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  1. I’m wondering what options from pcgs are appropriate for that particular set? I’m still very much a beginner.
  2. Hi there. I’ll start by saying that I have never sent any coins off to be graded. I received my 2021 American Silver Eagles reverse proofs Type 1&2 designer set last week from the mint. I ordered it the day they were released. I’m considering sending them to pcgs. The order form has multiple options and I’m not sure which ones would make sense, especially since this is a set. I’d imagine they should be graded as a set. I haven’t opened the package yet. Any advice as to whether or not it’s worth it to have them graded? Gold shield, special issues, first strike, oversized holder and so on are what’s throwing me off. I’m not positive that I’ll keep them long term. Thanks for your time, folks.
  3. While definitely not anything special, these are the lowest premium I have been able to get since I recently started stacking. Getting more for my money makes me happy.
  4. Traded into my first decent sized batch of constitutional junk. 65138156997__746ECB4B-6D37-4E13-B4CE-1DF8B2A8401B.MOV
  5. First time trading something for some silver I got these Morgan’s 🙂. Along with some ASE’s I snagged while I was out of town and stopped at a coin shop. My first type 1’s.
  6. Thanks. So far I’ve mostly been admiring pieces in the “photo only” threads. Very cool stuff.
  7. Hi everyone. First time posting. I started stacking a couple months ago after buying my dad a silver eagle for his birthday, and a bar for my nephews first birthday. Something about holding real money just clicked all of a sudden. I’m from the USA. Washington state born and raised. Looking forward to this journey with you all.
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