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  1. love those bahamas 2 dollars great coins
  2. Been a busy few months but back in UK now. Got a lot of catching up to do with everything- prices gone crazy not sure I'll be buying much for a while.
  3. Some nice things arrived thanks @paolo ffor the silver bundle featuring my first Ethiopian coin... and thanks @SILVERFINGERfor the mining certificates. Not the usual thing I collect but really like them
  4. Got a few of these spare and wanting to sell Quite hard to price because of varying conditions but I will show you the exact coin you will receive or give you a choice where there is more than 1 Pricing is £1-2 on the top row (depending on condition and which one you pick) 2nd row is 75p 3rd and 4th row is 50p Postage of buyers choosing on top at cost Great for those with gaps in a date run or those who want to start a date run any more pics or info just ask thanks
  5. a lot of members on here have sigma verifiers and access to XRF machines. Personally, all the gold and buy and sell I get XRF tested and I know most of the regular sellers on here do the same with sigma/ XRF machines- that is much more than can be said for some high street jewellers with a basic acid testing kit... Acid testing etc works for jewellry but youre not going to acid test a proof gold coin you want to send for grading are you. If there is a fake sold on here id imagine 99.9999% of the members here would do everything in their power to reimburse you and track down the origin of the dodgy coin as they are decent people. Personally I would have no reservations buying from here and I have done so in the past. Everything I buy gets XRF tested and so far so good
  6. Yeh the later years and more common ones have a strange .250 content. I thought this one was one of them and was about to throw it in the spares pile then I noticed it was a bit bigger and looked it up. Had no idea they were .800 either! The writing is also different and says 'British East Africa and Uganda Protectorate' and not just 'British East Africa' as the later ones do
  7. Received plenty of coins today but these are my favourites Started the South African decimal silvers, some nice Polish silvers, and this beautiful Cyprus 9 piastres 1913 with a mintage of only 50,000- probably my rarest world silver to date!
  8. still plenty more months left in the year. Why do you think they won't increase production to meet their targets in the remaining 5/6 months? to do otherwise would just be sacrificing profits and the RM doesnt like to do that...
  9. thanks mate, will invest in a bottle or 2 and give you my thoughts
  10. want to buy Englehard silver bars please pm me with what you got and prices. all sizes and styles considered
  11. haha blue label is more expensive than all the whiskys i drink! just not a huge fan of the flavour
  12. dont do blended whisky! especially not chivas.. although it does have a huge appeal in the middle east. not even a fan of blue label, although have had a few rough mornings from black label
  13. recently had kirk and sweeney 23 years and thats lovely. someone bought me a bottle for a gift but i find rum a bit sweet and felt too expensive to mix/ use as a cocktail. ended up using it in el presidente cocktails as the extra dry vermouth balances out the sweetness. if youre a rum expert id appreciate you to recommend some good ones for my bar!
  14. prefer speyside whisky myself- Balvenie is a favourite and having tried the 12, 14, 16, 17, 19, 21 and 25 year can say that the 16 triple cask is probably my favourite for the price (25 is $500 a bottle). Hard to find except in the airport for some reason so grab one next time youre in duty free at same price range Glenfiddich 21 isnt bad (but not as complex), nor is mortlach 18 (if you got a bit more to spend). dalmore king alexander iii isnt a bad tipple too
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