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  1. Sold Ever popular Englehard bars 😊👍 £31 each plus post!
  2. For sale the last of my 1oz silvers 2016 panda £30 ea 2011 libertad £33 ea 2018 2oz bull £65 2019 britannia bullion £27 Please add post of choice at cost 😊👍
  3. Hi Phil, all sold now thanks, can't work out how to mark as completed
  4. Thalers £16-18 depending on what condition France 50 francs £17.50 France 10 francs £15 Canada dollars £13 standard design, £14 special design 5 bolivares worn and damaged £15
  5. Total comes to £269+ post. Can do 260 posted special delivery and will throw in 1 damaged 400 one for free
  6. Hi all got quite a few available. Please see photo for details and add postage. Probably about 30 half dollars left. I don't have time to sort through dates and mint marks etc sorry!
  7. GoldElliott

    completed (By Platinum Member) Nevada and Utah Goldbacks

    Will take 5 please, interested to know more
  8. Few of the more interesting world silvers I received today don't see these every day Nice toning on the 1812 Eighteenpence/ 1s 6d token, British West Africa 2 Shillings 1918 in nice grade, and the star of the show, a 1888 Mombassa (Imperial British East Africa Company) - modern day Kenya Rupee minted in the Heaton mint in Birmingham.
  9. morning all just thought I'd share a couple of coins I received today. My absolute favourite coin of all time and so happy to have one- the Ethiopian silver birr very hard to find here. One day I'll get one in better condition but they go up into the hundreds! Nice French Indo-China piastre. Interesting to think both the silver birr and piastre were minted in Paris not that far apart, however ended up in very different parts of the world. A few Italian coins also came too. The older ones have such beautiful classic art designs! @paolothanks bud
  10. Paid £75+ fees + post. They were happy enough for me to return it to them but just too lazy to test it. Also bought some coins from another auction house and when I won I called them to say can you hold a magnet to them or weigh them and they outright refused saying thats not a service they offer!
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