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  1. https://youtu.be/DLCAypqoW7Y?t=46 Found that vid with ox. Looks better on vid, but still worst design among whole lunar series
  2. Yep. That what I though about that listing first of all. But had some doubts - maybe there are really something rare in coin itself. As lunar collector I must be sure.
  3. Well, im pretty sure thats because 99% of coins not grated at all. And 2 already sold.. Even 2oz ox with lowest mintage in series cost less.
  4. Hello everyone! Recently scrolled ebay looking for lunars and saw that listing. Can someone explain why that coin so expensive? Is that something special in coin itself or point in its slab? Because mintage of 1 oz oxes is big enough and regular price around 65$..
  5. There are some 1/4 oz Australian lunars series 1 on local market with price around £440 (tiger and dragon). And I'm still not sure that I should buy them. However both are something of rare in that series. Why I'm writing that here? As for me queen beasts pretty similar series. Very popular and hyped right now, but could lost popularity and value over time. That why I personally wouldn't pay such money for 1/4 oz bullion coin.
  6. Well, there is proof coin on local market auction in whole package and seems without any defects. So i'm interesting which price is right for it. Thanks a lot for your answer!
  7. Hello everyone! I would appreciate if someone can guide me which price range is good for lunar rabbit series 2 gold proof 1 oz. Thanks!
  8. Have some duplicates for exchange. 2oz dogs, snakes, goats and 1/2oz dogs. Also 2oz horse, but it has strange patina which doesnt look very good.
  9. Bump for 1 and 2 oz. Not interesting in 1/2 for now.
  10. Bump for 1 and especially 2 oz offers. Also wanna clarify - i'm personally do not live in Germany but in East Europe. However most of sellers don't want to ship coins directly to my country, so i asked good friend of mine who are living in Germany to help me with that problem. We have visa-free with Europe but it still feels like third-world country😅
  11. Preferably, at least boxed. If it's not very rare piece like mouse.
  12. Hello guys! I'm new to that forum, however not new to collecting coins. There is one series which i like more than anything other - first series of Australian Lunars in proof quality. I decided to register on that forum and make a topic in hope to find something for my collection. I'm looking for coins in 1 and especially 2 oz sizes. However would also consider 1/2 oz and 3 coins sets. If you have something to offer with reasonable price please let me know. Cheers.
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