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Hi Everyone. As a newly-joined member of the Silver Forum, IĀ just wanted to introduce myself with a little background information. I am in my 70's, retired and live in East Lancs, UK. I started 'stacking' silverĀ about 6 years ago after first seeing Max Keiser promoting "Buy 1 oz of silver to bring down Goldman Sachs" (I think it was) and reading books by Mike Maloney and G Edward Griffin that inspired me to become less reliant on fiatĀ currency and all the risks that involved. I set a target of 1000 oz and have now got well past that, the weight and bulk of my collection though causing me to move over more to gold.

Yet, I still have a keenĀ interest in acquiring (mostly) silverĀ coins (like the Queen's Beast Series) and any bargains to be had like VAT-free/pre-owned silver from by favourite bullion supplier, Atkinsons. I still sometimes buy off Ebay but, after getting some fake 1 oz bars from there (spotted and re-inbursed) I am very wary. I fully test every piece - even from main dealers. I also love lots of variety. There is always something new to learn with precious metals and I hope to use the forum for that purpose and to expand my interest/enjoyment in collecting this very special (and grossly underpriced/undervalued imho) metal. Best regards to all fellow silver enthusiasts!

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Hello and welcome to The Silver Forum! Many thanks for your detailed introductory.

I too also like gold due to the reduced space it takes up, surprising how much value thereĀ is in such a little amount of gold.Ā 

My posts are my personal opinions, they do not constitute advice or financial advice.

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