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Look at all this silver!

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I was recently given this silver coin collection from a relative of around 30 coins. 5 or so of them are bullion eagles/maples etc. The rest are coins i know nothing about. Can’t imagine they are that rare due to the dates but just wondered if anyone knew what collection if any they are part of and who minted them?

Any ideas on rough values/or offers!? Gold is my thing to not so clued up on this type of silver coin but find some of them quite beautiful and interesting. Any help much appreciated i know everyone has been getting flustered over the new sovereign!

















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Some fairly niche coins there, your market is somewhat limited I would suspect.  These are the sort of coins that the likes of Harrington & Byrne and/or other less-than-morally-scrupulous* mail order companies will market to people who think they are buying something collectable but in reality are unlikely to be able to sell for much, if any, premium over spot.

Regarding the coin in your first two photos - TDC is Tristan Da Cunha if you didn't know that already.  The Jamaica coin may have more appeal to certain collectors, I think these are generally issued in low mintages and some of them can be sought after (I'm no expert).
Some of the designs are quite nice to my eyes, others much less so - and some of the things that the coins commemorate are more interesting or relevant than others.

Bottom line - personally I wouldn't buy any of these at any premium over spot but then again they are not my thing and others' opinions may differ.

* Obviously just my personal opinion

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Hi @Stuntman thanks for the reply!

That is pretty much my assessment although i have limited knowledge. From what i can tell a couple of them are minted by the royal mint but the rest just seem like the “limited edition commemorative” type coins.

Didn’t know about the TDC coin. Agree with you on the designs, some are very easy on the eye some are hideous lol.

If anyone else has any more info then would be very helpful!

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Below is a couple of links to Numista pages of some of these coins plus links to pics of certificates for these coins

Samoa, minted by the Royal Mint, according to this

Gambia, also Royal Mint as you can see here

St. HelenaRoyal Mint


You can probably find all of them on eBay to get an idea on the asking price. I don't think they have any particular appeal for "real" collectors but hey, they are proof and silver, so that's definitely at least something.

If you had difficulty finding info on any particular coin just let me know and I can help locating it.

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If it's like the coins they're trying to push onto the masses over here, you will have a lot of melt there, but it is still silver. I would take it to a local dealer to see if there's an interesting collectible in there, either sell the rest (most likely under spot) or write it into my Junk silver category.

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