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  1. it's not quite as straightforward as that really. Or fair to say the mint are purely running a gimmick to make a massive profit on the added 125,000 euro. As you say, without the lucky dip element a bog standard looking bullion coin like this could carry a cost of 20 euro, even that being on the generous side. The extra 5 euro you calculate at 125,000 euro premium for the lottery element (minus the 5oz gold cost) is not an added profit margin for the mint to fund the lucky dip element. It's the dealers are marking them up and taking that added premium. The mint are supplying at a flat rate with a smaller premium. Aurinum for instance can offer discounted bulk buys all the way up to 100 coins, bringing their own price down from 25 euro for a single coin to under 22 euro per coin for bulk buys. And Aurinum are still making a profit at that 22.
  2. Available now at under €25, so a lot more than the claimed 70x profit to be had. Worth a punt?
  3. Advertising poster says "buy one and get a chance to make 70x profit". I wonder do they literally mean this. Simply taking the 5oz gold at spot price only - approx US$7,400, to make a 70x gain puts the asking price of the silver over $100. To hell with that. If there were 25 people in the draw i wouldn't be drawn, never mind 25,000.
  4. Can't be done unfortunately. The next best way is on the home page click on new arrivals. This then lists new items from all categories. I guess they want to force you see more items rather than never going beyond a quick check on a pre-bookmarked category specific page.
  5. Don't worry too much for now, some of the more customer conscious dealers are well aware of Apmex grading practices, the removal of all coins from the Perth capsules for sorting, and the lack of respect for the rejected stock. So depending on what they see, some dealers might have suitable replacement capsules on hand to pop the coin in. If you're lucky. Often, they won't want to receive a complaint themselves as though it was them who got dust on the coin and damaged the capsule. The high premium profit margin on a coin like this makes it worth their while doing this if needs be. Good luck with yours, and well done getting two!
  6. Yes, the capsules get thrown aside, and the dust is the usual aftermath of their removing the coins to sort through.
  7. What do i mean to tell you? I thought i was fairly clear. Original Perth-mint-issued no longer applies when Apmex control the stock. They are all opened, removed and handled. It's an added interference between the time the mint send them out, to when you eventually own one. It's a factor and a chance you take when deciding what to pay for collector bullion, from dealers who won't do returns or exchange. I made no opinions on the practice of grading or the collectors for them or the prices they go for. Each to their own.
  8. As much as i would like to have this in a 65mm version, when price heads toward €300 i have to say no too. The biggest question is the human element, and i have to ask myself is "am i certain my coin will be as perfect as the mint sent it out"? In a 200 price range i am willing to take that chance. Much greater than that, i can't. For the simple reason the entire stock goes to Apmex first, and from them an allocation to each dealer w/wide. After they have gone through the stock. The fact is, in the days before listing yesterday, Apmex will have already sifted and sorted through the entire stock gathering their choices for grading. This involves removing all coins from the mint capsules. And yes, they certainly will have. How those rejected for grading are handled before getting popped back into the capsules becomes the chance you take on the coin you eventually receive from whichever dealer. Make no mistake, these are the ones that get distributed. That's not to say there will be anything wrong with them, far from it - they are Perth issued which gives them the best possible chance, even having gone through handling. But everyone knows these still fall into the category of strictly bullion regardless of purchase price, and depending on who you deal with there is often little recourse if you get one that happens to have a mark or graze. Food for thought when paying proof prices for bullion.
  9. Looks great. Come mint capsuled or not??
  10. Yes it is a series. I think it was the final Scottsdale issue toward the end of last year. So any time in the next couple of months we should see the second.
  11. Is this it? Almost zero info about this one out there. Majority probably went to the Chinese market with just a small number available outside. Just my guess. Anyhow, one listing (non slabbed, that is) on a popular-dotcom-marketplace. Nnnnnot cheap though. I won't link here but try a search for 'Australia year of dog silver lunar Wang privy'.
  12. Treasure of the Sierra Madre. True classic
  13. Oh absolutely agree, personally i am expecting it to pass that figure within several weeks. Teething issues are normal on any new platform, you have to launch to identify and iron out. Slow and steady is good, i'm delighted with the whole platform and just feeling my way gently around it, for now.
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