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    I have a full 1989 set at high grade. Some other collectible sovereigns
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  1. Hi Silver Forum If any member has a Royal Albert proof DOMED with box & coa, they might like to sell, I’d be keen. Not graded. This is a birthday present for my wife and we had one of our greatest dates at The Albert Hall. Dave Gilmour. A reminder gift. there are several on eBay but if anyone wants to deal direct on a nice condition one, I’d be keen thanks Clive
  2. Hi @LawrenceChard & others here is the chart for Pt in $ over the last 50 years. Pre Catalytic Converters, Pt was much cheaper with a sharp fall from its all time high c. $2100 after the GFC I collect Au, Pt, Pd & Rh. Pt hasn’t been a good investment but I am not an investor. I have some nice pieces. Pd & Rh have increased 4-20x from my main purchases but the market is very thin. I’d say a new use for Pt has to be found or a major problem at several mines for Pt to turn into an investment. The mine company shares might do better & are tradeable but I hold Glencoe only in that sector & they are Cu not Pt. C
  3. Those of you who read & commented will be interested to know some of the detail I found out. @ilovesilverireallydohas confirmed the piece is very high quality Platinum. Turns out it is inscribed & was awarded to Dr AJ Kennedy in 1977. the reason it does not appear on the IOM3 list of Platinum award winners, is that the IOM3 only came into existence in 1982. In 1977 it was only Institute of Metallurgists (One of the 3 Ms) Dr , later Prof Kennedy was an expert in the nascent field of heat-resistant materials including graphite where he showed layers of graphite were much more heat distributive & resistant than a solid single layer. This had applications in aerospace and rocket technology advising NASA in the 60s He was awarded a CBE in 1979 & has an obituary at https://www.iom3archive.org.uk/fellows-lounge/feature/2011/jan/27/dr-alfred-james-kennedy-cbe-freng-fimmm-obit If all of the newer ones, from 1984 are silver coated with Rhodium, then it is even rarer than first thought. In 1977 the average price thru the year for an ounce of Platinum was $250 & with the exchange being around £1=$2.50 , an ounce was about £100 give it take.
  4. In which case it is unique & historic. fabulous
  5. That is a super interesting piece. The person who was the recipient would have made a significant contribution thru thoughts or deeds Wow
  6. I have both bought and sold PM products to/from Bleyer. I have found them to be excellent in terms of delivery, communication & overall satisfaction. The team is led by Caroline hope this helps C B
  7. £140 Cmon England and Scotland Well done on organising this @AndrewSL76
  8. Can I bid in a £1.18 increment to get to £21 ? If not £20.82 thank you lovely coin & presentation box
  9. I do not want to bid but I have a charity account at my company and will donate £5 and a further £5 if Wales win
  10. I have bought a watch (Daytona) from Tom Coll before, https://www.tomcolljewellery.co.uk/watches/gents-watches/ And also had a watch repair & service done. I found them to be excellent. I am not connected to them, just a satisfied customer & their main line is quality pre owned Rolex . good luck C B
  11. Well, I have been buying coins. Adding some variety to my collection & filling in some critical gaps. But there are fewer buyers than sellers on TSF so it’s good for me as a collector anyone looking to sell a high quality 2017 double sovereign? To fill a gap?
  12. They are superb looking. I got a Sydney Oz set ( won on auction on TSF yay) , and I bought a East Europe gold set on TSF . I hope someone buys but if not I’ll make an offer once my funds replenish in 10 days. Long story .... thanks COVID superb @rob6 clive
  13. Thanks @SilverMike I am focussing on proof coins at the moment & building my special reverse sovereign & double sovereign PF70 collection. a nice coin though and I do like Pt ... I’ll think hard thank you both CB
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