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  1. Yes i've tried twice to get rid of mine lol I think the RM knew this to,and pushed the release of the box back.So more people would keep buying longer to get the box.
  2. For sale 1oz Panther Silver Proof boxed/coa etc £90 with postage or offers plus postage payment via BT or Paypal FF.
  3. is the one half sov for luck lol
  4. blackadder


    Looks odd 😕 and ain't it meant to have 1 dollar where it has the 2014 on the queens side.
  5. I wish i'd have bought far more back then to
  6. These two lovely coins from @matt1r
  7. I think it's mainly the increase in prices overall due whats going on atm. Or maybe in golds case,even without vat it's now priced alot of people out.
  8. Agree and may be better in hand 😕
  9. Something lacking might it have looked better without that greek background.
  10. Why if there's already the British Monarchs collection 😀
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