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  1. Still sounds like a good reason not to vault gold to me, one day in the future you may not be able to retrieve your gold because your social credit score is too low. Not a concern at the moment, but in a few years who knows.
  2. New2Metals

    Newbie Questions

    I am quite nervous about buying gold right now at these prices as when I graph the past 50 years, it seems quite high. I am thinking of only adding a small amount at a time so I can see how things are going in relation to other metals and fiat currencies. Having said that, when I see something like 1/2 or 1 ounce Australian or US coins I believe I am buying them based primarily on the price of the weight of gold therein and not any collectable value of the coin itself. Does it matter if they get dinged or something in storage when I go to sell them? Also, are the coins like that would a 1/4 ounce coin and a 1/2 coin be the same size with some kind of filler material or is one coin literally twice as big as another.
  3. I'm less worried about an overall production issue (long term anyway, I am mostly worried about 5-10years from now not so much the next 18 mo) than I am hyperinflation specific to any particular fiat currenty if that makes sense. Specifically, it looks to me like they are getting ready to print unbelievable amounts of USD and I don't want to get caught holding done of junk status USD, that's my biggest concern.
  4. I wanted to buy physical because I am worried about massive inflation coming soon, but at the current premiums I don't know that it makes sense. I did buy some ETFs but that ultimately still involves dollars. I have BTC and XMR. Personally, I don't trust vaulted metals. How do we know if SHTF it will actually be there, not confinscated, or otherwise disappear? Interested in any other good investments to guard against hyperinflation.
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