebay' because I messaged asking if she would reduce the price 😂
  13. 1902 Crown. Not bad wear, real shame about the edge knocks 😕
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