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  1. It's interesting reading this. I'm happy to pay a few extra pound for a grade 70 and I'm sure everyone else will do the same just like the Elton coins that no one liked lol
  2. Welcome from 🍀 Ireland 🍀
  3. To be fully honest it was the photos that put me off in the end. The buyer got an excellent deal. Try placing the coin on a bright coloured background next time I find it helps and don't go too close. We can all zoom and stretch the photo afterwards. You're a man of your word fair play to you.
  4. They auction silver as well but not as much.
  5. That's an excellent point and I think Cc has priced that way, that it's just below them. I've purchased 6 coins from the now. I will admit it's getting harder to find a bargain but it's the same at all the auctions now
  6. I think they're working out to be the best value and safest middleman/woman As long as the commissions don't change I think they're onto a winner.
  7. silverdocket

    Silver Una

    The coin connection don't have any in stock.
  8. silverdocket

    Silver Una

    One sold yesterday for £500 plus auctioneer fees of 31%. At the moment Boxed £500 is a bargain Slabbed 68-69 £700 is a bargain Slabbed 70 £1,400 was the last one I seen.
  9. Well done @cliveb13 you got yourself a bargain. @MancunianStacker it would have done better only for the CC.
  10. I was impressed with the silver 2oz bond. I think 70s in this will do very well.
  11. Welcome from 🍀 Ireland 🍀
  12. Ups having a terrible delivery service. I now collect my stuff from there sorting office. One less middle middleman and that's usually when it goes missing at that end of the journey.
  13. Welcome from 🍀 Ireland 🍀
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