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    Brittania's, Robin Hood, Star Trek, Star Wars, Asahi, Sovereigns, Czech Lion and Cardano xD

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  1. Same. I was interested in buying some as I don' have any US coins, but Holy S**t. Β£120 for for a coin retailing for half that in the US? Not sure if premiums will ever go down as I suspect people will not want to sell for a loss.
  2. Hey fellow stackers! I picked up a 10oz 2021 Silver Czech Lion earlier this year and I was wondering if it was worth grading this coin due to it's limited mintage. I have never taken it out of it's capsule since I bought it. If I should grade it, how would I go about it (UK) and how much would it typically cost? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for putting that image in my head πŸ˜‚
  4. Nothing too interesting for me, but I do come from a family where saving or investing is enouraged. It would mainly take the form of land in my culture or gold, but a pleb like me can't afford much of either xD so silver and crypto are main investments. Entering the work force a few years before I realised I cannot let my money sit in a bank and depreciate, especially with the economic instability around the world. People like me in the 18-30 age bracket can't look forward to a steady employment and pay until retirement so I will have to do what I can so I don't find myself 65 with barely anything to my name. So bullion is a excellent way for me to hedge against inflation
  5. Looking for a 250 gram Umicore/Metalor Silver Bar or something similar from a recognized brand. Looking for decent condition and will pay fair price + postage.
  6. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome :)!
  7. Hi Everyone! Newbie stacker from Brum. I've been watching a few gold/silver YT channels for a while but it was Backyard Bullion that introduced me to this forum. I am ashamed to say that I have bought silver on Ebay xD, but no more! I got nowhere the amount of silver and gold I have seen from some people around here, but I am still proud of my humble stack. I am loving all the info/posts and people I have seen so far. Looking forward to chatting about silver and gold with you all
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