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  1. They’re Dear customers and clients, please note that our precious metal shop will be close between July 27th until August 16th 2020. All previous orders that have been paid will still be shipped during this time. We will be at your service again starting on August 17th 2020. Your silberling team
  2. https://www.silberling.de/en/Accessories/Coin-Capsules-10-oz-Queen-s-Beasts.html 👌
  3. The only coloured lunars i like. The set looks even better in real life 👌
  4. Bought the 10oz to a 1/2oz Lunar S2 2012 Red coloured dragon set.
  5. Recieved almost a 150oz of silver last week. The bars were a gift from my mother, for the future wealth for me and my children. 2 kilo’s of fat umicore bars, 1 kilo Argor bar, 10oz 2005 Kookaburra with a mintage of 2112 a rare one... and a 10oz lunar S2 goat.
  6. Nice Dutch Schöne Amsterdam kilo.
  7. It’s going to be worth the waiting! Also got 1/10 gold proof 2020 lunar 3 mouse.
  8. Mine arrived today, bought it from emk.com
  9. Now i see those cool pinguïns i regret for buying just one..
  10. I've also bought a few, i think the price will go further up.
  11. I think it wasn’t in stock anyway. So be patient 👍🏻
  12. Some websites provide that service. But at Gs.be your first purchase has to be over €500,-
  13. I’ve stored it at gs.be but when i received the order i’ll tag you in the today i recieved topic.
  14. The cheapest set i could find is on eBay for about £300. I like the set, so i bought it. This 2020 BU looks really good indeed, and with Perth Mint quality and low mintage it has to be a winner.
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