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  1. 2002 proof sovereign golden jubilee year NGC PF70 UC boxed with COA one of the pages ripped £530 posted by special delivery (sold) thanks 👍
  2. 2016P 1/4oz Australia year of the monkey graded by NGC PF70 UC boxed with COA £409 posted by special delivery (sold) thanks 👍
  3. Not another SOTD sovereign ! bored of looking at them now
  4. freshly graded sovereigns lovely 1991 NGC PF70 UC £560 (sold) 1999 NGC PF69 UC £420 £400 (sold) 2008 NGC PF70 UC £400 (sold) all prices include postage by special delivery thanks 👍
  5. 1997 proof sovereign NGC PF70 UC 1 of 5 graded 70 £510 posted (sold) thanks 👍
  6. 1984 & 1986 proof sovereign NGC PF70 UC £465 each posted (£5 off for both) (sold) thanks 👍
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