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  1. 5 oz AND 10 oz Italpreziosi Italian Silver Cast Bars - Only $3.99 over spot any quantity at Bullion Exchanges until 6/14/21. https://bullionexchanges.com/catalogsearch/result?cat=0&q=italpreziosi
  2. Bullion Exchanges is selling the 5 oz and 10 oz Italpreziosi Italian Silver Cast Bars for only $3.99 over spot any quantity until 6/14/2021. Scroll down for direct links to each product! 5 oz Italpreziosi Italian Silver Cast Bar .999 Fine (w/Assay) 10 oz Italpreziosi Italian Silver Cast Bar .999 Fine (w/Assay)
  3. Just want to echo what everyone else is saying above, welcome to the Silver Forum!
  4. Bullion Exchanges began in 2012 in the heart of NYC’s Diamond District. From our near-decade-long run, we have become one of the largest precious metals dealers in the country. With us, you can buy physical precious metals, numismatic coins, and bullion coins online and in person. We are always pleased to offer top coins struck from all over the world, in addition to unique bullion coins and bars. Furthermore, we allow investors to sell precious metal bars and their bullion or numismatic coins. Now, we are pleased to offer Bullion Exchanges silver produced and offered only by yours truly.
  5. Beautiful photos! Beyond thrilled that you are enjoying your purchase 😁
  6. Precious metals and coin collecting is a unique interest that you can most certainly pass down to younger generations. One way we think you might inspire young collectors to enter the silver coin world is with the new colorized chibi silver coins. With characters from Star Wars, DC Comics, and Harry Potter worlds, it is definitely not a difficult task to find the right character for any fan! These coins contain .999 fine silver and weigh 1 troy oz each, with a limited mintage of 2,000. They also come with special windowed boxes so you or young collectors can show your purchase off!
  7. Take advantage of the lowest premiums on the market before we sell out of PAMP Suisse, Royal Canadian Mint, Johnson Matthey, and other silver bars now! 🚨 Grab our deals now before we sell out: https://bullionexchanges.com/buy-silver/bars/100-oz-silver-bars 🚨 Take a peek at what we've got on offer: Low premium 100 oz silver bars are just a click away!
  8. This year is unique for Valentine's Day since many are hesitant to celebrate traditionally in restaurants and going on weekend trips. Rather than buying the traditional jewelry, candy, and flowers, you might want to consider these unique PAMP Suisse bullion options! First off is the PAMP Suisse Silver Sweethearts. Since the famous Sweetheart candies are now available again in select stores after a year-long hiatus, PAMP Suisse has joined the welcome-back party by creating this sweet silver set in a stunning reverse-proof finish. Each heart weighs 10 grams and contains .9999 fine silver, a
  9. Here are some ongoing deals Bullion Exchanges has until 1/4/2021! $100 Face Value Bag - 200 Coins - 40% Silver Kennedy Half Dollars (Circ) - AT SPOT 2020 (P) 1 oz Silver American Eagle PCGS MS 69 FDOI (Philadelphia) Emergency Issue - Only $59.99 per coin 2020 2 oz Silver Niue Monkey King vs Erlang Shen - Chinese Gods Series Antiqued High Relief Coin (w/Box & COA) - Only $295 per coin 2020 Great Britain 1 oz Silver Royal Arms Coin Black Ruthenium 24K Gold Edition (w/Box & COA) - Only $49.99 per coin 2016 1.5 oz Canadian Silver Whit
  10. You can take the product out of the plastic and also remove the protective cover if you want. And yes! We do have these in stock, messaging you a link.
  11. Of course! Here's some more photos. We also featured it on our TikTok. Feel free to take a look right here:
  12. At Bullion Exchanges, we are pleased to present these new, exclusive silver bottlecaps! These are available in black and in yellow, and all contain 6 grams of .999 fine silver. As we created these bottlecaps, we wanted to showcase our NYC pride since we operate out of the NY Diamond District. Therefore, you can enjoy our intricate skyline image on the reverse of these bottlecaps. Also listed here are the weight and purity, in addition to the year Bullion Exchanges began. Here is the top of the bottlecaps. Product Features: Made with .999 fine silve
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