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    High Premium Numismatics & Collectibles (Premium Proof and premium collectible coins)
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    I have a full 1989 set at high grade. Some other collectible sovereigns
    Some collectible 50ps also
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    I have 2017-2020 Pt Proof 1/4 Brit series full
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    Precious metals as bars and coins
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  1. Pete my cards arrived safe& sound today & they look great. For stocking fillers from TSF members to their kids or spouses ( Au ? ) I think it’s terrific Thank you and recommended clive
  2. @DevonNumismatic Is his what you were looking for ? I assume you have seen it & it’s the ‘wrong’ one but just in case you haven’t lovely coin OP c
  3. I can endorse @Cornishfarmer comments if it’s Marc. I have dealt with him & he is fully fair & not a hassle. Indeed he sorted something out for me very smoothly. He is also great for insight. If it was Marc you can unblock him as he knows what he is doing c
  4. If only you could lay a reliable & credible claim to be the coins’ owner Kman. You would be wealthy enough to have someone do your TSF posts for you. Something we all aspire to. Great additional detail. Thank you. My roots only go back to mid-19th & then defy deeper scrutiny cheers C
  5. I am a collector so the poll option was easy for me. As a PM collector, I am a later convert to coins. I started on bars when prices were generally lower than now & demand for Pt, Pd & Rh was lower. But I got into coins. And not ready to get out. be interesting to see what happens with the silver ones especially . There are still several thousand , rather than several or a hundred & silver coin collectors are often not ‘ got to have it at any price ‘ . I am talking myself into option 2. But no, it’s option 3 for me C
  6. A little light relief, and some on here will have heard about this & there are new people who haven’t. But this thread has a wide readership at the moment this week, the Mint is auctioning a fine example of the earliest sovereign that can be in private hands The sovereign, one of just two in private hands, is Henry VII and is likely to be over $1m details are here. https://www.coinnews.net/2021/02/12/royal-mint-to-auction-ngc-certified-henry-vii-sovereign-on-march-4/ it’s graded, documented, cared for & about to find a new home on Thursday. I am sur
  7. Great summary. Sounds like a few people think there will be a price bubble around these coins, Una & Graces. Certainly has ingredients of frenzy buying, a very narrow & not transparent market ( eBay ) & the low intrinsic cost of the ingredient not everyone can make ££ on every sale. Someone will be left holding the bag. I think it depends on how many of the initial allocation end up with long term collectors or holders. If it’s a narrow market then prices wil be high & the well graded ones especially. As we see in the auctions the 70s across almost any coin genre have a s
  8. I’ll preface by saying that I haven’t seen a Three Graces yet, though I have bough an Alderney on TSF ( not picked up yet ) & I have an indication from RM that I was eventually allocated one of the ‘real’ ones. But I got into coins via an interest in PM elements first & I quickly saw the beauty & skill of the coins & the creators. I don’t think I would sell because I might never get a chance to own another. I haven’t sold anything except some very rare element bars with a CGT implication. I know it’s different for everyone but I know I will get satisfaction from an Una
  9. Hi. For anyone still getting updating on this thread, the Kew Gold Pf69 went for £2700 yesterday The 69 is the finest grade PGCS has set with this coin. NGC has a couple at 69 & 70 c
  10. Yes @Spence098 & @Kussilver I still have an open order, a pending payment at my bank & no despatch or cancelled email. I am hopeful as I have an email confirm at 9:06 from Monday but nothing since. Find out in the next few days but I hope I get one to keep & display. The pictures have been superb CB
  11. Hi All love the pictures. Such amazing details. How incredible are these engravers & designers My order is still ‘open’ so based on the comment earlier perhaps going to be cancelled. I obviously hope not but it’s possible. Others have had ‘cancelled’ today. I know the coins will give many great pleasure update once I know more clive
  12. Yes, but think how happy you will have made Ms #3501 in the queue. 😊
  13. For those on this thread who want some alternative weekend viewing, there is a gold Kew 2009 50p in the Coin Cabinet auction this coming Sunday More information can be found here. https://auctions.thecoincabinet.com/lots/view/4-1U4ZAR It’s a pf69 & the first one to come up for some time. mots late in the auction with some big gold pieces first, so there might not be any ££ left by that stage ... cheers clive
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