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  1. Always thought the box was abit crappy on these types of coins lol 😂 could have done something different,coin looks lost in the box too.
  2. I didn't as RM loves me it saves me from spending to much by never putting me low in the s**** queue thus never buying anything 😂 it's an amazing system and very thoughtful of them Tell a lie.. i did get a Tudor Beast that i had to send back five times 😂 lol
  3. I went for nothing 😂 as refuse to sit on that site to get nothing time after time.
  4. Obverse looks nice but just the 70 on the other looks abit boring 😄
  5. Shouldnt have large marks and dents like in pictures,Clearly visible scratches like seen in your pictures is not good enough My 2022 sovs were perfect. The panthers on the other hand were a right mess,and each return was someone elses return 😂
  6. I've looked at coins and been happy,then months later looked again to see these frosting problems due most likely to the light being at just the right angle etc etc. I sent the silver panther back four times lol Sometimes you can take it to far 😂
  7. I think most people years down the line buying a coin don't worry or ask about tiny frosting bits missing etc,under ten times magnification As i bet by this time if you look hard enough alot have. Most i think ask if the item has marks or scratches that can be seen with the naked eye. A collector that wants 100% perfect would buy graded surely/maybe 😋 but like said nothing stopping you for trying for a return.But at this point they may just refund you.
  8. I bought one to not sitting on that RM site waiting to get ****ed over again lol.Most likely get number ten in the queue on the day now loool
  9. I have afew spots on mine,if you ain't going to grade it and can't see it with the naked eye its not to bad. You might get one back that's far worse then this or better it's a risk. If it's going to bug you and make you look at it every night under a loop try for a return
  10. What magnification is that? and can it all be seen with the naked eye? I see what you mean but id be tempted to keep it question is what will you get back if returned now.
  11. Maybe just the time of the year,plus afew high priced releases came out lately.
  12. I think he means the new tudor beasts maybe 🤷‍♂️
  13. the 20oz of silver is taking up space for more gold lol. why 20oz of silver? or is it good terrible
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