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  1. Thanks. Next time I visit my sovs I'll take some pictures that I can use to count the serrations Normally it's easy to spot an outlier in terms of serrations, even for a relative beginner to collecting/ stacking, if you hold a handful of sovs together as if they were in a tube and look at all the edges together. Obviously then one could investigate further the outlier with known genuine examples
  2. modofantasma

    Tudor Beasts

    Nice one. Waiting for some dragonsss
  3. modofantasma

    Tudor Beasts

    Where did you hear?
  4. Could maybe part with this one 🤔 Haven't just got a photo of the other side handy It's a full
  5. Emailed them earlier too no response yet. Also no response on that one selling the Canadian " sovereign " 🥳🥳🥳
  6. I've only got 3. Oh wait ... Do they have to be real?
  7. Link here https://www.easyliveauction.com/catalogue/lot/b7731d85f152632396683444e7fdf691/0af8d24542e81eb9357e7ef448a6646f/2-day-antique-and-collectables-auction-from-several-pri-lot-594/
  8. So.... It appears there are more denticles on earlier dates pre 1848. Don't suppose anyone has done any further counting?
  9. Also 'interestingly' at 12 o clock the tip of the crown lies between 2 denticles.... From the 20 or so from my stack that I had photos of to count (eldest being 1853 and youngest dated 1877) assuming you start on the first denticle to the right of the tip of the crown, the 29th denticle seems to align with the point of the A in Regina. Searching some other images, it seems that this is the case down to and including 1848 but then 1847 there are more denticles and I counted 31 to the same A
  10. Just had a go with an image of a 1953 from an image search which happened to be one of Chards images on the top spot. I've marked number 1 with the vertical red line at 12 o clock and then 10, 20, 30 etc until 130 and then 1 final denticle totalling 131 which matches 2 from my stack that I counted of the same year
  11. Is there a reason you chose to count serrations over denticles? For example have you experienced a pattern with counterfeits being inaccurate in their serration count more so than denticles? Is one easier than the other to get right
  12. Half sovereign listing with a Gillick portrait... These weren't made in half sovs by the Royal Mint
  13. Could trim a position on gold selling a portion to then put the money into the asset that's dropped to rebalance If needed/desired. If you're at a stage where you're still adding to the pot just add a little more to whichever is lagging behind?
  14. https://auragentum.de/halb-pfund-sovereign-gemischt Anybody spot what is wrong here?
  15. Looks like it was kicked down the road from Llantrisant before they packaged it up for you
  16. There are loads of people buying 1oz coins up to kilo bars so if they start struggling they could always start picking up sovs. Also many people are doing better than ever in the current climate even though some are having to tighten up. I don't necessarily have a price that I wouldn't buy at. If spot has steadied off around £5k an Oz at some point in the future and £1300 is the going rate for a sov then that's what it is. Sure I'd like to buy some more in the low £200s like my first few...
  17. modofantasma

    Tudor Beasts

    From memory the first bullion lion came online 15th of February so if there is any kind of organisation to the schedule I'd expect the 3rd around then too
  18. @Silverlocks one of these if you haven't found already 👍🏼
  19. I'd want paying more than that to stay in a caravan for a weekend personally
  20. First dates tend to be more premium heavy than last dates I think? At least going off some monarchs in sovs. As others have mentioned it's an interesting pair. I don't really think they'll have a massive premium appreciation in bullion forms but it's a significant pairing non the less
  21. Atkinson's had some different year Pandas listed I think £1570 something in their pre owned. I wasn't specifically taking note but mighty be worth a look 👍🏼
  22. Brilliant. I'm definitely 4 portraits short of your collection perhaps 5 or even 6. Lovely coins 👍🏼
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