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  1. For sale are 2 antique 900 (90%) grade solid silver trinket / casket boxes. Both hallmarked 900 / 90 % silver and both have been fully tested as 900 grade silver. Please carry out your own tests and return at my expense if any problems. The first box pictured weighs 648 grams and measures - 14.5 cm wide x 11.5 cm deep x 4.5 cm height. The lid is lined with velvet as shown in the picture. The base is removable but this is how it was made. Asking £380 plus postage. The second box pictured weighs 386 grams and measures 13.5 cm wide x 11 cm deep x 3 cm height.
  2. Decided I have too many items on display, and these are too cool to put in the bottom drawer. So for sale are 3 x 2.4oz (.999) hand poured ‘£’ notes. Would prefer to sell together with the display case but will split if no interest. Asking £210 delivered (SD). Payment by PayPal (F&F) or bank transfer. Thanks for looking 👍
  3. For sale is an old money 1lb (12oz / 373g) American Silver Eagle. Don’t know much about these but they were privately minted in the US. Asking £350 plus postage (recommend SD). In pretty good condition as pictures show although there is a small dink on the edge which I’ve taken a close-up of. Payment by PayPal F&F or Bank transfer. Any questions, please message. Thanks for looking 👍
  4. For sale a 5oz Engelhard Australia Silver Loaf Bar. Comes with original box but please note that one of the fold-in flaps has a tear in it. Let me know if any further photos needed. Asking £165 plus delivery of your choice/risk. Payment by PayPal F&F or bank transfer. Thanks for looking 👍
  5. Selling a Baird & Co 100oz Silver Bar. Asking £2300 and will split delivery costs Payment by PayPal F&F or bank transfer. Thanks for looking 👍
  6. Might as well pick up a UV light from amazon at the same time 👍
  7. Ha! Hope for your sake it’s not. If real, I’ll take 4/5ths commish 😂
  8. Something can’t be right here 👀 if someone wants to take a punt on this - let me know how it goes 👍😂 Silver Bars - Security Line Lock Güldengossa - 1 kg .999 - Made in Germany https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01LZ3Q9LQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_t2gmFb1SC3WE0
  9. Selling a 10oz Atlantis poured skull - asking £280 delivered (SD) Payment by PP F&F (preferred) or bank transfer. Messages on chat log take priority for transparency. Thanks for looking 👍
  10. For sale are 4 x 500g Plata Fina bars Going for a punchy £400 per bar delivered on these (Maybe because I’d rather they didn’t sell) Assume bars are numbered 1 - 4 on the photos for any requests. Payment by PayPal F&F (preferred) or bank transfer. Thanks for looking.
  11. 10oz SilverTowne minted bar still in the wrap Asking £250 delivered (SD) Priority given to requests on the chat log below for transparency. Payment by PP F&F (preferred) or bank transfer. Thanks for looking 👍
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