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  1. I noticed the edges are abit rough on another of mine,But the overall coin is very good so just going to keep that one lol.
  2. lol yeah odd right 😂 shouldn't happen as it makes things confusing.
  3. Yep their website is still terrible on this order of one coin its listed like four times then the other coins taken away to get to the £95 if that makes sense lol...this order was only one coin so whats this all about lol.
  4. its worse then that it has what looks like milk spots and alot of dots/missing frosting all over etc.
  5. Second 1oz came today but looks like someone elses return as massive mark and scratch on the coin
  6. Yeah they are making up random fees that go in their pockets.
  7. I filled in all the forms plus they never opened the documents on the parcel,then tried to charge £30 tax on a £25 item that was dps or dhl.
  8. Not gold or silver but i had a dumb charge on an item going to the EU far far above the real tax level. I think these shipping companies are using Brexit or whatever to charge whatever they want.
  9. Free postage – look forward to receiving each coin with no postage to pay. Shouldnt really copy and paste the same description then should they.Clearly states free on that description lol
  10. Ok ordered the ten set too,Only seem to have taken the £5 postage and not the full price.Plus meant to be free postage lol 😂
  11. Might just do that I'll only end up buying a box for them anyway.Plus the free postage makes sense really.
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