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  1. Yes for these coins you have to be quick, they started for about €700,- everytime they sell one or two the price increases.
  2. Don't think so, LPM, Apmex and goldsilver.be are selling them as a exclusive.
  3. Even though the high premiums I bought the set in silver. I like these even more than the Zeus. the prices of these coins going sky high.
  4. Well I’m first I’m going the contact the seller, and hope maybe they can switch it. It’s sold out now.. so I hope they come with a solution anyway... And @TheShinyStuffis absolutely right, it’s beautiful!
  5. Quite disappointed what I received today... 100oz Una and the Lion bar... bought it from silvergoldbull but it has a ugly scratch on it... don’t know what to do.. 😪
  6. ctrl + F5 he also reloads the current page, ignoring cached content and generating the expected result.
  7. The almighty 5oz Zeus... with a almighty premium. 😆 Number 14 out of 50 coins. little scratch on the capsule on the queens side. Thinking about sending it to NGC.
  8. Last week Some Perth Mint coins arrived here. The New 5oz Zeus, The 5oz lunar II Rooster, 5oz lunar II Monkey, 5oz Lunar II Horse, and a pile of Lunar III 2oz year of the Mouse. Cheers!
  9. Yes the 5oz Buffalo! Check out the leopard 👍
  10. Thanks! Now I’m looking for the other 4. But these are very expensive.
  11. Yesterday I’ve pulled the trigger and bought both the silver coins. maybe I’ll send the 5oz antiqued one in for grading. the Poseidon coin is coming soon! 🔱
  12. Well yesterday I received this stunning piece of art. The ultra high relief 5oz Elephant from the Ivory Coast Big Five series. Also received 4 lunar 3’s 5oz’rs 2020 year of the Mouse.
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