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  1. Surely that price could have been beaten on the silver forum? Perfect coins to start with.
  2. My humanity has been restored in DHL. 24hrs turnaround. Ain't nothin' better than the 70s apart from the music lol 😂
  3. That's brilliant. I'd say it's more like cost price for them and they made a mistake listing it at cost.
  4. Still doesn't beat the Irish mint for value lol Clearly priced before the gold took off and never readjusted.
  5. I wonder does it detect IP addresses from different countries Have you checked the price again
  6. About €100 I can send it to you now We can split the post lol 😂 I'd say somewhere around 1400 to €1,500. It would be a shame to break it up.
  7. About €100 I can send it to you now We can split the post lol 😂
  8. Welcome from 🍀 Ireland 🍀. First tip stay away from the dealers and buy from the forum. Cheaper and safer usually. It all depends on your budget. I love everything from the Perth mint quality control is excellent.
  9. With a sovereign you can sell on instantly. I think you'll have to sit on this for a while unless gold shoots up or you price them right. this is a proof coin for €375 In my opinion you will not find another proof coin on the planet for that price
  10. I just picked up 4.. Two for the Mrs two for myself. Cheers lads for the heads up.
  11. Price around. Make sure he's giving you a good deal on what you pick. Me personally I would take the kookaburras I personally wouldn't touch any of the Maple leafs. Milky milky No harm in mixing
  12. Welcome from 🍀 Ireland 🍀
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