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I purchased Silver in March 2020 in anticipation of inflation and potential mining issues. I am glad I made those purchases. Prices have spiked considerably higher since then but I have not been following the metals really. I am considering more purchases but what do you guys think will eventually happen when 1) mining normalizes or 2) the stock market (presumably) crashes? Does silver price tend to crash during a stock correction like most other assets?

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Im no expert, but I think Silver is expensive now, you did well to get it in March last year anything under $14, that was when i bought most of my silver. 
The best value silver now might be the collectible and rare pieces, or the ones that fly out the door (I like the liberatads etc.)- but i may be wrong??
My target is £16-17 and under, then i will accumulate more bullion.
This may only happen over a few weeks, so picking the right time is key. 

I would not go overboard as there is a lot of hype out there! There is always a headline and its not necessarily instinct with reality.
Inflation may or may not come or may not matter as its in a sector that does not effect your life.
I dont think we can really see hyper inflation for any amount of time so a good way to deal with that is estimate what will go up before hand & prepare for it. 
Meat, eggs & cheese is a good example. Buy some chickens & make friends with a local farmer/butcher, especially if you can trade things of value & get a rapour.
If its that bad, become a vegetarian, build a fish farm in your garden or get good at hunting. 

Personally I am slowly buying a gold coin or two on the months when the price dips, so it averages out about 1 or 2 a month. 
Using compound interest laws it will soon add up. How useful this will be if inflation really hits I dont know??? 
Unless its mad max, you wont be able to trade them with most people as they wont appreciate its value. 
You would be better off buying a load of boxes of vodka & coffee (both of which I stack) or make bio diesel etc. 

I think the best inflation hedge is a set up a business or income that prospers during inflation or depressions. 
I would also bear in mind the effect of that business on technology & especially ai.
Something where you can work from home maybe too. 

Stocks?? I think all of them are over valued & you may see much lower prices over the next 2-3 years, but maybe not but I don't think it will take much to send them down 30%.
The commodity stocks in my opinion provide good upside for inflation, especially gold, oil, agriculture ... but I also think a lot of these have been over sold & are due a correction. 
I am out of the markets pretty much, but i recently bought a gold miner as i think they present good value now vs the potential upside. 
The one I have bought last week is a cheap midcap with growth potential and a 2% dividend. Lots of history & massive upside when it runs. 

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I'm of the thinking the current price of silver will become the new normal and maybe a downturn in stocks but not more than a 30-40% change. 

Gold is normally seen as a safe haven when other asset markets are turbulent.

The recent changes in the UK due to brexit for silver purchases have to some effect killed off the pure silver stacker!

It would be a wild risk to go all out on silverin the UK.

The SHTF has been a constant topic of conversation since i started my collecting in '89. 

The various TAX rates in different US states would affect sales there, in India gold is king and i feel imho the UK will go the same way.

My stacking has totally moved from silver to gold. Cheapest £ to oz possible.

Collecting is a whole different game with different end goals obviously.

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At the moment I'd agree with the sentiment that silver is priced a bit too high. The silver I am currently purchasing is almost always a premium design since they carry a better value for money at this moment in time. Mainly looking at gold now which even with the increase of the last week or so, is still on a good price in my eyes.

If you are looking to buy more silver, highly suggest picking it up from either second market (bullion) or more premium type coins. The premium coins tend to hold their value better when prices move and with bullion currently being sold with very high premiums, I just don't feel like they represent a good buy in most cases.

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