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  1. Guess 1: 488 Guess 2: 386 Plus a bonus Minion, banana!
  2. Do you think there are already counterfeit Queen's Beasts coins? This one looks either like a dirty scratch or some kind of stain. My bet is one the second option, since it doesn't seem to go through the "chainmail" texture of the coin.
  3. Thank you, @kiskelo, for this gorgeous coin! This and the Dragon and Tiger are definitely among my favourite coins.
  4. @mr1030, they are absolutely gorgeous!
  5. I've promised to tell you about my experience with aurinum once my order arrives. I've received the package a few days after my last post. And sadly, one of the coins had some hideous fingerprints all over it, which is an absolute no go for a new coin and especially one with some collector value. I've contacted the seller and we agreed that he would exchange the coin for a new one. The whole process took a bit longer, but in the end I've received the new coin, this time in pristine condition. Overall, I would rate it as an OK purchase with some hiccups.
  6. Seems I'm the first one who doesn't like it that much. The cobra/scorpion/Apophis inspiration is understandable, but I prefer "traditional" looking dragons. Nevertheless, I'm still looking forward to seeing it "in the flesh", the coin has a lot of details, so I might change my mind. I was wondering when they'll release the final coin just recently, so thank you for sharing the pic!
  7. This should be called "Shiny Lunar Christmas for the family". I hope they'll like them.
  8. I did and had to laugh a lot when I found out, because I haven't noticed it at first. 😂 But because it would've been a huge package it ultimately stayed in Britain and I received an additional silver surprise coin instead. And I must once again say, thank you very much, @fehk2001, for that lovely Christmas gift! 😊🎄
  9. @fehk2001, thank you so much for this lovely early Christmas gift! 😊🎄 It's a combination of two cultures: a Chinese silver bowl with Buddha (I've already placed it on my desk) and an Israeli silver coin (probably, it's the first time I've seen this coin, it looks like a replica of a Jerusalem Shekel?). These two are a complete novelty in my collection and I really like them. 😊
  10. You are very welcome, I'm happy to have helped. 😉
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