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  1. whats your best price.
  2. Steve007

    Import tax

    Already Subcribed BYB. BIG FAN
  3. Steve007

    Import tax

    Hi i'm worried about buying my Silver from the EU due to import tax, i was wondering if anyone has bought since to new rules are in place, if i bought £240 of Silver from the EU how much extra do i have to pay, if i'm reading it right i have to pay tax to the courier company is this true.
  4. Paypals new policy in no good for UK sellers, I personally have stopped using ebay because of this. Hopefully UK will wise up and stop too forcing Paypal to give us the same rights as the redt of the world.
  5. I have had an update from Eldorado coins, they are no longer selling to the UK until Brexit has been sorted. sad news for us stacker as it was the best prices..
  6. Hi all, i went to buy from Eldorado Coin but they have removed UK from there deliveries and removed the euro - pound conversion. Are they still taking orders from the UK.
  7. Ok so i bought from Eldorado Coins in Germany and it was a good experience, it went very smooth and easy to do with no hidden VAT prices. i shall use again. Many thanks Eldorado Coins...
  8. Hi Silver buddys can anyone recommend a set of scales that weigh fractions of a gram. many thanks Steve
  9. Hi all i’m new to stacking and have just made my first european purchase from Eldorado Coins in Germany, i shall make a video of the experience and post it on youtube (another first for me). I know its a bit late to ask but has anyone bought from this place, i did do research first and I didn’t find anything negative. My youtube channel is “Slippo ss”, there is nothing to view yet but i will do an unboxing when it arrives. ps thanks to BYB backyard bullion and Stacker Noob UK for your videos on youtube have helped me lots.
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