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  1. Not particular competitively priced in the first place but the Royal Mint are offering 15% off their premiums for customer account first bullion orders. .
  2. Shep

    East India Company

    No and in all honesty probably won’t ever be. It’s made in imitation of the highly collectable Una and the Lion coins recently revisited and produced by the Royal Mint. The EIC are selling a 1ozt version at £2095 - as of today a £650+ premium on the intrinsic gold value of the coin. It will likely never fetch more than spot price if you come to resell it. IMHO more often than not the collectibility just isn’t there with the vast majority of these type of private mint coins. If you’re buying it because you like the design then that’s understandable, for any other reason I would avoid like the plague. (All my personal opinion).
  3. It’s a shallow marketing ploy used by Hattons of London. They claim their coins are a mix of “gold and George III gold” by melting a few minute shavings of Georgian era gold jewellery or coin and using it in the minting of their “sovereigns”. All irrelevant really, it’s gold and it’s all about 4 billion years old.
  4. To be contrarian, If given this choice I would prefer the one in original mint packaging. IMHO an MS68 grade doesn’t really add much to this coin. I would be inclined to argue that it effectively sets a price ceiling on it. If it was an MS70 or perhaps at a push a 69 i might feel differently about it. Although, you have mentioned that you have no intention of selling so i can appreciate that regardless of the grade it would be nice to have one that is presented in a slab. No. It gives some credence to the fact that it’s probably a genuine coin rather than a fake, but It gives no indication of what grade it would be given if you were to send it away for professional grading.
  5. Shep

    2019 sovereign

    It’s one of those “London Mint Office” jobs. To be fair it’s not as awful as some of the coins they produce. Link below for the Half Sov version of it- https://www.londonmintoffice.org/gold-coins/sovereigns/into-the-dragon-s-lair-half-sovereign
  6. https://harringtonandbyrne.co.uk/2020-united-kingdom-gold-uncirculated-sovereign-4498.html Not as good a deal as it used to be but the Harrington and Byrne 2020 sovereign offer is back. £349 Inc U.K. postage. Caveat emptor - expect junk mail unless you email/write to them to opt out of marketing options.
  7. Had the gold stack out today so thought i would bump up this thread with it!
  8. Short term if you ride the hype train they’re probably good for a flip with a tidy profit. Long term and well after the hype has died I don’t think either of these coins have that classic, timeless design or desirability to sustain or grow their premiums. To me, these kind of coins feel gimmicky. (Based on absolutely nothing other than my gut feeling about them).
  9. Shep

    Annual offers?

    Ah I see. It’ll turn up again in a couple of weeks no doubt!
  10. Shep

    Annual offers?

    Thanks for sharing that @Maxford. I mean it’s no secret that that is their game, but how strangely candid of them to spell it out so explicitly in a email like that. Although on reflection I suppose you asked a question and they have given you what seems to be a no BS answer. I logged into my account that I use with them and reordered, no actual human contact with them so to speak. I’ve definitely had more than the 1 this year and haven't had any issues. Probably used all my luck up with them now mind.
  11. Shep

    Annual offers?

    @Maxford who knows? Have you tried ordering a second one from H&B? They’re not so hot on policing their 1 per household rule.
  12. Well if nothing else at least there’s a bit more going on with this one than the Queen version.
  13. 1995 Barbados Queen Elizabeth’s The Queen Mother, Lady of the Century $10 proof coin. 7.776g 14ct gold. Complete with box and COA (slight rust on latch of the box- see picture). £220 + postage of your choice at your risk.
  14. 2x 2020 Half Sovereigns. Purchased during the recent royal mint gifts 50% off sale. Can’t say I would have been very happy if I had paid full price! Still, cant complain at £306.50 for 2 half sovs.
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