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Gold coin advice - new member!


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i All, I have no experience with gold coins until I found out my father has paid substantial money for coins which I feel have little value other than their weight in gold. I have read this forum on other subjects and the advice appears fair and honest, so here goes...... here is the list of coins purchased! (Photos attached):

2019 - Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Coronation twin set 2 X 1/4 oz.

2020 Dunkirk 80th anniversary gold double sov.

QE2 2017 Gold sov.

2019 Q. Victoria 200th anniversary gold sov.

Set VE day 75th anniversary £5 coin

heroes of d day 75th anniversary gold sov set

2019 Queen Victoria double sov. 

2019 heroes of Utah beach gold double sov. Set

2020 EU departure 4 sided coin

i suspect these are not worth the value he paid however I maybe incorrect and would appreciate any advice on what best to do with these . many thanks ian










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i would see if any of these kind ladies or gentlemen on here who collect gold proofs woukld give you a ball park figure for them and then you would know to keep or sell and if you sell, sell them on here, there are some good members on here who would advise and also members who would buy...

I'm more into silver and stacking.. but there is a wealth of expertise on here at your disposal

It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.

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I'm by no means an expert but I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't get much more than spot for any of them, which is sad to say when I look at the premiums on these Hattons coins. 

You may get lucky on eBay with some of them but then you've got the fee's.

I hope I'm wrong but hopefully you can wrestle the phone off your relative 👍

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Having had a further look on the website they offer a buy back on some of the ranges that actually has increased premiums again, so you could make a profit on some applicable ones. God knows how they manage that, they must convince some of the customers they have secured these especially and then flog them on again for another increased premium. 

Probably worth giving them a call and seeing if it applies to any of the ones you have. 



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They are nice coins to own. 

But I think they will struggle to sell on the secondary market for the original purchase price.    Good advice above to see what they have sold for on eBay and what buy back deals are available.  

People can spend a lot of money when talking to ‘clever’ sales people down the ‘phone about gold and silver coins.  

Don’t rush to sell them and wait for the gold price to rise.


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In my experience with great coins including commemoratives, proofs, boxed and certified you will only sell to a dealer at bullion value which is typically 97-98% of spot these days.
Selling privately if you can aim for 5% over spot you might find a buyer.
Sadly when selling you are unlikely to get a higher price but you can never tell.
Ebay and PayPal will take up to 14% from your selling price unless you receive a special selling offer from eBay.
Dealers and coin shops will list these sorts of coins at very high margins but that doesn't mean they will ever sell but someone with minimal knowledge might fall into the trap.

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