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    High Premium Numismatics & Collectibles (Premium Proof and premium collectible coins)
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    I have a full 1989 set at high grade. Sone other collectible sovereigns
    Some collectible 50ps also
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    I have 2017-2020 Pt Proof 1/4 Brit series full
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    Precious metals as bars and coins
    High grade modern coins

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  1. I am exploring selling a small part of my PM collection & looking at the different dealers to see who might be interested. But I have bought a lot of my PM & coins here on TSF so I am keen to see if any TSF members are interested. I have two Rhodium 1 Oz bars. One Baird Mint, one Cohen Mint. (Photos from 2019 attached) I have ounce, 50g & 100g bullion Palladium bars. No Pd photos available as in storage. All would need me to visit my secure storage. I have been collecting PMs since 2012 with all these items bought from established dealers across a period when only ‘crazies
  2. Hi Thread I have been watching the price rise & I have two bars I could consider selling. Only to established Forum members & I guess this thread is the best place to find one. I know many sources in Europe don’t have any bars & the order time is likely to be months. i have a fully intact Baird 1 ounce in package also a Cohen mint 1oz . This did not come in a package and as interested members will know Cohen has not been producing for some time so it’s probably c2000. I would fully expect anyone purchasing would want to have either both verified somehow. my bars ar
  3. Hi Chris is the Black Bull still for sale. Looks fantastic & quite rare i’d certainly be interested if it is clive
  4. JB Proof received safe & sound great comms and Excellent packaging. Thanks C
  5. Apologies. unable to commit to transfer funds..ignore post above. CB
  6. I am firmly in the ‘I am a collector ‘ camp. I have PMs across Au, Pt, Pd & Rh & a v little Ag to me it’s the idea of owning something so pure & rare. Ag is not rare. I never thought I would make ££ & I haven’t . I have just collected. But Rh & Pd never come up for sale in the Forum so there is no market here. Pt can be difficult to trade. Most on here are Au focussed & that’s fine. There are a lot of trades at the moment CB
  7. I had organised a party on Sat night for my daughter & ran a v boozy disco in the garden till 11 & then Boxier karaoke till 2:15am sunday was a sore headed One & I completely forgot but what a nice surprise the CoinCabinet auction had some serious bidding for the larger James Bond pieces but I am not in that market . Fascinating though. C
  8. Thank you. I am delighted to have won this. been a member for abt 5-6 years & these auctions have sprung up recently & got a couple of nice pieces. This one looks lovely thanks CliveB
  9. These are estimated as I don’t have a tracking spreadsheet. Though I should. So approx & by value at spot ( not achievable ) excludes PF70 coins that I hope are a separate market gold 22.5% silver 2.5% pt 30% pd 20% rh 25% it’s hard to be precise any suggestions for spreadsheets ?? thanks C B
  10. Hi. i like Pt too & was the first PM I bought. The first coins were fractionals too and I have two $50 1/2 Oz coins from the USA that are ultra cameo reverses of each other Pt is hard to sell, but good to collect I think. I collect some Au 50ps too, and I’d like a platinum one but none has come up on the Silver Forum since I have been a member I have some other PT, Pd , Au & Rh as an all round PM collector should 😊 with Pt being so hard to work with, is that why there are so few graded examples?
  11. I have a couple of ounces bought off someone who held thru the really big spike ( £4-5k a bar ) and then needed to sell during a period of lower prices & I bought 2 for £1650. If it got to anything like previous I’d be doing ok I guess but I am a PM collector so I have 3 ounces ( one for my wife ) of something incredibly rare. I have seen that it is difficult to sell but that is not a major concern to me now. But I won’t be adding at £5k a bar. I’d rather have some Au or Pt pieces. If someone offered silly money I would sell one but not them all as then I wouldn’t have an example of th
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