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  1. Ill take the Quarter Azadi
  2. ill take one if you have another one
  3. Hi Mate Just a friendly suggestion I would check the prices of other bullion websites to work out the best price to try and sell this for. You can get one from Baird & Co. directly for cheaper than you are selling it for so people will not be willing to pay more for one second hand than a brand new one from the mint 👍
  4. I bought some the other week came well packaged and quickly and just PM the seller and depends what post and package you choose and availability of the seller. 👍
  5. I was looking at different vendors who would be at the York Coin and stamp show and this fella does and Investment lot 10 1oz coins of his choice. His websites a bit mad and out of date but might be worth giving the fella a ring or having a punt on the coins. Iv bought silver from a lovely older fella down south with a similar aged website so Id say don't let that put you off. http://www.petermorris.co.uk/lists/bullion.html
  6. Hi all I am looking for 3 1 Nevada/Utah 2 5 Nevada/Utah gold backs. looking to spend about £60 for a set of 3 1's and 2 5's any help would be greatly apricated. All the best Mark
  7. Did you ever sell them and if not are you will to sell me 3 ?
  8. Hiya mate. Just some friendly advice you can buy these brand new for £130 from Gold.co.uk which is a lot less than your offering and they are more reputable than your self as there a Ltd company. Have a look round of other places for prices and compare. You wont usually be able to sell higher than bullion dealers but you will get more selling it here than selling it to them under spot. 👍
  9. Hi Mate Im 25 looks like we have started nice and early 😀 Iv got that coin on the right knocking about in the house its still in that sleeve as well . Iv had in my coin jar with a load of near enough worthless other coins for as long as I can remember
  10. Hi All I am just wondering if anyone knows where I can get any 10 oz bar capsules. I have had a look around but cant seem to find any for a good price. Atkison's have some but you have to buy 10 unless you buy a bar which I'm not willing to do at the moment. Any help would be fantastic All the best Mark
  11. Yea mate I asked him about it couple of weeks ago He swapped it for something
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