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  1. Hi. i like Pt too & was the first PM I bought. The first coins were fractionals too and I have two $50 1/2 Oz coins from the USA that are ultra cameo reverses of each other Pt is hard to sell, but good to collect I think. I collect some Au 50ps too, and I’d like a platinum one but none has come up on the Silver Forum since I have been a member I have some other PT, Pd , Au & Rh as an all round PM collector should 😊 with Pt being so hard to work with, is that why there are so few graded examples?
  2. I have a couple of ounces bought off someone who held thru the really big spike ( £4-5k a bar ) and then needed to sell during a period of lower prices & I bought 2 for £1650. If it got to anything like previous I’d be doing ok I guess but I am a PM collector so I have 3 ounces ( one for my wife ) of something incredibly rare. I have seen that it is difficult to sell but that is not a major concern to me now. But I won’t be adding at £5k a bar. I’d rather have some Au or Pt pieces. If someone offered silly money I would sell one but not them all as then I wouldn’t have an example of the rarest PM CB
  3. Hi TSF, regular buyer on TSF & asking for some help & advice & possible purchase. my wife likes Lighthouses & two years ago I bought her sets of stamps from Lighthouse series issued by countries we had visited I wondered if any of you have Lighthouse coin series that could be a nice lockdown birthday present for display etc thanks for any advice, pointers or opportunity to consider anything you might think of selling thanks Clive B
  4. Hi InvestInCoins. this looks beautiful. Can I ask does it come w a box / COA please? Dosent say in your main listing. I am interested thanks Cliveb13
  5. Thank you. I confirm I am happy to honour my mistype. The 12 sec delay did not allow me to immediately correct & clarify thanks Clive
  6. My bid was mistyped & there was a 12 Sec delay Block to allow me to correct . My intention was to bid 1630 I am delighted to win but you may feel that my mistype rules me out. In the 12 secs another TSF member put in the right number happy to win or congratulate the other bidder cliveb13
  7. Sorry. I meant to bid 1630 but mistyped apologies
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