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Would you return this?

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Could anyone offer their any thoughts or advice on this coin.
I do feel really lucky to have purchased a QB 2oz proof completer, but I can’t help but notice tiny flaws over the queens face.

there’s small dots, most noticeably just right of the earring, the forehead, and neck. Also one right on the cheekbone. 
Most of these are more noticeable at certain light angles and are very minimal

there is also tiny flaws on the reverse rim, but nothing glaringly obvious.


Would you return? Would you expect RM to consider it worthy of replacement? Or is this too minor? And also, would this guarantee it to be below PF70 if I had it slabbed?

I have shown one photo at a more preferable angle to hide the marks and are mostly unnoticeable…





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From those pics I think the mint might struggle to see anything particularly wrong with it but always hard to say without seeing the coin in the flesh. They don’t guarantee pf70s (anything above pf68 is deemed acceptable by them).

i would be tempted to cross my fingers and send it in for grading.  Ensure you go for conservation!

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1 minute ago, motorbikez said:

I'd keep it.


5 minutes ago, StackemHigh said:

I'd be expecting only an fdc coin to make a 70 decision. You've pointed out a few flaws. I'd think about keeping it without grading.

Totally agreeable. I think I just wanna send it and find out though... 



I think we're all agreed that such tiny flaws are not worthy of return.

I'm probably gonna grade, partially out of intrigue. Shame it takes so long these days but I'll post results eventually...

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41 minutes ago, TeaTime said:

Out of curiosity, if it were to get a 70 grade would the marks then become acceptable to you or would you still consider it defective ?


I would never argue with a 70 grade, although a flaw is a flaw 😂. I would just trust that the grader knows its minting process as opposed to post production, and then it's all fair game. 

What's your views @TeaTime? Is it still flawed regardless, or is it determined by grader?


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Personally i'm not a fan of grading companies. Although; I have several slabbed coins that have been given a '69' rating - i am unable to see any issues with the coins. My belief is that it does not serve their business model to grade too many coins at '70'...... I must add that i have never used them myself - i simply take advantage of the perception that a lower graded coin is worth less and buy them from disappointed owners !

I find it odd that there are people who allow a partisan stranger determine how much enjoyment they should gain from an object.

As for your coin - to me it looks on par for what to expect from the RM and something a collector would be happy with. The trouble is we're not really talking about collecting - we're talking about speculating.

Only you can decide if the flaws detract from your enjoyment of the coin. If they do then i would send it back. The only trouble is that someone in the RM quality control department has already deemed your coin acceptable. Every time they accept a coin back as flawed is an admittance that they are not actually very good at what they do. 


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1 hour ago, Shell said:

I have 2 x 1oz. silver proof. Both are flawless. To my eyes, without a magnifying glass in natural daylight. Personally, I would not accept these multiple faults on such a spectacular coin.

I hear you. I just don't think RM would agree...

I think I have to just consider myself lucky to have one in hand. Shame it doesn't look perfect but It's still a cool coin and still worth more than RRP.

I have a seemingly flawless 1oz also and I'm really tempted to have them both graded. If it weren't for the painstakingly long turnaround, I'd have done so already...

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