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    Alang111 reacted to Sh97if in 1kg Metalor & 5kg Umicore Silver Bars   
    1kg’s - £730 each + post
    5kg’s - £3,600 each + post

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    Alang111 got a reaction from Panda6Pack in ✨ Second Run - Germania Mint Investment - Cast Bars 999 Silver   
    1 oz for me please
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    Alang111 reacted to sellerstacker in SS May 23 - 4 x Queen's beasts 2oz Silver Bullion Five Pounds coins   
    Item: 4 x Queen's beasts 2oz Silver Bullion Five Pounds coins one of each
    2020 White Lion of Mortimer 2021 White Greyhound of Richmond 2022 Lion of England 2023 YALE of Beaufort Condition: no noticeable problems and look to be in excellent condition
    Starting Time and Date: 08/05/2023 3:30 am onwards
    Starting Price: £250
    Ending Time and Date: 9 pm on 08/05/2023
    Set Increments: minimum bid £1
    Shipping: Buyer pays and on top of the final bid. SD recommended at £7.65
    Shipping destinations: UK 
    Payment Terms: Bank Transfer or PayPal FNF
    Dispatch Time: within 2 working days of the auction time

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    Alang111 got a reaction from Gordy in Umicore Kilo - £724 Delivered, including SD (worth £11.15), DECREASING by £2 per day starting tomorrow!! SOLD!!   
    Hi - can you PM me please I’ll buy this. 
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