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  1. TIFFANY ART Isfahan 5 Oz Silver Coin 25$ Palau 2020 Ships on 11-30-2020
  2. Please do not post items like this for I am "weak" and have no self control. lol Beautiful coins. Love the Aztec holder
  3. Late to the BYB party, but i'd like to get on the list for 2 or 1 bars. Thanks in advance
  4. I saw where someone on here posted a link to these so I took a chance on 3.
  5. These look better than I imagined. Man you just made me order 5 of these, 1 for each grandchild.
  6. A 100g Gold PAMP bar & 2 1kg Tombstone Nuggets.
  7. I've had this one for a couple of years. Perth Mint Rare Earth 5oz Silver Coin 99.99% pure silver Abstract high relief design unique patina finish Handset golden diamond – 0.035 carat Australian legal tender Numbered certificate of authenticity Special presentation display case .
  8. 100 gram Gold Bar - Pamp Suisse (Cast, w/Assay)
  9. I've finally got the complete 10 oz set of Kookaburra's as well as some extras picked up along the way.
  10. 5 x 20oz Silver Bar by Scottsdale Mint Long Cast .999
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