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  1. And the latest beast coin with the free box,Only took three months to come which is amazing service from the royal s****. Claimed i never paid and another right **** up.
  2. what so its £1090 and you're offering hand jobs?
  3. There's really just one coin in each tube,on top of bog roll 😂
  4. what's the reason it was £850? More greed won't be much upside like you say.
  5. Thats the spirit 😂 It is a joke of an outfit don't worry you can buy it later for less most likely.
  6. Rather just buy stuff on here now then the royal s****.
  7. All the other **** ups and waiting months for refunds,still not received my Tudor Beast's Bull or the box yet. So fck them 🧐
  8. Might just get the £11 50p As don't have the energy to deal with them after the last **** ups. and it's £850 and i don't wanna wait 6 months for the coins 😂
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