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  1. Carded coins all gone. Just these left now - same price as before plus choice of postage 👍
  2. Found these in an old storage box - bonus! 2 x Kookaburra’s 2014 (1 in capsule/1 loose) £23 each or £44 for both 1 x Walking Liberty Half Dollar 1943 (capsule) £12 Plus postage of choice Payment by PPFF preferred but accept bank transfer. Thanks 👍
  3. Selling 9 Sterling Silver Crowns (1972, 1977 and 1978). 8 are boxed as shown (7 with COA’s), 1 loose still sealed. Each weigh just over 28g of .925 silver Asking £126 plus postage of choice (£14 each). Any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks 👍
  4. Selling 6 x Atlantis Mint 1oz bars. 1 x Sagittarius 2 x Virgo 1 x Gemini 1 x Dragon 1 x Eagle Asking £140 (delivered SD) for all 6. Payment by PPFF or bank transfer. Thanks 👍
  5. Selling a stunning piece of Sterling Silver - an Aztec Warrior. I had intended to have this beast pride of place in the study, but it’s just too big! The total weight of the statue is 2.38kg which does include the base (which is hollow)I don’t think the base weighs a lot but I’m hesitant to rip it off as would be a shame if the thing couldn’t stand up 🙃 Have took a picture of a mug to give some reference of size 😂 I don’t know the history of the statue or much about the maker, but I know they are pretty rare. Am asking £1,050 (delivery covered) - open to sensible offers i
  6. Selling a 4oz Silver $100 bill along with shown display case. Asking £100 delivered (SD) Please note the condition in the pictures - looks like may have been some attempt to clean in the past (not me guv!). Very fine marks like a cloth has been on it and some possible water marks. Edges are a bit rough but this was how it was made. Still very cool nonetheless! Payment by PPFF or bank transfer. Thanks 👍
  7. Looking to sell 6 x 20g silver (.999) World at War poster bars. Believe very few of these were made, so very much a collectors item and great on display 👍 Please note there is some toning on the corner of some of the bars. Asking £120 plus postage. Display case thrown in. Payment by PPFF or bank transfer. Thanks 👍
  8. Selling some skull/pirate pieces from the treasure chest. 2 Oz Skull 1oz Stackerqueen 1oz Stackerqueen (hammered) 50g YPS Skull 1/2 Oz Bar Skulls £125 plus postage for all 6.1oz Payment by PPFF or bank transfer. Will consider splitting if no takers. Thanks 👍
  9. Selling an incomplete collection - the International Wealth Silver Coin-Bar Bull Bear Series from 2015 with COA .999. The booklet contains 5 of the 1/2 bars with COA as shown. Each bar contains 15.5g of fine 999 silver. - Bull & Bear, Fort Knox, Gold Rush, First Coin, Bruges Also selling 3 of the bars from the same collection although no associated COAs with these. - Bull & Bear, London Metal Exch, Silk Road Hoping to sell altogether (8 in total) - asking £110 delivered. Will consider selling separately if no takers. Payment by PPFF or bank transfer.
  10. Selling 14 of the Royal Mint £20 coins - each contains 15.5g of 999 silver. 7 are bullion grade, loose out of the packets, the other 7 are in the original sleeves although please note one of these has split and the coin has some toning on it as shown. Asking £200 for all 14 - delivered SD. Payment by PPFF or bank transfer. Thanks 👍
  11. Selling a 100g .999 silver Prince of Wales Investiture medal in the original box with associated COA and letter sent to original purchasers. Asking £70 plus choice of delivery. Payment by PPFF or bank transfer. Thanks 👍
  12. Selling 2 x Disney 1oz proof coins from 2014 - Steamboat Willie and Donald Duck 80th anniversary. As pictures show, both in great condition. Asking £55 each or £100 for the pair, plus your choice of delivery. Payment by PPFF or bank transfer. Thanks 👍
  13. Selling a Stackerqueen 6.1oz hand poured Eagle/Cross named ‘Honour’ comes with COA and box as shown. Asking £130 plus choice of delivery. payment by PPFF or bank transfer - many thanks 👍
  14. Selling a stunning 10.8oz silver poured skull. Believe it was originally made by StackerQueen from markings. £235 delivered Payment by PPFF or bank transfer. Thanks 👍
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