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  1. If you wait a few days you should be able to withdraw it
  2. I highly doubt they will replace anything if it is no longer in stock. Most likely you will never hear back and they will refund you instead. You can request your own label here: https://www.royalmail.com/track-my-return/create/3413
  3. New ¼oz noah's ark to accompany my 1g
  4. The proofs were cool but I don't know how I feel about spending £90 on something which will probably spot. Its not like the RM has good quality control so its a gamble on something which might go down instead of up in value. I wanted to get the 1oz proof but I just couldn't do it bearing this in mind. I wish they'd make silver bullion versions to go alongside the bullion gold. I would've liked ¼oz but I'm guessing the design would've been lost. I'll be saving up and getting it from atkinsons as its cheaper and its a nice coin to get if you didn't manage to get the entire series
  5. This is whats stopping me from buying the proofs. Milky overpriced coins. I'd rather save up and buy the gold bullion version
  6. My first kangaroo, ½oz 2021 Perth mint. Loving the shine on this coin!
  7. Yikes, personally I'd return it. I'm happy to buy things in poor condition if I'm made aware first. "Pre-owned" doesn't really mean much besides "not directly from mint". Unless specified I'm inclined to believe the dealer has seen the mark and tried their luck selling it to you anyway.
  8. https://www.royalmint.com/invest/bullion/uk-coin-ranges/queens-beasts/gold/queens-beasts-2021-gold-1oz-bullion-coin/ Found the 1oz version 👌🏽
  9. https://amp.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/apr/29/10kg-gold-coin-is-royal-mints-biggest-ever I will take a ¼oz one 😂
  10. they're owned by the same people, although why they have 2+ companies offering the same thing is beyond me. Unless it is to take advantage of people looking for better prices. Sell at an inflated price to those who will pay and still being able to offer products to those who thought the first site cost too much. They have something similar in America with designer glasses and all the companies being owned by one man. There's a youtube video about it somewhere
  11. Yeah they hammer it really thin. From the side it looks less than .5mm
  12. New additions to the collection from Germany. Royal Australian Mint ¼oz gold year of the ox lunar and 1g gold Armenia noah's ark
  13. You should try EMK, low delivery charges and took 11 days from the day I ordered to arrive. Shipped with DHL but delivered by Parcelforce 🤷🏽‍♀️
  14. I've recently purchased from EMK, postage was €9.95 up to £500 order. Was dispatched through DHL, delivered with parcelforce. No surprise VAT or handling charges 👌🏽
  15. could it perhaps be that dark spot at the top on the reverse?
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