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  1. Thanks fellas! This landed today. I think red dragon subconsciously made me do it. I foresee a few more of these in the future. Just beautiful. I know I know, I'll get much better pics when my air tight case comes for it in a day or 2. Super nice bar. My favorite 10 oz bar currently. Thanks Mrrick! I Just did a trade for something else with a buddy, and made out w those 6 1/4 ounces! I'm really excited on the 1/4 brittania, I'm new but iv never seen one. Especially with that writing on the edge. Really like it. "The 2013 S.S. Gairsoppa Silver Britannia Coins were the first in
  2. Did a great trade with a good buddy, got alil over 6 oz I think? Really dig the lot: - bart simpson - 85' Libertad (my first tad) - 2x buffalo rounds - a maple leaf - 1 oz hand poured, hammered bottom - 1x 1/4 oz SS. Girasoppa shipwreck silver britannia. Also got 2 more 10 oz bars on the way, I'll post those when they land!
  3. Honestly I know how some people feel about the eagle, I feel like the royal mint def takes the cake for 2021. I think the ppl so stuck on us mint and eagles, are us close to the US mint and eagles go for a buck or 2 more at our shops.
  4. I love the 2021 Brits, they are gorgeous. Love all the new features. About the 2021 eagles ..ahhh I wish they chose one of the other 20 to pick from, but like others have said, if all that detail in the eagle translates onto the coin, I think they are pretty nice. Starting to grow on me. I heard the 2021 eagles, silver n gold that come out early 2021, but don't have the new designs will be pretty sought after. Honestly, I can't WAIT for the new gold eagle reverse. I love detailed eagle heads, idk! Looks stunning. Thanks guys, that's my 2c
  5. Really enjoy the Komsco medals, also very cool they have low mintages. Idk why it took me so long to check it out! Also getting a nice lot of silver from a buddy in the mail tomorrow! A cool couple 5-7 pieces, I'll show em tomorrow. There's some shipwreck in there! For now, got this lil biddy in the mail today to check out Komscos stuff. I think it's kind of funny that the Royal Mint made that video about the 2021 Britannia having the security hologram, seems Komsco had that technology years before the Royal Mint huh?
  6. Sorry to hear you guys having trouble, I got mine quick, but I'm only like 3-4 hours away from P mint and even closer to W mint. I'm sure that's why. I don't think the US Mint will leave any of you guys who have one confirmed just hanging, I'm sure they'll get to you. This was my first 2 experiences ordering from US Mint, and it was pretty good, just in their defense. But I'd be mad too, that's bullshit Id be doing the SAME THING guys, so I can't blame you. Patience sometimes pays off, I spend over an hour and a half on my phone and laptop at the same time, ordering the v75, and I spent 45 min
  7. Doesn't it almost look like the eagle has a double eye? I just noticed that! Lol🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. Thanks guys! Found some silver and gold here in america today! 🇺🇸🤠😁 (A buddy gave them to me!) Kick ass Andrew! Your beating me! I'm probably rounding 600 in silver right about now. If I didn't have the gold as well I'd be closer to my goal. Can I pull 400 more ozt by June?! I have faith! I mean, technically if we counted the silver I loaded my mother up with as well, looking pretty good. A while back we got her 7 rolls of eagles and a 100 oz engelhard bar, a week later that bar was worth over $1200 more! (At 29 spot), ofcouse it's come down a bit since then. I picked up a 100 oz Scottsda
  9. Been steady with the stack. But figured I'd update my thread, just got the v75 and roll of 2020s in today. Now I have 10 even rolls of eagles, 8 rolls 2020. That's just as far as eagles anyway, well plus this v75 and an 04 proof, the year my father passed. I have alittle under 2 oz of gold as well. Iv been wanting more gold, BUT EVERYTIME I think of it...I think "god damn that could buy me a ton of silver!" So I'm always twisted in my head about it. I got a good ratio in my mind. But I'd love more gold, but it means missing out on silver! maybe once I get to my 1k oz of silver goal, I ca
  10. I got one, and my fiance bought me one for Xmas, as soon as both were secured, I put one on eBay (my first flip!) It just sold this afternoon for $560.01! Amazing. Turning one oz of silver into Christmas for my family! (Ps5 for my son 🙄😂) and I got mine today as well, absolutely gorgeous coin...I also managed to secure a silver medal on the 9th drop, so I'll have them as a cherished set. And a reminder of what ONE OUNCE of silver can do!
  11. I saw a video of a ribboned ASE monster box that was burried underground for 6-8 years, they cut the plastic bands, opened it up, clean as a whistle, and the coins were absolutely perfect. If you store correctly I don't think much will blemish on you. I will admit I don't have many maples due to the milking, but if I could find new maples w the lines as you described, I'd be on em. Beautiful coins. I like buying rolls at a time in their original mint tubes, if I can't, I'll buy original mint tubes empty off eBay for 5-7 bucks. You can't go wrong stacking either of these. One thought tho
  12. Still beautiful, I really dig the first coin. 👍
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