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  1. Price Item $405 $385 1922 MS-63 Switzerland Helvetia 20 Francs Gold $420 1913 MS-64 Switzerland Helvetia 20 Francs Gold Preferred payment through Zelle. PPFF (if you have feedback), or PPGS(+3%). USPS shipping starts at $4, up to $8 for SFRB.
  2. That image looks like Apmex's site, but I don't see it available there yet. Where did you buy from? Thanks
  3. Some beautiful silver up for sale today. Check out the proof patterned fields on these coins! Photo Album Price Item $33 each 2018 & 2019 St Helena Spade Guniea 1 oz Silver $165 2018 Niue Double Dragon 5 oz Silver $178 (6 oz lot)
  4. I just dropped the asking prices significantly a few minutes ago. Ill message you to work out something.
  5. Buy the dip! Various silver lots. All in great condition. Most in capsules. Buy 10 or more non-capsulated and get a free tube. UPDATE: Prices lowered! Dont be shy, shoot me an offer. I view these all as collectible pieces and in great condition so they are priced with a premium, but well below all prices I could find online. Photo Album Price Item $36 pair (3x) Norse Dragon 1 oz Silver & 1 oz Copper Lot
  6. Will message you directly. Closing this listing for now since silver has already gone up +$1 since I listed.
  7. Item Price (6x 2x) Norse Dragon 1 oz Silver & 1 oz Copper Lot $33 2018 2 oz Perth Next Generation Koala $58 2020 2 oz Perth Next Generation Kookaburra $58 Payment via PPFF (if you have feedback), PPGS(+3%) or Zelle. USPS shipping starts at $4, up to $8 f
  8. Bump. A week later, gold is still on the rise and I have not changed my price YET! If you are interested in a perfect queens beast this is your golden opportunity.
  9. Here is what I use for google sheets. Silver: =Index(ImportHTML("https://www.apmex.com/spotprices/silver-price","table",8),2,2) Gold: =Index(ImportHTML("https://www.apmex.com/spotprices/gold-price","table",8),2,2) Platinum: =Index(ImportHTML("https://www.apmex.com/spotprices/platinum-price","table",8),2,2)
  10. Silver price is skyrocketing. Get them before price increases! These are priced with silver spot at $23.10 $23.40 according to Apmex. Selling as lots. The first two buyers of 10oz lots will also get a 10oz tube. If you buy 20 oz I can put them all in a 20oz tube. Please message me. I am working, so I may not reply immediately, but I will reply in the order received. These were also listed for sale on other forums, so they will likely sell fast. Item Price Lot1: 10x 1 oz Silver RMC rounds (1 toned) $244 ($1 over) Lot2: 10x 1 oz Si
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