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  1. UAL787

    ATS Bullion

    Brought my first sovereign from ATS recently, very impressed with service. Had an issue with entering my payment details so emailed them and got instant reply which sorted out the problem. Received next day as promised in a well packaged nice little jewellery type box and even got a little chocolate with it. Hope to visit in person when next up in London, would recommend👍
  2. UAL787

    1 oz bar storage

    Cheers will look into those, sounds like a good solution as don't really want to take them out of the pouch's (probably wrong but think they would lose some of their value if I did) Thanks for the suggestion, reckon I should have asked this question in the capsules part of Forum really.
  3. UAL787

    1 oz bar storage

    Been looking on the forum but no luck so far, is their such a thing as a storage box for 1oz bars, that are in the royal mint sealed packages to stop them damaging each other, started recently buying sovereigns but now getting hooked on 1 oz bars after getting a few Una & the Lions which look really nice & want to try and keep them that way. Looked at graded slabs storage boxes but couldn't find the dimensions of the slabs to see if it would work. Cheers👍
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