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  1. I've put currency aside for the gold and silver.... During the lockdown I've been busy rearranging my stack for this release. My partner has also made funds available for the same and also has an account setup. Either way I intend to sit on these if I get them as a long-term investment, Maybe not the silver lol 😂😉🤣
  2. Welcome Dave from 🍀 Ireland 🍀
  3. they might be holding them back because they purchase them at a higher price. Nobody wants to lose money.
  4. Is it time to set the alarm clocks...
  5. The quality control on the 2 oz silver is meant to be shocking. Not going to see a lot of 70s
  6. The north of Ireland is a major headache for both countries. Can't wait for the year end to see how it plays out.
  7. The seller has little or no protections.... There's lots wrong with eBay.
  8. You tried to be nice and you get shafted....this is why I hate eBay. Your good deed is done for the day! Fair play to you.
  9. How come you didn't leave negative feedback?
  10. @jonrms don't contact me via private message about this trend. I don't want to FaceTime you. Thanks.
  11. You could say that about any kilo bar! Time to stop digging. 🤦🤷🤦
  12. This is not the first attack on a member when it comes to bars... Frankly I think it's disgusting. We all know if we suspect something strange or wrong to contact the admin or private message the seller... Best luck with your sale rick.
  13. Gone in 60 seconds.... You'll go to hell for that design..... What about a Jimmy fix it a coin.. The funny thing is, if they where to mint that they would sell thousands of hundreds of millions of hundreds.... wait I've lost that line what was I talking about.... Good old sleepy creepy kissy touchy sniffy corrupt. Biden.
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