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  1. Shep

    The coming Gold crash

    This is getting boring now. As usual Wronger the troll resurfaces at the whiff of a drop. @Wonger I’m interested to know, what is your motivation for all this? Is it to instigate some sort of panic? Or is it to massage your ego so that you can tell us that you told us so if it happens? If you’re so certain that it will drop to the precise figure of $400, I’m sure you must also have some prediction on when it might occur and why we are still waiting?
  2. Revolut account debit cards are Visa cards. Bought a good number of these using it. The account is free and exchanges currency at the interbank exchange rate, which is generally more favourable than the rate a bank would normally offer you as a customer. Also comes with no fees for the currency exchanges or non sterling transactions. Shep
  3. Been through the wringer with this one 100 times over if you see the previous 3-4 pages. As sure as I’m looking at it now with my own two eyes, yes it’s 100% 1/4 oz fine gold.
  4. They don’t know what they’re selling, if you question them about it they don’t realise it’s a 1/4 Troy oz coin or even what a Troy oz is. Perhaps because it’s a government commissioned proof commemorative coin the price point is fixed and can’t be changed? Who knows, all I know is that it’s an excellent buy.
  5. They don’t provide a tracking number unless you ask for it. They also don’t reply to the online form. [email protected] If you haven’t already tried it, they do reply to the above email address if you send them an email requesting a tracking number.
  6. I would love to know what dealer is selling such a small pamp bar at 3-6% above spot?
  7. If selling here and you want it to sell: More than spot price but less than a dealer or an eBay seller. Do your own research and find a price you’re happy with in between those price points.
  8. They were adamant they do a 1 for 1 fresh strike of defective ones, but yes for the reason you’ve mentioned i also thought it was a load of bull
  9. 1x 134.3g 1917 Chester Hallmark Case - £65 inc postage 1x 50g 1942 Birmingham Hallmark Case - £30 inc postage Shep
  10. I did have this issue with the Albert SOTD but I purchased through the coinconnection and upon querying it was told that they do indeed strike replacements. Whether that’s true or not I don’t know. The cynic in me says the mint slap a new address on returned ones and send them out to another unsuspecting customer.
  11. @Liam84 unless you’re using Revolut or Monzo or something similar, most banks will slap you with a non sterling transaction fee of about 3%. Shep
  12. 1997 1/20oz Gold Panda. £115 + post of your choice at your risk. Bank transfer or PayPal f&f. Slight red spot to obverse - can be seen clearly in images. Shep
  13. Shep

    Gold youtube vlogs

    https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCfK5KF9J2jfWNq30-OgNoRA Junius Maltby - can ham it up a little but generally provides interesting content. +1 to the suggestion of Belangp - really good videos without any sensationalist irritating screaming.
  14. 1985 Proof Isle of Man angel for sale. Paypal f&f or bank transfer £156 + postage of your choice at your risk. Nice condition this one, minus the usual ever present fingerprint. Shep
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