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  1. Received the books. Really excellent. Will help pass away the hours. Many thanks
  2. I use Interactive investor. Yes the 9.99 charge a month seems annoying at first. If you build a portfolio of around £20-30k with them it works out cheaper than HL and AJ Bell in the long run as they charge on a percentage basis. Gonna have a look at free-trade over the weekend. Very tempting levels in a lot of trusts and stocks at present.
  3. Rdsb and BP are now at the lows of 2015 and 2008. Motorbikez doing the smart thing. I will be monthly drip feeding into both stocks and also Blackrock Energy (about 9 percent yield on that fund). Nice long term income producers. I may even do 500 each to start the ball rolling. It may go lower which is why we should always have cash on hand. Nice to see metals holding up well
  4. Will also depend on how things go next week. I am hoping for a further fall in the markets, Don't forget we did have a rather nice commodities correction in Dec 2015, silver was at 9, gold at 800. Commodity based shares presented great buying opportunities. Bp was in the low £3 range, RDSB was £12. All with a nice juicy 7% yield. Look at a share called Ferrexpo (FXPO). You bought that around the lows in 2015 you would now be laughing as the dividend payout ratio would be well over 50 -100% now depending on the price you bought at. The stock market will always go on sale at times. Always have cash on hand to buy dips not just in PMs but in stocks too. I have got my eye on quite a few investment trusts and reits at present purely for the dividend income. Always try to drip feed money into the market as it always difficult to time the markets
  5. Picked up a 1 oz lunar rabbit for £18, in the silver forum Lounge. Many thanks
  6. Popped into the lounge. You all had a nice selection of coins. Managed to pick up some 1/10 and 1/4 Gold Britannias at good prices from some of the dealers on the main floor.
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