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  1. Hi everyone my first wanted post, but many of you will know I am a buyer on TSF for my collection. Not a trader. I am looking to buy any or all of the following quintuple proof sovereigns at PF70 or PR70. I have an existing collection but have gaps my collection is mostly NGC but PGCS I have too . Coins are 2002 5sov proof -now secured thank you 2015 5sov proof - 4th IRB portrait 2016 5sov proof only 70 considered, as the rest of my collection is 70. happy to consider & if it made a difference to someone I can consider cash / gold bullion as I began as a PM collector only later going into coins. thank you CB
  2. Kneehow, I was interested in that but wanted the box for display & bought an ungraded one for just a bit less. I was, and remain, happy with that but I am sure yours is very nice indeed.
  3. There is a Pt Krugerrand on eBay for £4.2k I bought one four months & I didn’t pay anywhere near that. What is wanted & what is paid in Pt can be a big gap very nice piece you are interested in though
  4. Thanks @richatthecroft & @Silverman2U i do have a platinum collection, and lovely, but it is not easily convertible to cash as there are very few buyers of Pt coins & bars. @Jaconetis also a Pt follower I know i am a collector, not a trader, & my interest stems from the intrinsic metals & elements & the rarity & purity. I seriously doubt any of my Pt purchases can make £ except maybe the 2017 Krugerrand. But I am not selling so a loss, if it was so, is only theoretical. I also collect gold, special sovereigns & Palladium, almost of which show a theoretical gain, but academic really. Some have made ££ with Pt, but I doubt most have. my last 3oz Pt purchase was £2600 & that is a proof that someone paid a lot more for in the past. buy it cos you like the design. Buy it cos you love the metal. Don’t expect an easy flip I think but I am not an expert good luck, and interested to here the experiences of others. Now rhodium …. clive
  5. I collect Pt, both as metal & as coins & within coins I am focussing much more on Proofs. 15k is a very high mintage so you can discount collector scarcity. That is more what we do w sovereigns in this country. It is very hard to make ££ on Pt. really the value is in the swing in £ on the metal markets but that is hard to time & there is always a premium that any seller needs to recover. Some nice pieces on here have not sold easily & even a high graded Krugerrand Pt from 2017 struggled. That reflected a limited number of collectors. I hope you do find some pieces to enjoy & keep. It’s a very attractive finish in real life & in 5 years time there may be more collectors. note. The 2021 1/4 Britannia proof sold out but only mintage of 150. thanks Clive
  6. Thank you @Roy happy to give some info. My own interest in Pt & then Pd was part of a collectible aim to build an element collection. This predates my interest in Sovereigns or gold & before I found TSF palladium, Platinum & Rhodium are all used in catalytic converters. They are excellent catalysts (they aid a chemical reaction without being changed themselves) & in this case they are being used to convert CO (carbon monoxide) to CO2 and also to reduce nitrous oxide in the latest versions of ICE engines. Some of you will have diesel Ad Blu engines & the Adblu reacts with NOx ( nitrous oxide ) to create Nitrogen & water. Both harmless so it’s not Pd or Pt. both have roles. I have collected both since 2014. Pt has traded in a range without breakout & has been consistently close to where I bought in terms of £. Pd quadrupled to over £2100 an ounce & today sits at £1500. Of course this is before , bid /ask spread & vat. I think it’s very difficult to make ££ with Pd or Pt because if you want to exit you need to find someone who wants to pay in a similar way to when you bought or a dealer will only offer you spot-3% . It has to move a lot before your very good 15% premium buy is in a tradeable profit. I myself have bought several Pt pieces that the seller says were priced below. I collect Pt too as Roy & others know but it’s an intrinsic interest in elements & now coins. I have some Pt, Pt & Rhodium & if someone wanted some I would sell for a premium above spot but I haven’t sold any cos no one is looking & my interest is acquiring. I bought two pieces of Pd on TSF & they are great. Physically Pd is grey, whereas Pt is more silver like. Pd is harder too & therefore more difficult to make as a coin. I have an MS70 & a PF69 & they are outstanding. finally Rhodium. Rh is a great catalyst & is not mined for itself. It’s found in the extraction process for other metals. Rhodium hit $12k an ounce about 13 years ago before falling dramatically back to $1000 or so only months later. Thinking that there must be something in this great element I bought 5 Oz. The price to $26k an ounce in Feb this year before dropping back to $15k or so where it sits to day. I was very lucky. I don’t think anyone can make £ out of Rh today as the bid / ask is big, there is vat & the market is tiny. But for me I own a few small pieces of one of the rarest elements on Earth. The total sum of Rh ever refined would fill 3 small sheds. Hope this is of interest and here is a pic of the set of these amazing elements in the next post Good luck Clive
  7. I don’t think he sold it on here, but I think he did sell it. It was 1/2 Oz Baird if I recall. i sold one 1oz but after the ridicule I didn’t dare try & sell it on TSF. Not the right place. Some Pd pieces have sold on here recently though so there is some interest. I bought a 2017 USA 1oz piece which is really nice & the first year the US Mint issued a Pd. At this rate I can afford a Proof CB
  8. I thought that too. I ‘hold’ two ounces of Rh but not as an investment , I am a pm collector do I need to have at least a bit of the rarest. The rise of BEVs does relate to Rh up trend & the cars cannot be built without chips so there is much reduced need. Kitco does have any ‘stories’ about Rh one way or the other & it’s market is a reflection of the demand I am following it though as it’s interesting. Pt is under £672 now & close to half the Au price
  9. Hi @LawrenceChard & others here is the chart for Pt in $ over the last 50 years. Pre Catalytic Converters, Pt was much cheaper with a sharp fall from its all time high c. $2100 after the GFC I collect Au, Pt, Pd & Rh. Pt hasn’t been a good investment but I am not an investor. I have some nice pieces. Pd & Rh have increased 4-20x from my main purchases but the market is very thin. I’d say a new use for Pt has to be found or a major problem at several mines for Pt to turn into an investment. The mine company shares might do better & are tradeable but I hold Glencoe only in that sector & they are Cu not Pt. C
  10. I have both bought and sold PM products to/from Bleyer. I have found them to be excellent in terms of delivery, communication & overall satisfaction. The team is led by Caroline hope this helps C B
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