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A Tale of Three Certs

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A Tale of Three Certs

Having had 3 of these coins, out of a 17 piece issue limit, I had been intending to show a photo of all 3 certificates together, but we were to busy to chase it up until recently:


I originally thought there was not much point showing the actual coin(s) again, but:


... and the obverse:


I wonder if / when I will get to add a 4th to my "collection".



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50 minutes ago, AuricGoldfinger said:

We wanna see it in hand. It looks too much like my 1oz in that pic lol

I guess you don’t need to worry about any doors blowing shut at your house


That's partly why I showed the obverse.


Large silver bars are better, but sacks of old pennies, or even £20 bags of decimal "coppers" are more practical.



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