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    Have a considerable weakness for double sovereigns and Isle of Man sovereigns.
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  1. The aspect of this that I find most irritating is that I feel if one was to question these auction houses about their term and conditions, they would simply argue that they are standard industry practices. Although buyers have a responsibility to check the terms and conditions, I feel it says much more about the way these auction houses conduct their business than the naivety of buyers. To borrow a phrase from a not too dissimilar racket - “The house always wins”.
  2. @TheGoldSovereignWould this be the certain auctioneers that use the auction mobility platform mentioned in your thread from a while back? Its all open source and freely available information so I personally don’t see the need to protect them from criticism.
  3. Ah my apologies, thought you were being sarcastic.
  4. Just a picture. Old coin, old style tester, you know the type that would have been used back in the day when it was in circulation.
  5. 1820 George III Sovereign looking good in one of @morezones airtites.
  6. Could argue that you should have also checked the coin when you received it from the Coin Connection. If you did, you must not have noticed the issues either or I assume you would have sent it back at the time? I understand your frustration but I’m not convinced the Coin Connection are to blame.
  7. @GoldmiesterSimply and as others have said, sovereigns are the most readily available, most liquid, fractional gold bullion coin priced with the lowest premium over their intrinsic gold value. Meaning for adding to a stack they more often than not offer the best value for money. “Better” fineness means nothing in this case. For example, a 1ozt 22ct Krugerrand is usually the closest you can get to paying spot price for a coin. It still contains exactly the same amount of fine gold as a 24ct 1ozt Britannia, but you would be paying a fraction of the buyers premium in comparison. Howeve
  8. I agree that what you may trade up in terms of potential price security, you’re potentially losing in terms of liquidity. But therein lies the need for diversification. @MartletJust out of interest and if I may, what would you suggest is a sensible percentage of funds to split between bullion and certain numismatics? (I appreciate that what I’m asking is a gross oversimplification).
  9. I’m personally trying to move a little away from bullion and have a portion of my “investment” in numismatics. I do think there is some merit to the thinking that buying certain carefully selected numismatics, that are perhaps less affected by downwards movements in spot price can provide a bit of security to a stack. Only gold in my case I must add. Modern silver seems a dangerous and cruel mistress to me.
  10. £1370 we could be on our way to a nice little buying opportunity.
  11. You’re giving me 2021 sovereign FOMO and it’s only the 7th of January 🤯 Lovely!
  12. Looking for a 1966 Rhodesia Gold Proof Pound. Would consider graded or raw, not too fussed either way. Shep
  13. On reflection this indeed is a much better way to treat these. I hadn’t even really considered how slabbing may detract from the enjoyment of the coins. Thanks @dicker, @Lindeman, @silenceissilverand @richatthecroftreally appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts about these.
  14. @WampumAs a novice to the world of grading that actually made for really interesting reading. Many thanks for posting.
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