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  1. Go onnn. Find us some more. Stunning collection 😁
  2. Some from the old phone, sorry for even worse pics than usual
  3. Should find it if you search ROYAL MINT - A TIMELESS FIRST 2013 - £20 COIN
  4. Interesting, rare to see similar diameter on gold and silver versions. Here's a couple to keep us going. Might have more on my laptop
  5. Hi Folks Proof PF70 full sov 2022 £950 delivered with RMSD. Original box available if required. Will despatch within UK, bank transfer ideally but can do ppff. Despatch from 2nd Feb as it's in the deposit box. Potentially open to exchanges for bullion sovs part cash deal or close offers if my price is way off. Final 2 photos prior to grading
  6. I've a similar channel drawn on the 1W chart too
  7. I'd speculate today's silver action is potentially around growth/ contraction forecasts and therefore reduce demand for its industrial use whereas gold hasn't moved as much due to it's 'safe haven' appeal. Has anyone seen any specific news on silver?
  8. TSF .... We know what the S stands for. What are we going to hit first? £17.99 or £20.00 🤔
  9. Someone pick him up and pour him another drink. Clawing a little back but a volatile day.
  10. Only got 1 silver one it was less than 'face value'
  11. I prefer the Kangaroos in the 2012 kind of style more than these past couple of years but either way, at least they don't come in a toilet seat presentation like these modern Aussie sovs 😫
  12. Christ look at his guns 💪🏽💪🏽
  13. I went for the "I'm merely an individual collector but I'm concerned about one of your listings" approach
  14. Interesting I thought 1838 was first year and William IV was 1837. I will do some more reading thanks 🤓
  15. Not sure if it is exactly a deal but Atkinson's have listed a bunch of Swiss 20Fr by the date which may help some LMU collector's ? https://atkinsonsbullion.com/pre-owned/gold/pre-owned-gold-coins?page=1&pageFilters=1245,1249&nid=27445&sort=price_asc&perPage=24&isSelling=False&facets=1249,1245&pid=27445
  16. A - Nope B - Not to the best of my knowledge C - Nope D - Yes
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