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  1. So I'm new to stacking, about a month in. I'm in the US, I love the 24k buffalo, but I REALLY love the design on the britannias. I just ordered a 2020 silver britannia to check them out. I may want my first 1 OZT gold coin to be a brittannia...BUT...I know they'll go for cheaper in the US, I don't really plan to sell it. An oz of pure gold is an oz of pure gold right? I can't decide, a herd of buffalo? Or an army of brittanias? 😂 (Eventually) God damn gold having to grab me by the balls! I was trying to stack silver over here! Maybe just grab a quarter britannia for now and go w the buffalo? I DONT KNOOW! LOL Thanks, - Jason
  2. Def not worth melting. Very cool bracelet. Atleast to me being from across the world where that's from. I love Egypt as well. 👍 Nice piece.
  3. ....🍿I'm curious as well.
  4. Just snagged a 2020 brittania. Wanna see how I like them. I feel like they may be the most beautiful soverign, but I like in the US and I heard they aren't too popular here? GORGEOUS coin I can't wait to get it! It blows that all the bars I want are $$$ brittania bars and RCM 10 oz bars. I really dig em. But I don't dig that premium. I can get the American flags for 205. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. Thanks bro! Just about 4 weeks in on the hobby now. I'm already looking for a 1 oz gold buffalo. 🤣. But I really just wanna blow my gold nut so I can get back to the silver for a while! Altho I have accumulated a bit pretty quickly like you said. IDK, I like both of em! Also got a pamp gram of Platinum coming in from my buddy soon. He scored 3 of them for 70 somethin bucks! Hooking me up w one. Same guy who's kinda my stacking mentor. Thanks!
  6. Do u need the dragon proof? I can put you in contact w a seller, lmk!!
  7. Also picked up this bad bear too. I got 2 different American flag 10 oz bars. I dig it .. Added 0 minutes later..
  8. Fast forward a few weeks I'm sitting on 2x 10th eagles w another on the way, a quarter eagle, another already bought just need to pick up. Now lm looking for a 1 oz buffalo, and then I'm completely focusing back on silver primarily. Gold is pretty sweet tho, feels secure. But I love the long term w silver. And possibly gold.
  9. I really love the Aztec calendar round, so does my fiance, I got her one too. Good choice. 👍. Hopefully you get a good deal on 5 oz of beautiful silver coin! 🙏 ..good luck!
  10. Luckily also, the house is paid off and I will be the only one taking it over, but you just set a whole new set of wheels cranking in my brain! Very true, indicative of him too. Really, thanks! 😀👍 Just another shot of my first piece of gold! (aside jewelry) Thanks!
  11. Wow! A 1 ozer? Lol. Awesome story. Now I believe there's some rolls of 86 eagles around there somewhere, he was into silver and the silver eagle came out my birth year, his only son. We'll see! Let's ALOT in the way of valuable Zippo collection, gun and rifle collection, many sold back to shop in the 16 years since. U know we have an attic at that house only he had ever been in. 🤔 Thanks!
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