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  1. Don't get me started on the 007 silver special edition. I gave up after two returns. I can understand some issues with bullion grade but not proofs.
  2. Their news letters were quite interesting a few years back but now its all sales focused. Sadly it sums up the modern royal mint.
  3. If they knock another £100 off then I might be interested.
  4. It will be interesting to see what the graces go for. Gothic Crown is tempting but I'm not sure my bank account can take another hit so soon.
  5. I think it depends if the graders view the spots as post-production imperfections.
  6. Those look like the standard black spots which seem to come on all RM silver proofs these days. I did see an NGC grade 70 which had them so it might not pull the grade down.
  7. I bought a proof coin described as mint condition but it arrived with a finger print on both sides. It was going for conservation and grading so I wasn't too fussed given the price. However, I'd be wary buying from them again.
  8. Found it. I'd have thought it would be advertised on the front page but my android device just had Mr Men... I can't see two ounce so it might be released later or they've all sold to account holders.
  9. I can't even see the Music Legends page on RM.
  10. Yep, standard version is pretty bland. Premium is better but still not worth buying in my view.
  11. Hence why 'person of colour' Britannia is the 'premium' option.
  12. I don't think the COA has any relation to the coin strike order. Rather they just put a coin in a random box with COA. There might be a link to a poorly trained employee though, no excuse for scratches and fingerprints!
  13. Expectation/hope/desirability. The Una and the Lion coin has steadily built a momentum over 15 months in both gold and silver based on a solid foundation of sales across a range of platforms. Many were initially bought by collectors rather than to flip. Substantial price rises weren't widely predicted. Due to the Una price rises, a lot of people bought the Three Graces to make money (I tried to) due to an expectation that it will do as well despite a higher mintage. This might be right or it could just be a bubble like many RM coin releases. Time will tell.
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