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  1. I really do not like it. I did before. Navigation has gone from nice and simple to extremely complex - Bring back the old site please RM.
  2. Yes thank you @richatthecroft, I did try and put a more positive spin on it not being such a great photo. I could maybe try taking the photo in another room. I knew when taking the photo I was definitely not seeing what my naked eye was able to see. And yes, I am sure a COA of 007 will be the one to have, but, I am not going to sneeze at 001, better than having number 439 (no offence to whomever lands that one), ha.
  3. You cannot see the detail in this pic at all, but in person it is subtly wonderful. Received today, and am very happy with my 007 Bond 5oz'er.
  4. Thank you @AndrewSL76. I swear I read when ordering it was 5-10 working days, which brings us to now. Guess I'll have to make do with the sale goodies I picked up weekend gone.
  5. For those that purchased the 5oz Silver; Have you received yours yet?
  6. Well done on your above sweet bargain @CadmiumGreen How comes the coin is cheaper? Guess it is 'exempt from tax' for being purchased from outside of Europe!? Saw the same thing earlier from someone else, I think from the UAE.
  7. As a newbie to the collecting scene and from what I have read on here I am guessing the term 'Spot Price' means the cost of any specific metal at it's cost price before it is made into any kind of coin ... ? Any info for this keen learner most gratefully received. Thank you.
  8. Thank you @Numistacker buddy 👍🏻
  9. Is there a monthly discount code at Coin Connection, or was February just a one off?
  10. Mel B on the Obverse as you say, engraved on the edge with the Mel B to Patsy Kensit quote; 'Take some of me coin'. And 'I've still got it, it never left me' written on a leopard print presentation box! 🤣
  11. The Royal Mail site states; [ Silver stamps include ¼ ounce 925s Silver. ] One would assume this pertains to the entire set. Cool indeed!
  12. I like this. Quirky. And I like different. I'm tempted. But as you ask @Kman, will it become a desirable collectable; My hunch says potentially yes, considering Mr Bond is an institution of global interest. Sounds inviting ...
  13. To fulfill the ordered demand no doubt ~ Oh the cynicism within 😜 Check later, it might be 900 Mintage 😆
  14. As someone who is new to the world of coin collecting I have seen The RM do this with other releases. I wonder if this is to create hysteria thus panic buying!? 🤔
  15. @AndrewSL76 ... It is available once again on the RM site for half of the eBay flipping price
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