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  1. Could it be that he put up the auction to alert people that this particular bar was stolen and he was searching for it? Additionally, If you were going to fake a pamp bar - why would you fake such a rare and obscure size in a old holder. It would must certainly get the most scrutiny from anyone buying it. My final thoughts on this.
  2. here is a vintage silver fortuna - different from the current rendition.
  3. Pamp has changed the design details of the Fortuna bar a few times over the years. The one you refernce above is the most current version - in the Veriscan assay package. The other bar must be at least 15 to 20 years old based on the design details - which include each individual coin having a figure inside it. If you look at the above - the coins are just blank.
  4. I think the reason it looks blurred is because it still has the protective coating over the bar.
  5. In my opinion - the bar looks good! But the only way to be sure 100% - it needs to be tested. The Assay card is an older one - and the bar itself is on the rarer side being 50 grams in the old Assay. On the front of the bar - (picture is blurry) - I believe that the coins in the Fortuna horn have the old style motifs on them - if they do - then that would make me feel stronger on it being real.
  6. I was able to get them all. What a crazy time to get them.
  7. just compared it to some graded examples - its a fake!
  8. well - we know what it should weigh - if that is correct - you move in to the next step - comparison of it to pictures online or ebay which have been graded.
  9. what is the weight of the coin - it appears that the half dime, dime, and quarter all had the same Heraldic Eagle Reverse that year if it weighs 1.35 grams it’s a half-dime 2.7 grams - it’s a dime 6.74 grams - it’s a quarter Hope this helps
  10. it looks like a half-dime here is the red book info on it
  11. Rhodium is close to $30,000 now. What a crazy ride in this precious metal. Where will it end up?
  12. Rhodium now at $23,000 per ounce. Those that bought at $900 in 2016 and have held on until today - have had the greatest precious metal return in the last 5 years by far. Only two questions left - can it go higher? and when is it time to sell? ( Just think - if you had one and sold it today - you could buy a 10 oz pamp gold bar with room left for a 100 oz pamp silver bar. - shocking)
  13. Great event once again!!!! Special thanks to @ChrisSilver for whom we all need to give thanks - since without him - All the great times and events and people who we have all met on the Forum would not have been possible!!! Cheers and Happy Holiday's To All!!
  14. I had the same questions many years ago and decided to go with the 1/10 oz gold - after acquiring about 10 pieces i found that they were just to small to fully enjoy looking at them. If you plan to look at them and enjoy them - go with the 1/4 oz gold size. Hope this helps Pamp
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