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    Have a considerable weakness for double sovereigns and Isle of Man sovereigns.
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    Too many sovereigns.

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  1. From the NGC website a 70 grade coin is described as follows: “A coin with no post-production imperfections at 5x magnification.” If the coin was produced by the manufacturer looking like that then it can still achieve a 70 providing it hasn’t been damaged (scratched, handled etc) following production. Even if a coin may look awful to some folk, who are the grading companies to say the coin wasn’t meant to be produced like that? Granted it doesn’t look great though. @Aran Are you able to return it under the conditions of the sale? Though IMHO I think it will have precisely 0 eff
  2. Thanks to @MikeSol for this 1954 South Africa Pound to go with my 1952 George VI one.
  3. Find it peculiar how lots of people say that. Surprised at the size as in you thought it would be larger? (Just asking out of interest, can’t really remember what I thought the first time I saw one)
  4. 1902 Matte Proof Sovereign PCGS PR62 for sale £885 including UK Royal Mail SD. Payment via PayPal f&f or bank transfer.
  5. You’ll have the Silver Forum Sovereign Squad throwing a fit with comments like that 😂
  6. Oh god I hope not 🤢 (imho) Call me boring but I just hope they release a well thought out special reverse for the occasion. Privy marks, matte finishes and Royal Mint diversity & inclusion box ticking can all go hang for this one.
  7. @Chrisplym - @morezone sells them and if I remember correctly it’s T22 ringed capsules for 1/4oz gold and sovereigns. Shep
  8. I think a lot of us are guilty of chasing the magical “pf/pr70” grades. These grading companies have collectors by the balls in many respects. Easier said than done, but if price is an issue perhaps buy the raw coin you like for a decent price and forget the idea of grading it all together. Save the disappointment of it not coming back as a 70 and enjoy the coin for what it is. The grading process is subjective and many people will tell you they’ve had 70s come back as 69s and lesser coins come back as 70s. Sometimes it seems it depends on which way the wind is blowing as to what
  9. I personally think it’s looks okay and it was probably overdue in all honesty. As far as inclusive designs go, it’s much better than the tripe that was allegedly 2020s “coin of the year”. ...what a truly steaming heap that coin is (IMHO).
  10. 102.7g Sterling silver cigarette case hallmarked Birmingham 1928. Produced by Bravingtons Ltd of London. Good used condition with one or two minor knocks. Original elastic delicate but intact, strong hinge, catch is light but holds perfectly fine. See below images and judge condition fully for yourself. £60 + £7.65 SD or a lesser option at your own risk. Shep
  11. 2021 bullion silver Britannia without capsule, £28 plus post of your choice and risk. Bullion condition but no particular obvious damage or spotting - see images. Paypal f&f preferred. Shep
  12. Shep

    Double Sovereign

    Very nice to hold and look at IMO. Personally they’re my favourite “size” of sovereign. They’re about as liquid as a half oz I suppose, so make of that what you will. I’ve sold double sovs on here before and they sold within the day, but that all depends on how you price them of course. Speaking of gold specifically, everything reasonably priced seems to sell well on here regardless of size. If you’re out to take scalps then be prepared for it to hang around for a while.
  13. Shep

    What to buy...

    The one coin to rule them all - The Sovereign. Use the search function, this has been asked and answered 5 million plus times.
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