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  1. They have them titled as Pay Attention 007 and Shaken Not Stirred but both pictures are of the Shaken Not Stirred coin.
  2. Two raw Silver Unas just sold in the Coins of the Realm auction for £1860 and £1900.
  3. Thank you for getting in touch and please accept my apologies for the delayed response – we’ve received an exceptionally high number of emails in the last few weeks. I can confirm that we received your order, and that we are awaiting stock on some of the items within the order. My most up-to-date stock information advises that we expect stock of these products to become available in the next 2 weeks, however, we do advise that all of our products are subject to availability and that orders containing more than one item will be dispatched together at the latest product availability
  4. FINALLY! 1oz & 2oz Silver, 1/4oz & 1oz Gold arrived. The silver looks good in the pictures but I’m not so impressed under the loupe. 2oz is ok but 1oz in parts looks like it’s been part of a test for an apprentice welder. Maybe I’m too critical and have an inexperienced eye for proof coins. The gold looks a lot better but I only have an iPhone for pictures and not sure how to get macro type quality.
  5. Took advantage of @ChardsCoinandBullionDealer Platinum Members offer for a Saudi Arabian Guinea. I’ve actually wanted one for a long time and couldn’t resist when I saw the offer. Absolutely love it up close and coins like this are right up my street. Awesome 1oz Silver Zi:Sin Scrofa Warrior from @Lindeman. Another lovely coin. And FINALLY the smaller Bond 2 coins. No sign of the 2oz or Bond 3 yet.
  6. Well I’ve finally got something on the way but I don’t know what. I’ve had a dispatch email for the smaller Bond 2 coins (the 2oz was on a separate order because I got it later in the day). BUT the charge they’ve made against the card is the cost of the Bond 3 order. Confused? I am. 🥴
  7. Same. I haven’t received any of my Bond 2 yet and of course no sign of the Bond 3. No sign of them even charging the card for either order.
  8. Well those things grind my gears 🤷‍♂️
  9. Poor clutch control Old dirty oil Women drivers
  10. And now my payment for Bond 3 has been reversed. I wonder how many times they’ll charge it and reverse it for this coin. They’ve done it 3 times for Bond 2.
  11. I went all in during the dip a few weeks ago. Just need to do some calculations and see if the loft boards will take the 100oz bar. 😳
  12. Just had a quick look on my phone out of interest and the option is there to add the 2oz to basket.
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