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  1. Ahh I see, I wasn't sure if I'd missed some info about them. I've set myself down the painful path of (slowly) ticking off the KGV mintmarks so always get a bit excited when they're listed 😁 Anyways glws I'm sure someone will be along to pick up some nice bullion sovs before long 👍🏼
  2. I've bought 3x 1919 Perth on here since April 🤔
  3. @richatthecroft has a lot of knowledge on the sixpences I think. He might have some resources to share
  4. As a few have said above there seems to be numerous videos related to the topic in existence suggesting a channel won't be instantly banned. Have you had a dig around on here? https://www.youtube.com/creators/how-things-work/policies-guidelines/
  5. I'm not suggesting people did that was part of my point. We look at prices of coins from 60 years ago and think we could have just bought them all 🤣
  6. I've got some of the Seabys catalogues from various years which have price guides in too. It does seem laughable but you could buy a country estate with hundreds of acres in the 60s for what is now just over a tube of bullion sovs
  7. @theman73 has some listings for silver can't remember prices but I've tagged him
  8. Do you have other sizes mate? Like for 22.5mm diameter sovs or ¼ Oz gold
  9. Hi, It's quite common for members to deal within the messages rather than the threads. I've recently dealt with RDHC on more than one occasion and he was nothing but helpful.
  10. Could I take the best 1873 please?
  11. Hi Folks 24 X 1 Oz silver Britannias in tube. 24 coins, as shown in photos below, all good bullion condition - some light milking on some coins but didn't see any dents dings etc £all sold thanks Payment with BT preferred. UK delivery only. Feel free to message me if you have a question but please no offers at 15% below spot to "do me a favour" 👌🏽
  12. I've got some 1868 sovs already but thanks for checking. I'll keep an eye on your listings though to see what's there
  13. If you have a list of what you have you could publish a list prior to arriving back people could see images online with cert numbers and many will be able to make a decision pending seeing final photo when you're back and they're in hand
  14. I'd also vouch for @Fenlander1 he's a reliable member. Have traded with him multiple times Also I can tell you've been reading @Charliemouse photography guide the pink boxers make a great backdrop to really make the silver coins pop.
  15. @stackerp5 did you have some roubles? I might have imagined it @DuncanWylieWilson would be the first person to ask
  16. Have considered it. Might shift a few other bits and pieces to speed the job up a bit
  17. Yes slow and steady. The date run wasn't really a consideration until relatively recently so not exactly done it efficiently but one day we might get there
  18. Progress on the shields... Out of 47 bullion shield sov dates available from 1838 to 1887... 21 to go. I've a few more knocking about but they're duplicates
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