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Am I even looking at silver?!

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Hello all,

Me and my lack of knowledge is back with more auction silver questions!

Are they silver? How would you know without consulting such a information highway what is the silverforum and the beautiful members that make it what it is? and if they are silver...what would you pay?


Many thanks in advance



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7 minutes ago, Robda1986 said:

I'm pretty sure their not silver if they are I'm open to be proved wrong but as for value? The Churchill and the coin to the right are common as ketchup I've got several of each in the junk draw 

thankyou bud any advice is good at this point! Like a deer in front of headlights i dont know what im looking at half the time :D i just appreciate the response

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2 minutes ago, Gordy said:

nice age to start though..... 

Well i want to start early and stack to assist in a real pension. Knowing my luck ill get to 60 and the £ will be worth nothing and ill have nothing to show for as a financial safety. :) thank you again

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Good for you mate. I wish I had the foresight to start stacking at 23! I read on this forum about guys picking up sovereigns for 50 quid and silver for a fiver an ounce and I kick myself. In 20-30 years you will have an eye watering amount of precious metal that will serve you and your family well. 

To answer your question - if the 3 coins on the bottom were silver you could expect to pay around the £15-£18 pound mark each. They aren't worth much more than the silver in them, as mentioned above they were knocked out in colossal numbers.

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The Silver Jubilee crown on the right was minted as a silver proof which obviously has value, the cupro-nickel are junk.

The 1981 Diana Charles crown - again also minted as a silver proof and cupro-nickel. i expect your coins are cupro-nickel. 

The 1935 George v & Mary 'silver jubilee' medal - i expect this is a Middlesex one. i have seen the style of medal front you show which is Sterling - in this case it will be hallmarked.

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The tin may have some value too. I know some folk collect this type of thing too. I used to play with my grand parents stuffed bears when i was little, turned out they were worth thousands of pounds when they died in the early '70s. 

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On 29/06/2021 at 22:42, Lennyforthefuture said:

Not in my years I'm only 23 😃thankyou for the help though I'll leave this one 

Hi Mate Im 25 looks like we have started nice and early 😀 

Iv got that coin on the right knocking about in the house its still in that sleeve as well . Iv had in my coin jar with a load of near enough worthless other coins for as long as I can remember 

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