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  1. Incredibly rare for bullion sovs 😏 You could get a proof from that year A quarter Oz Britannia in 1994 could work
  2. @Fenlander1 ? @theman73 ?
  3. It's a free market so you could personally choose to do that and choose not to sell anything that falls above that £ threshold if it is an idea you believe in. As it is now, anyone can list any of their metals at any price they wish. The buyers have the freedom to choose whether or not that is a price they want to pay after considering a number of factors such as, risks involved, quality of goods available, other opportunities with other sellers here and elsewhere.... The sellers who choose to operate within a few basic guidelines and bring quality offerings to the sales pages are often rapidly compensated for their efforts.
  4. It's a free market. If you want to sell on those terms write it into your sales listing and see it anyone wants to risk it. Somebody might 👍🏼
  5. I did look in Spink book too
  6. Just under 1 million mintage according to this link but only bullion value as far as I can see https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/info/sovereign-mintages#Victoria
  7. Gold spot in £ terms says more of the GBPUSD exchange rate. We're 2% off in £ terms which could be pipped out in a single trading day
  8. Correct. From BBP 'all time' Alltime high £1,574.37
  9. Withdrawn although I still have it so if you're interested pm me
  10. Withdrawn although I still have it so if you're interested pm me
  11. We have a winner. Congrats @Solachesis I'll PM you Thankyou to all bidders For more auction fun head over to @James32s Half oz gold brit
  12. Current leader as we approach the last 5 mins Remember any bids at 21:00 will count but 21:01 will not 👍🏼 Good luck
  13. Taking the lead, just under 1 hour remaining
  14. Is that a typo? did you mean £270? Awfully generous sir
  15. Pirates are getting involved, we have a new bidder and new leader, thanks @Gordy
  16. Hi folks UPDATE: Auction finished. Thanks. A nice 2022 bullion half sovereign £1 starting bid and continue in sensible increments please, finishes TONIGHT. Final bids allowed at 21:00 but any bids of 21:01 or after will not count. Post within UK 1st signed included in final bid, add £3 for RMSD if desired Payment bt or ppff please.
  17. If you were selling here I for one would trust you as I imagine many members would. You've been around a while and often contribute into threads. I might not necessarily be a buyer for your particular items though or I might not be shopping at the time you happen to list but the trust wouldn't be a problem.
  18. Not sure I could emotionally cope with parting so many coins at once Pipe down you And you Sheep don't encourage
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