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  1. That's a bad argument. You can buy any coin for yourself it's your decision. But here you are trying to make a bad advise and if topicstarter gonna listen to you he would loose his money. And problem not in dust, when it comes to gold coin its not a big deal. Moreover I saw dust on many silver proof coins, usually that is dust from velvet case. And all those coins were fine. But in case with that dragon coin we can see mechanical defects which would affect price dramatically. Right now that is not collector coin anymore and price for it is the same as for any 1/4 gold bullion coin. Would you p
  2. I have feeling that milking is first year issue. I had coins which get some milk spots and all was during first year after struck. So I think that 3+ years old coin should not have milk spots if it already don't have any.
  3. True. That one is on slab. But NGC site has only pictures of slabbed coin. So it's hard to understand conditions anyway.
  4. I have a question about actual conditions of graded MS69 coins. Saw bunch of offers on ebay, but I can't understand from pictures condition of actual coin. For example here is best image I could found and I have strong feeling that coin have visible scratch(selected in red circle). However I read that MS69 should not have obvious defects. Moreover it's usually pretty hard to find difference between MS69 and MS70. But scratch is obvious difference as for me. So could it be scratch on coin or it should be scratch on slab? Maybe someone own graded QB, does they have any visible scratches? Because
  5. Such dealer would never remove proof coin from capsule.. Capsule can be carefully opened, but coin itself should never be touched by hands. Also even on those pics it is clearly seen scuffs on queen's face and possibly hairline scratches under her chin.
  6. It depends on coin. I don't think we gonna see indistinguishable fakes for proof modern coins and bullion coins made by Perth Mint for example. Just because technology is too complex. And too easy to find that out. As for old coins we already have such fakes.. I don't want to be unfounded but 2 years ago I read on biggest Russian numismatic forum topic where expert said that NGC graded coin very likely was fake. And I can believe in that, as it is obvious that Russian expert have much more experience in Russian coins than American expert. It was gold coin made from real gold, but it has huge n
  7. New type of fakes I see last time on ebay. All pictures very unclear, however on picture with queen you can clearly see fake coin. I'm not sure why they made so unclear pictures, maybe to avoid ebay rules and eBay Money Back Guarantee.
  8. So question in topic name.. I wonder if Griffin gonna be released in proof quality? Why royal mint skipped griffin in their releases?
  9. Nice buy, but that's why I would never buy tubes again.. Once I've ordered tube of celtic animals from one Germany dealer. It was described as sealed tube. As a result I got opened tube with none coin in perfect conditions. All of them had mechanical defects and 5 coins had fingerprints in addition. And those coins had high premium and cost more than perfect Perth Mint coins in capsules at same size. Gladly I could return them..
  10. Got that perfect dragons set. Usually i'm not into sets, but price was too sweet.
  11. Not 2oz one, but still pleasure to get one of the rarest in set.
  12. https://youtu.be/DLCAypqoW7Y?t=46 Found that vid with ox. Looks better on vid, but still worst design among whole lunar series
  13. Yep. That what I though about that listing first of all. But had some doubts - maybe there are really something rare in coin itself. As lunar collector I must be sure.
  14. Well, im pretty sure thats because 99% of coins not grated at all. And 2 already sold.. Even 2oz ox with lowest mintage in series cost less.
  15. Hello everyone! Recently scrolled ebay looking for lunars and saw that listing. Can someone explain why that coin so expensive? Is that something special in coin itself or point in its slab? Because mintage of 1 oz oxes is big enough and regular price around 65$..
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