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  1. Hi @ChrisSilver can you sort my membership please cant seem to pay and cant pm you Thanks B
  2. Good to know being a pup at this as I am Thank you
  3. Then for the sovs you might want to clarify to help you sell. Spot price in grams X 7.32 + 8.25% This would then indeed bring the brice down to @sovereignsteve and give you a far better chance 👍
  4. Yes on gold content but its not what it says _ "For these, divide current spot price by 4 then add the premium listed"
  5. Does that make a Sovereign £1282.98 / 4 + 8.25% = £347.20 or is my math not right ?
  6. Dont make me swear
  7. so now I am giving it away
  8. I will post this sorry missed it out B
  9. Ask your doc - Amitriptyline Take it for a month its not an overnight fix
  10. Really nice one in capsule. £300 Signed postage your risk Bank transfer Thank you B
  11. Added the 2002 now as well its very sexxy with the shield
  12. If people know you will sell for 1227 they are not going to pay more surely if they are interested they will wait until you drop it again. No ? B
  13. No no no guessing games telepathy is not my strong point pm me and I will keep it safe
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