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  1. I suspect that all the gold will be sold to account holders before release. If they haven't then the mintages are likely quite high. I'd prefer a 5oz due to the extra detail but in reality it would be a 2oz due to cost.
  2. Normally yes. However, they may decide to hold them back until after RM sell out and then offer for a higher price.
  3. I'm guessing that RM will be striking the Alderney ones. If the reverse design is exactly the same then that must have a downward push on all the prices. People might prefer an RM issued coin but how much more will they be prepared to pay?
  4. That could work but it assumes that he can get a couple of the three graces and that their prices will jump to Una levels. If he wants an Una and is happy with the condition, then it might be best to buy now.
  5. Hard to say without seeing photographs. Does damaged packaging mean it has some hairline scratches?
  6. My guess is a higher mintage of 4000 silver and 300 gold. £285 and £4995.
  7. Have you read some of the reviews for them? Good luck!
  8. Did you have to register with ID? Has that gone through ok? I last bought bullion off RM a year or so ago and it was a right pain. They also pinched about £1 left on account then the website changed.
  9. I'm not aware of a set release date but I would hope in January.
  10. RM upped the price too much. The only silver I can see scoring a decent return is the three graces and that will very much depend on a sensible mintage. Even 5000 might be too much.
  11. I twice had a gold in my cart but thought 'nah I'll pick one up in a few months for less than £3000'. Oops
  12. I think that it will be stunning, they've picked a strong design. However, I'm not convinced it will do as well as Una but time will tell. I'd say the best is the 2oz in both metals. I can see the gold potentially matching the Music Legends releases at £20,000 or so.
  13. BrumChris

    Gold Finds!

    The 50 1oz krugerrands would be nice! Given that they're only 50 years old you have to wonder if it's some sort of tax dodge. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-england-hampshire-55244706
  14. Physical cleaning will damage the coin and destroy much of its numismatic value. I'm not sure about the method you used but generally collectors quite like the aged tarnished look on silver.
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