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  1. Rhodium is close to $30,000 now. What a crazy ride in this precious metal. Where will it end up?
  2. Rhodium now at $23,000 per ounce. Those that bought at $900 in 2016 and have held on until today - have had the greatest precious metal return in the last 5 years by far. Only two questions left - can it go higher? and when is it time to sell? ( Just think - if you had one and sold it today - you could buy a 10 oz pamp gold bar with room left for a 100 oz pamp silver bar. - shocking)
  3. Great event once again!!!! Special thanks to @ChrisSilver for whom we all need to give thanks - since without him - All the great times and events and people who we have all met on the Forum would not have been possible!!! Cheers and Happy Holiday's To All!!
  4. I had the same questions many years ago and decided to go with the 1/10 oz gold - after acquiring about 10 pieces i found that they were just to small to fully enjoy looking at them. If you plan to look at them and enjoy them - go with the 1/4 oz gold size. Hope this helps Pamp
  5. Was able to get my hands on one of these from the mint today. What a crazy event - took 25 minutes of refreshing of the webpage and non-stop persistence.
  6. Let’s amp up the gifts a little - My entry this year will be the 2001 American Buffalo Coin and currency set.
  7. I may be late to this but the Royal Mint has sales figures for all commemorative coins from 2017 and lower. Figures can be found here: https://www.royalmint.com/discover/uk-coins/mintage-figures/ I think that the response to all current FOI mintage and sales requests has been a lot of bull since they are now releasing the sales figures on their own website.
  8. Here are gold and silver pictures of the new 2021 Pamp OX bars - very nice bars
  9. Rhodium has been sneaking up as of late - $11,300 ask ---$9,300 Bid What a huge spread - lets see where it tops out by year-end.
  10. This looks like the wave of the future - The mint wants to maximize profits - this is one way to do it.
  11. Was it the right decision - looking back now 2 years? I thought i would comment on this with everything that has happened in this world. The bar was sold two years ago and I took a trip with my kids and brother to Europe for 2 weeks. Went to Austria and Germany and spent the entire proceeds of the bar sale during that vacation. Had i kept the bar, it would most certainly be worth thousands more than what i had paid for it. I could have sold it today for a substantial profit - however then i would only have cash but no way to go anywhere and experience life/vacation time wit
  12. What were the results of the testing?
  13. To be sure 100% - you need to have the bar tested at a pawn shop or bullion dealer. it looks ok to me - but with gold at close to all time highs - you never know.
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