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    Tudor Beasts

    Does anyone know if the Tudor Beasts series will only be issued as proof or will bullion grade also be issued? alao I noticed allor od the beats are repeated from the Queens series, does anyone know if they will be re-designed or just streight re-issues from the previous sereis?
  2. its looking like bullion by post are taking pre orders for the bullion sovereign so seems like a bulliin grade will be issued. hoping it will be the arms version
  3. thanks I was thinking similar things 1989, 2016, 2017- proof only but non jubillee issues 2002, 2012 jubliee issues in bullion. the only oddity is 2004 issued in bullion but non jubilee based. my only concern was that with 2 special issues in a row being non bullion I was just wondering if the mint may have unofficaly sneeked it in that one year types would only be proif but I think theres a higher chance if this being bullion than other issues in all honesty. I hope so as I dont buy proof
  4. hi, I was just wondering if there was any news on the 2022 bullion sovereign. from what I'v hear the proof sovereign will be issued next year and feature the royal arms but what about the bullion one? will ot also have the arms, or the standard design maybe with a privy mark. or does anyone thing a bullion sovereign may not be issued at all to ensure highest levels of sales from the more expensive proof versions?
  5. thanks for the replies everyone. I have some other coins with different alignments, all young head Victoria`s, I dont think the alignement is anything special on these but just to check, they are all medal alignments so heads 180 degrees diferance to tails: 1883 half crown 1880 half crown 1886 florin 1881 shilling 1873 shilling (I think I read this was meant to be a coin alignment?) 1873 threepence anything different to what it should be there? Alignments are not my area, thanks in advance for replies
  6. I have managed to attach a photo. on the left is a standard half sovereign, and on the right is the full sovereign in question, both placed in the same position in the coin capsules, with St George full straight on the other side
  7. the bottom right corner of the vail would be nearly half way up the coin
  8. I am struggling to attach photos, it keeps saying too large to send but if you put a sovereign fully streight in a square capule on the side with St George, the turned it over Victoria would be at a 45 degree angle facing downwards so turned to the right
  9. its a 1896 M should have mentioned
  10. Does an error sovereign add or decrease value from the coin? I have recently purchsed an old head sovereign and initaly thought it was a very good aunc coin. then I put it into a coin capsual and noticed when the reverse was perfectly streight in the capsule, the queens head was at a 45 degree angle to the right oposed to it being streight too. does this effect the value/ appeal of the coin? Speaking for myself its a put off but I dont know what the market rule on such errors is. I have tried attaching an image but I'm new here and did not manage it thanks in advance everyone
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