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  1. 2 extra 10oz Beasts. Got them for good prices so couldn’t resist to buy them.
  2. I’ve ordered 5 koala’s 5 crocs 5 kooks and Some 10oz coins and i’m waiting for over a month now. No more European mint for me.
  3. A 5oz proof lunar S2 2012 Dragon. Got it for almost the same price as a 5oz BU. 😎
  4. My very first gold coin The 1/4 oz Lunar Serie lll 2020 mouse proof. it’s tiny when you’re used to silver.
  5. It's supply and demand. These are more collector coins, just ask yourself the question who's going to pay +€400,- for 10oz silver......? I buy these coins because i like them, also i think/know it's going to be hard to sell these later on because there's a small market for these coins.
  6. @Goldmamber https://www.muenzdachs.de/epages/63784639.mobile/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/63784639/Products/4199&Locale=de_DE
  7. Pulled the trigger today and bought the Dragon and Tiger for €299,95 from the European Mint today. Later today the price went up because of their low stock.
  8. i received last week this cool Charlie chaplin 1oz 100 years of laughter hologram bar . Just had to have it. And today i’ve received a low mintage (1500) piedfort 10oz Koala.
  9. This is the Phoenix and Dragon. What a beauty!
  10. I’ve also bought the 10oz dragon and Phoenix with also a mintage of 888 coins and a high premium. These coins didn’t sell out. Just bought it because i like the size and The design. But will buy one of these later this month, I don’t the think these will be Highly sought in the near future.
  11. Last chance! €575 posted from the Netherlands!
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