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  1. Unfortunately don't have any small bars which is what I am looking for
  2. Can only find Oz stuff and bigger and Im not willing to buy that much
  3. From what I have looked at this is going to be a longer cycle that all of the other cycles. I think we still have a while to go but who knows only time will tell.
  4. Hi Lawrence. Just bought some coins of you on Friday. Getting them tomorrow looking forward to it
  5. Hi Slam. Iv managed to get some Pre 1947 stuff at Spot plus 10% which I don't think is to bad. Iv just been getting what I can get my hands on for a decent price at the moment. I think as stackers we know this is a slow game and will take time. Just also nice to have something shiny to look at. Got a few gold pieces my self lovely and shiny like the look and feel of the krugerrand bit more sturdy. ( coming from someone who dropped his first gold brit on the floor 2 seconds out the package) My most proudest moment as a new stacker so far was emailing a antique dealer becaus
  6. Fair enough. Was only looking to pick up a 5 gram bar of Palladium or something around that but cant find one anywhere. Need to have a look into some stocks but just haven't managed to get my head round them at the moment. Coinbase does look like it would do well over time. Definitely good idea to have some mining companies if you like PM. As long as you don't sell you haven't lost anything yet just have to hope it climbs back up over time.
  7. Ill be going in pretty heavy when I think the crypto bottom is in and just stake it and forget about it for a while. Just have to find the projects which will last the test of time. Then take most of it out for PM but Ill definitely keep some BTC/ETH as I think that will be worth a pretty penny in a decade or so. Ill have to see how the market plays out with Platinum just hate paying the premium on the metal. Managed to get some for around £1100 an Oz. Not to sure about committing to Palladium yet as I cant seem to find any small bars anywhere at the moment,
  8. I think Silver has good potential. I have some Platinum but I think ill be selling that in a couple of years because of its use case drop off. I don't think Bitcoin will crash and burn. Its ridiculously volatile but I don't think crypto is going anywhere that's why I have a position in it. I had heard out this basel thing until yesterday so I am going to have a look into it.
  9. Iv bought a few things just for enjoyment like some Pandas which iv picked up for around £33 an Oz and some graded coins which have been a bit more expensive. My average price for my silver stack is just under £23 (I have left out the premium stuff as i don't class it as bullion). I was thinking whether to switch my main effort of buying PM into gold. I do also have some crypto which I speculating on which ill just be turning my profits ( if I get any) into more shiny stuff probably gold.
  10. Thanks. I'm stacking both gold and silver I have managed to get around a sov a month went a bit heavy on the 1 Oz coins at the begging of my stacking journey. I agree that gold and silver will come down but not sure it will go that low. If it does I'm happy either way just be able to pick up more if it does. Gave up the ale for the time being so I have more money to spend on the shiny stuff. 😁
  11. Mark1234

    Averaging cost

    Hi gang I am just wondering if the new stackers in here are buying silver to an average cost or are you buying in bulk when you see any good offers on. If most people are average out there cost what is peoples average cost per oz if you don't mind me asking (preferably new stacker). Just want a gauge of an idea of where people stand on buying silver at the current price and state that the UK is in Thanks Happy Staking Mark
  12. is it still available ?
  13. Ill have it if they don't want it
  14. @StackSellRepeat Not really sure what you mean by the "quarter" but I got in off a dealer who sells Antique silver spoons primarily. Decided to shoot him an email since he buys silver to see if he had any bullion to sell and this is all he had so pretty lucky in that respect.
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