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  1. They've had a few different designers on this series and so as a set the coins haven't looked as 'coherent' as they might have done. Saying that this design looks better to me than some of the others.
  2. The Queens Beasts were definitely moulting this summer judging by the state of the box sets most received.
  3. DeepSpace

    H.G Wells

    It really is a crying shame. When you consider the wealth of talented artists and graphic designers who would give their right arms to have the chance to design a coin for the Royal Mint only to see some of the poorly designed first draft efforts they seem to green light.
  4. DeepSpace

    H.G Wells

    What's happened with your Una?
  5. I returned my 1/4 oz set today. Indents, milk spots, bristles all over the presentation box it all just lead to me being underwhelmed. I thought about selling it or splitting the set and selling off the good coins. I couldn't in good conscience sell someone a coin I wasn't happy with but in the end I just thought no, I don't want all the hassle. I wanted these for myself but after really thinking about it the purchase left me disappointed so I returned it. I'll spend the refund on something I can feel good about. I won't risk buying another set of this size from RM in future.
  6. Is it possibly the sound of the coins moving within the capsules that you're hearing? There is a very small amount of 'play' in there.
  7. Yeah, I got the same alert. It was nice of the RM to let us know their sale had been so successful! They did have 1/4oz silvers left which I was happy to get. It must be a task getting 19,000 proof coins set and ready to go but their e-mail alerts really should be better.
  8. It's a shame when many genuine collectors who've invested time and money over the course of years can't get a coin because they were an hour late to the release. It would be interesting to find out how many individual buyers there were for something with a mintage of 300 sets. People will buy more than one set if finances allow so are all these sets in the hands of 300 buyers, 100 or 50? Only the RM know.
  9. Yep, you certainly don't get much time to deliberate with these releases. I got a 1/4oz silver set myself and I'm thinking the same in regards to selling the random QB's I already have. I'm thinking of having a display with the completer 1oz proof in the middle with the 1/4oz set encircling it. It'd make a nice display and it's not cost the earth so I wouldn't have to worry about having it in my office 'box room' at home.
  10. @SilverJacks Well the 1/4oz in golds are great looking little coins and I think the silver proof QBs are the best looking of all these coins so they'll look great I think. Only thing is they'll never make a 1/4oz completer if that even matters to you. Did you manage to grab yourself a set?
  11. Now there's a gold 1/4oz set up for £9995.
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