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  1. 3 Aztec Rounds and my first Phili A 10oz Aztec Bar A little disappointed the bar has a slight ding but hey ho.
  2. Forgot I’d ordered a 1oz 007 Proof🙃
  3. Back from work again and opening parcels like a kid at Christmas 😁 10oz QB Unicorn from @arshimo2012 5oz Proof Libertad from @richatthecroft A stunner of a 2015 Proof Sovereign to go in the loft for my youngest from @Elements And my first 2 purchases from actual dealers. The Kilonova 100g Union Jack and a 1oz Brumby.
  4. Hi all, Looking for a 2015 Proof Sovereign, boxed with COA like the 2007 pictured below if anyone has one they'd like to sell. I'd prefer the 5th portrait but would consider the 4th at the right price. I'd also consider a graded & slabbed proof that I could maybe stick into a presentation box myself if I struggle to find an original boxed version.
  5. I don’t expect this to sell here but a quick post can’t hurt. Great little bike. CBT Learner Legal. Rides perfect, handles brilliantly. Digital display, non-ABS. Quick for its size and looks awesome. Done about 50 miles since it’s last service, new brake pads, brand new battery for MOT. 12 months MOT with no advisories. Tyres practically new. 2 keys, owner manual, service history and some receipts. Finance free. I also have a box with the parts I have replaced (mirrors, indicators, rear bracket) which will be included in the sale. Few nicks as you’d expect for its age. Currently SORN’d. Happy enough to send videos etc when I get home. I am currently away at work until the 15th. WITHDRAWN - SOLD ON FLEABAY
  6. I’ve been thinking the same for my daughters sovereigns. I was wondering if you can buy insert trays to fit the slab once graded, or even a new presentation box to fit the slab.
  7. There are some on the forum that users have shared but I’ve downloaded the Gold Tracker app.
  8. Pamp 1oz Rose and Fortuna My first kilo bar, absolutely awesome And a Proof 2007 Sovereign (for the eldest daughter’s 21st) All paid for yesterday and delivered this morning from 3 top sellers on this forum. 😁
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