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  1. I don’t really feel that justifies a negative. A negative feedback on here = destruction of the persons ability to sell anything on the forum in the future. Not really a fair punishment for tardy communication, and as previously alluded to, whilst it’s annoying for the buyer people have lives and they might have something going on. Although it sounds you’ve had a pretty poor experience so far, if it does indeed arrive well packaged and as described surely it’s a neutral at worst? Each to their own though.
  2. Looking for a reasonable condition 2005 bullion sovereign. Bairds are cheapest selling for £406 delivered at the time of writing. Can anyone beat the dealer? Shep
  3. 1902 Matte Proof Sovereign graded PR62 by PCGS. - £850 Delivered Royal Mail Special Delivery UK sale only, payment by BT or PayPal f&f.
  4. Shep

    BBP Prices on Gold

    Bullion By Post. I don’t think they increase prices as such. Their prices do not appear to fall as quickly as they rise during large swings in the spot price. This means the relative premiums they are charging above spot seem to increase on large dips in the spot price.
  5. They (bullion) will hold a small premium but don’t go getting scalped panic buying. Same with the any of the 2022 proof coins, prices are exploding due to scalpers and the human condition of the fear of missing out. Whilst probably a good buy for the future, wait a couple of weeks / months and the price will likely correct downwards again once the hype has dispersed. The Queen has been on every single U.K. coin / note etc for the last 70 years and everyone is going about like anything with her effigy or cypher on is getting melted down next week.
  6. A quick review of the Royal Mint VIP tour that I attended 07/09/22. Scores on the doors - 3/5 Consisted of (in order) - Refreshments and biscuits upon arrival. - A 30 min brisk presentation of the Royal Mints history. - A visit to the design team and a presentation from one of the designers. - Walkthrough / talk through of the die production rooms and processes. - Demonstration of die polishing. - Strike your own Sovereign in the PM production area (if purchased (£625)). - A very decent buffet lunch. - Visit to the circulating coin production factory + strike your own 50p (included). - End of the guided tour and option to view the regular Royal Mint experience exhibits. - Coffee and a slice of cake before you depart. Pros A truly great experience to meet the design team who were all incredibly humble. Good lunch Opportunity to strike your own Proof Silver Britannia or 2022 Proof Sovereign (at the time of writing). Friendly tour guide. Cons A extremely light touch 30 mins talk by a representative of the Royal Mint museum and no opportunity to go into their area and see any numismatic rarity’s not on show to the regular punters - really disappointed with this Now seeing as the Royal Mint claims the sovereign is their flagship coin, it was again disappointing that on the tour you do not see any precious metal coins being minted other than the one you may or may not elect to buy. I had visions that I would be seeing streams of bullion sovereigns flying out of machines into tubs. I did not see a single gold, silver or platinum coin of any kind being minted (other than my own). I’ve never really considered myself a hard core collector but The VIP tour felt like it was aimed and pitched at a level for people who like to collect cupronickel 50ps in their change. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it just left me wanting. Summary The tour proved to be acceptable value for money. It seems in the past a visit to the Royal Mint Museum was included in the VIP tour, this is an absolute must have and really ought to reintroduced. Not seeing a single precious metal coin being produced was pretty laughable. I walked away happy as I have two 2022 proof sovereigns to add to my stack, had I not had these I feel I would have been severely disappointed.
  7. Honestly, first time was a charm. I can only assume something horrible must happen between striking them and putting them in their capsules during normal production.
  8. Visited the Royal Mint today for the VIP tour. Picked up two 2022 strike your own proof sovereigns. Well worth the tour just to be able to pick up the coins at near issue price…. and the fact I was able to do my own QC on them!
  9. 1/20 Oz (1.55g) 999 fine gold Panda in capsule for sale. £95 plus post of your choice and risk. Red spotting to obverse. UK sale only, payment by bank transfer or PayPal f&f. Shep
  10. 2021 Gibraltar full proof sovereign + COA £365 including SD U.K. only. Payment by bank transfer or PayPal f&f. Shep
  11. 1885 Newfoundland $2 and 1966 Rhodesia 10S coins arrived back from grading today.
  12. Could do with some better pictures. Some of the obverse also perhaps? Nothing immediately jumps out at me that is screaming fake. The dark spot on the horses neck looks to be just some of the frosting missing, which isn’t unheard of or particularly suspicious for the Royal Mint. Other positives are that the COA, capsule and box (from what i can see) all look Royal Mint genuine issue for the given year. The coin is as you say clearly tarnished, but this can probably be resolved should you wish. If it was sold as a “10/10 proof” and you’re not happy with its condition you probably ought to think about sending it back, unless you can’t find one for a similar price from another source. Welcome to the forum.
  13. Shep

    Dreadful fake

    Time to get reporting, it’s already somehow at £185 with only an hour to go 🤯
  14. Lots of good advice above. My two pence: Ditch silver it’s a false economy. Forget “rare” modern 1oz silver coins unless you like watching them milk spot and lose the horrendous premium you may have paid on them. Buy the lowest premium CGT free gold you can find from reputable sources. 22ct/24ct is irrelevant if you’re purely stacking to fund your retirement.
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