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  1. Sold for £785 (without grading offer) thank you all 👍
  2. Sold pending payment if not paid will get back to you 👍
  3. i had few messages asking if this coin will get a 70 grade so here is a special offer!! if you pay the original asking price £810 and decide to send the coin to NGC for grading (with conservation) and it doesn't get a PF70 UC grade i will be happy to give you back a £100
  4. coin been handed in the past finger print.. can be removed with conservation if you decide to grade it no scratches £810 £785 posted by special delivery UK buyer please thanks 👍
  5. sold pending payment thank you all 👍
  6. 1993 proof sovereign NGC PF70 UC Low mintage year hard to find in 70 grade no box few little scratches on the slab £660 posted ! Thanks 👍
  7. 2002 & 2005 proof sovereigns NGC PF70 UC no boxes £650 each posted £1290 posted if bought together UK buyer please more photos can be added if needed thanks 👍
  8. this going to be a £100 coin like the spider-man coin
  9. 1980 proof sovereign NGC PF70 UC no box or coa £590 now £560 posted by special delivery UK buyer please thank you 👍
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