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  1. 4 Ducats from @richatthecroft and a gorgeous little 2.6oz Ag Series bar from @RiverbankSilver Both paid for yesterday afternoon and received today. Excellent service, thanks gents. 😊👍
  2. It does look good to be honest. A lot better than the silver version I have.
  3. Yes mate. Took an email to someone high up the food chain to actually get it dispatched.
  4. FINALLY! Bond 2 2oz Gold, ordered first week of September. 🙄
  5. Hi I’ll take it please @RiverbankSilver I’ll PM you
  6. Thanks Steve, I think I will do. I just wanted a few opinions from people with more experience than myself.
  7. Purchased this from the Coin Cabinet Auction at the end of November. Admittedly I received it, thought ‘very nice’ and put it away. I’m not that experienced but now I’ve had a chance to look at it it seems it’s a Halfpenny. Or I think it is anyway. A couple of crude measurements comparing the graded coin to what I think is an actual 1831 Penny: I also noticed when taking these pictures that the initials are W.W. and not .W.W as labeled by NGC. Is it a **** up by NGC or am I being a bit thick and easily confused? Cheers
  8. It would probably come back graded as a 69 😂😂😂
  9. If I ask the wife for one of them she’ll probably make me wait till March!
  10. Armenian Ark from @TomR92 just to keep the stack ticking over.
  11. 1982 Half Sov from @Tn21 Bowie 1oz Proof And my prize from the Xmas Draw from @TheBeast Thank you very much 👍🏻
  12. damok666

    closed Bit of gold

    Hello mate, is the 1982 Half Sovereign still available?
  13. They have probably just reversed the payment until they have it ready for dispatch. I'm still waiting for the 2oz Bond 2 since early September. They've taken the payment at least 3 times that I've noticed only to reverse it shortly afterwards.
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