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  1. To be sure 100% - you need to have the bar tested at a pawn shop or bullion dealer. it looks ok to me - but with gold at close to all time highs - you never know.
  2. My advice is to break up your collection and stack into two parts: 1) bullion obtained at the cheapest price available 2) buy stuff that you like or find interesting or you enjoy collecting. I was lucky that my collection is basically both in one - collecting Pamp bars on the gold side I was able to buy most bars at close to spot. The silver side was a lot more expensive but they are so nice to look at it was worth it to me to pay the higher premium on them. Then I have my limited edition Pamp bars and medals, etc. This way I have positioned my stack for easy disposal of the higher value items - Gold, and higher priced silver stuff which I will never sell as they are part of the permanent collection. The biggest joy of all this precious metal stuff is that you get to decide what you want to do - good luck
  3. Just came accross these two issues to be released by the us mint at some point this year - they will be this years monster release. Limited to 75,000 in silver and 1945 in gold.
  4. Ultra rare Pamp Disney Gold pendant
  5. There is another one currently for sale on eBay.
  6. Today I picked up the final piece for the silver Pamp Suisse fortuna collection - 15gm.
  7. It would seem to me that storing silver in a freezer or fridge is just 🐵🙈🙉🙊🐒. First off the cost to refrigerate just adds to your Cost basis and when you go to sell Will decrease the amount realized When you go to sell. additionally, how would you put the silver in the fridge or freezer? In plastic - I wonder what happens to plastic when it is placed in a freezer and frozen and then defrosted when you want to look at it and then refrozen? I think this brings up a very important issue in general - on what storage costs you incur and is it factored into your gain or loss when you sell. Also - If you look at how the us mint stores it’s silver - it definitely is not in a fridge or freezer.
  8. 2019 Austria Chivalry proof 70. Love this coin.
  9. Here is a pic of my Pamp silver n-95 full face mask. (Custom Made 😉) What are other members wearing to stay safe?
  10. There were two elderly people and 2 people in the mid 40’s. My street has about 400 families living on it and is not that long - so very unlucky I guess. 😢
  11. This crisis is looking very real to me in New York! All the conspiracy and govt state worries don’t mean a thing if you are dead!
  12. The big reason I buy silver is because I like to have some of my portfolio in various sized beautiful works of art that I can enjoy that have a monetary value. Take a 1 kilo Pamp suisse Fortuna bar. When you hold it in your hands it has substantial weight (impressive), then you look at the actual beauty of the artwork of the bar (impressive), the fact that it has monetary value associated with it is also a plus. I guess I fall more to the collector side of the hobby and inadvertently have “stacked” a few items along the way (like the couple hundred ounces of colored silver eagles that “belong to my kids in their collections.”😉 To me - it is a very time consuming hobby that appreciates (or depreciates) in value as the years go on but it has become a part of my journey in life. As a side note I stack copper as well - everytime I see an electrical wire I strip off the rubber case to get at the shinny red metal underneath - so far I am probably up to about 5 thousand pounds of it stored in old milk crates. Talk about taking up space! 🤪
  13. I am glad that the silver forum has gotten to be so big that we are arguing over the limit of likes! Can I get 100 likes on this?
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