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  1. Yeah that makes sense. Buying the set just means one of the coins is reserved for you in each new release. I hope the next 6 coin designs are better.
  2. The silver will spot/tarnish which will ruin the film titles. I'm tempted by the gold.
  3. Winnie has now sold out (3 and 9 coin at the same time). I think some will sell out but not all of them.
  4. Probably better suited to the non-precious metal section. I guess its cheaper to collect from your change and there's the fun of the hunt.
  5. I suspect most will spot in the end. Holders just seem to slow the process. Hopefully you'll get a great result at the next auction!
  6. Time to sell mine I think. Sadly its developed a small milk spot so I'm not sure if its worth grading or not.
  7. Amazing prices for both gold and silver. Uplift from 69 to 70 is impressive.
  8. Single gold at 95% sold. If the other options remain when it sells out then it confirms the distribution.
  9. I don't follow this. The total gold should be 525. How that's distributed is decided buy the buyers. As soon as they run out all option become unavailable.
  10. Perhaps they oversold and need to buyback to meet orders? Seems odd.
  11. All I can suggest is to get something sturdy rather than the ultra cheap ones. Also consider a decent level of fire protection. Have you considered a bank safety deposit box rather than storing precious metals at home?
  12. Sadly RM silver does seem to spot easily. Hopefully they can sort something out for you.
  13. I can see them being very popular. RM may find it really hits their silver sales though.
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