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Entry to 10,000+ member prize draws ended. (10 oz custom BYB bar 1/1 + custom 1oz BYB round 1/1) DRAWS to be drawn soon........
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  1. Turns out that we didn't loose a couple of dozen spitfire after all... https://news.sky.com/story/burma-spitfire-mystery-is-solved-10454358
  2. BrumChris

    Fake sovereign ring.

    Horrific. I've seen similar (though not as vile) in the local pawn shop. Might be worth £200 scrap if it is 9 karat. At least that would get it destroyed...
  3. Has anyone had a second return back?
  4. Perhaps it's a silver forum special offer 🤞
  5. A classic set of 9 karat gold cuff links and a 1970's fruit-machine charm. The dials spin when you pull the handle, although sadly little gold coins don't shoot out when you win. Worked out as an 11% premium included postage which isn't bad at the moment.
  6. Yeah I noticed that spot. I think there's a couple of less obvious ones as well.
  7. LPM got the right packaging! I hadn't realised RM made 350 coins for the international market.
  8. It seems to be chuck it in a box and send. I used to find little QC stickers on RM stuff but I haven't seen one in years. Anyone else? Is the coin ok?
  9. It has certainly be on in the past. Much nicer in my view.
  10. I've not but their website says 8 are sold. At a mintage of 50 its tempting but I've just spent £620 on some gold. Edit: actually the Koin Club says 80 have sold today and that the edition is 425 and not 50 as listed on the RM website. KC might be an error but a mintage of 50 for a silver coin does seem low compared to the queens beasts and 007.
  11. Most of the black spots seem to only be visible with a magnifier. When I spoke to the mint they were aware of the missing coa etc on these so I imagine that they'll be sent to everyone automatically. Maybe email to confirm rather than calling? Given the Elton John release it could be quite a queue.
  12. I wonder if that means they've decided to milk the series for another few coins!
  13. The colour certainly adds to that one.
  14. The Koin Club still have the quarter at £585. I think the best returns will be on the special editions. The rest may well end up being returned to the mint.
  15. I'd prefer it if it featured the Aussie coat of arms.
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