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  1. Considering that's torn open, I doubt you're retaining any value with what's left of that packaging. The idea of leaving silver exposed to air like that makes me uncomfortable
  2. Thanks I've had a look at silver trader unfortunately I don't have an account and they're not accepting new customers at the moment 😔😔
  3. Does anyone know how I could go about having my silver tested during lockdown? Unfortunately almost everything in London is closed however I bought a coin from a small dealer and it smells very metallic out of the capsule
  4. Una and the Lion is a much nicer bar design than Britannia imo. Britannia looks better on the coins
  5. I'm trying to get in contact with RM to exchange mine too
  6. yikes! just finished reading this! well I can happily report whilst their communication is lacking I haven't had the displeasure of anyone from Baird calling me an idiot!
  7. True, but baird and co do have a cancellation clause in which they state they will allow cancellation if they cannot fulfil your order. It would appear they would rather continue stringing customers along than adhere to it however. It was 3 weeks ago, then 2 weeks ago, then this week, now supposedly next week production will begin. If they'd been more upfront I'd be less annoyed. Or would've gone elsewhere to begin with because these delays aren't affecting RM 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ their reputation for quality seems to be good but I'm beginning to realise its not the same for customer service unfortunate
  8. I get not being able to cancel under normal circumstances, but when its weeks over lead time with no clear indication as to when you can reasonably expect your order to be fulfilled I think you should be able to. How long can you stretch out lead time before considering it one you cannot fulfil?
  9. the gold Una is about £40 more than the Britannia. The 10oz silver was going down however they put another 300-400 into stock. Maybe its the VAT and high price of silver currently. They have sold around 1000 1oz silver bars since monday though
  10. has anyone had any luck with Baird and Co recently, specifically with cancelling delayed orders. I ordered silver from them when the lead time was still reasonable and its been over a month. Now trying to cancel seems to be impossible
  11. seems to be a toss up as to whether or not you will receive notification. I was notified about the Una and the Lion bars at the end if the day after their release and I didn't receive anything about the engravers coins. Similarly I was notified before the release of the mr men and the natural history museum collections. Seems I'm more likely to be notified about the less popular items
  12. Sent them an email then noticed this dent on both of my 1oz silver bars 😂 not doing too well with mine so far
  13. I think atkinsonsbullion.com sells a 1oz 5oz and 10oz case. I remember seeing one earlier
  14. I might fling mine on the kitchen scales and see what they say
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