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  1. This heavy beast arrived today, to look after the Kilo Aztec Calendar 😆
  2. Some good advice here 👍 If it’s not already been mentioned, I’ll just add to steer clear of any 2x, 3x or 5x long/short ETF’s. They are NOT intended to be held for any period of time beyond a few days, they’re for short term trading strategies. Not easy to explain but the way the daily pricing works means you’ll likely lose money. Also the bid/offer spreads can be ridiculous
  3. Wouldn’t go with leverage in current market. $1800 should act as support now and think blow off to $1900 will come sooner than most think 👀 DXY seems to be on its way to test 95 level and if it breaks that, opens the door to collapse to 90. Would imagine Gold will be well over $2k by then. $3k gold is coming.... 🙌
  4. Funnily enough I have already asked if he could do some $’s to match! Said will look at again but is a bit trickier and would need to be larger (I’ve no problem with that 😂)
  5. Pleased to pick up these Atlantis Mint poured bars for a decent price. Wish American silver was a bit more freely available here in the UK 🤞
  6. And cheers to @Cornishfarmer for the Disney proofs - immaculate 👌
  7. The £ triplets arrived today - very impressed from Jony King. Spotted on eBay. Shame not on here to tag him, but hopefully he’ll join soon 👍
  8. Ordered these after a few beers last night - proper quids! 👍
  9. Would seriously love one of them. Did he seem enthused to make 2? 😂
  10. Imagine if you could harness millions of years of solar energy in a single barrel, which could provide energy equivalent to 23,000 hours of human output 😳 😂 Agree that once solar efficiency gets over 50% it’ll still have a place. But still think oil’s got a long time to run yet - O&G / mining hugely undervalued sectors. Favourite funds - Blackrock World Mining Trust and Blackrock Energy & Resources Income Trust (divi revisions still to be applied but would expect >5% pa)
  11. FTYBR

    Minting own silver

    On a serious note, can you please make sure you take delivery of the 1000oz bar and upload some photos 📸🤩 Sorry to be of no use but I will probably buy some of your pours 👍
  12. I did put through a trial shopping basket and that seemed to be inc VAT. However on closer inspection, they’re quoting 0% VAT on the basis that you’re a company in the UK, not an individual. My bad 🙌
  13. Never heard of them before but stumbled across Europa Bullion. https://europabullion.com/en/ Haven’t done any research but some low prices on silver bars
  14. At equiv. £16/oz where’s the love for Sterling?! Guess everyone’s busy buying cutlery and pre-20’s coins 🤷‍♂️ Great collection, would look nice in a presentation/display box
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