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2016 bullion half Sovereign

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Hi folks, 

I have a question regarding the 2016 bullion half Sovereign.

Last month, someone here posted one, saying it has a mintage of under 500. I started collecting halves only after 2018, so I haven't been aware of this before. 

I turned to my Marshs (2017 and 2021) which list that same coin with 1000 and 472 mintage, respectively. The two price sheets still don't attribute any significant premiums.

I then turned to Google and found and bought one which I received these days. They weren't ubuiquitous, true, but nothing that I'd expect from an eight-years-old piece. 

Where do we go from here? Is the market for bullion halves so narrow that even 472 pieces are not swallowed up readily? Or is the mintage number incorrect? 

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There's alot more billion half sovereigns around then a total of 472.

My guess is the figures for this year have been swapped over for "Bullion" and "Brilliant Uncirculated". I don't have the "Gold Sovereign" in front of me but think the same applies to some of the previous years (2013, 2014, 2015?) and for similar full sovereigns.


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There were 472 bullion minted, that had the fifth QEII portrait (Jody Clark)
There were 3661 (1995 singles and 1666 in sets) of the proof, that was the one off (on sovereigns, it is on some other coins) James Butler portrait

The 472 will have all been bought, and sold, and bought, and sold.  I have seen coins on here I have sold come back up for sale, sell to someone who then also later put them up for sale and I have bought them back.  More than once

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Following on from my above post, from the royal mint website:



I've not been able to find the billion mintage figures for this year, which aren't included in the above list.

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