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    I like the 10oz silver coins!

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  1. Bought one from emk for €325,- wish bought some more, but I’ve got empty pockets 😓
  2. Some nice Perth Mint coins. 1/20 - 1/10 and 1/4oz golden lunar III Mouse 2020 BU 1/10 - 1/4oz lunar III year of the tiger 2022 proofs. And a silver koala kilo 2018.
  3. Both graded ms70 5oz antiqued Zeus & Poseidon with a mintage of 50 each. ⛈️
  4. I received 22 pieces of 0.5 gold coins / bars. So 11 grams of .9999 gold.
  5. UP!! FINAL reduction €325,- posted! Best deal you'll get!!
  6. Yes the gold proof and BU are the same, the silver coins have a different design. (Shown as above) The golden designs of the lunar 3 series are cleaner and better in my opinion.
  7. Hades 5oz antiqued, third coin in the series. Only 50 minted by the Perth Mint. 👹
  8. As above mintage of 2.000 coins done by the Perth Mint. It’s graded pf70 but the coins shows some dust or marks… shown on the pictures. All complete and in mint state, box coa window box. shipped within Europe for €345,- €325,- ! thanks!!
  9. TheBeast

    Fed up with eBay

    Ebay gave me a full refund today. So problem solved.
  10. It’s covered in the plastic and the slabs looks perfect.. no scratches or anything. Just like the coin 😉
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