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  1. Just checked availability, and the 10 oz is the only Silver coin that is now listed as 'No longer available.' Pleased I jumped when I did. Will definitely upload a photo to the 'Today I Received Thread' when it arrives
  2. I did. I might have gone for the 5 oz Gold, but do not have the sufficient funds for a few weeks by which time it will be long gone. Still showing as available right now. I think the design is rather bold so should look great on the 10 oz I purchased (I am hoping.) hahaha ... Someone is flipping the 5 oz Silver on eBay for £976 more than what I paid for the 10 oz. And a whopping fifteen of the 1 oz Silvers are also being flipped. Good grief. Will people really pay much more when these coins are still available from the RM!?
  3. The Griffin of Edward III 2021 UK Quarter-Ounce Gold Proof Coin | The Royal Mint ... And still available at 9.35am. Good luck.
  4. Useless indeed! I was up and awake so if I had known I reckon I could have bagged a 2oz Gold, which I really did want to add to my collection, not just to flip. Talking of which, I see on eBay there were 4 but now 3 (one must have sold) 2oz Silver's being flipped, currently 4 x 5oz Silver's being flipped, 1 x 2oz Gold being flipped for more than TRIPLE what the RM were selling it for (I would not pay double nor even one and a half times the original price - I'm keen but not desperate), and can you believe TWO x 5oz Gold's being flipped (there were only 60 of the buggers.) I didn't re
  5. Fair enough comment. Then maybe the RM could email everyone the night before that have registered their actual interest. Think I might just make this suggestion to them.
  6. I did have my eye on the 2oz Gold, but with the email coming in at 9.11am, then ... TOO LATE! If the RM could do what they usually do and made it known on their home page the night before saying 'available from 9am' that would help I am sure. Still, I did manage to snag a 2oz and a 5oz Silver ... I checked again at 2pm and they were both sold out.
  7. Changed to £0.01 ... Well, I'll take 'em for a penny! 😆
  8. This little lot to be released in January, but I am wondering when, because January is marching onwards.
  9. Yep, seems to be almost identical with the exception of a few omissions for the January Sales which have now started. I just blurted out; 'What a load of old junk', lol
  10. Do the Royal Mint usually do January Sales? If so when do they usually begin roughly? Cheers.
  11. Nah, that'll be Boxing Day! 😆 I entered EVERY day! I hope to win something, would be a nice touch.
  12. I really do not like it. I did before. Navigation has gone from nice and simple to extremely complex - Bring back the old site please RM.
  13. Yes thank you @richatthecroft, I did try and put a more positive spin on it not being such a great photo. I could maybe try taking the photo in another room. I knew when taking the photo I was definitely not seeing what my naked eye was able to see. And yes, I am sure a COA of 007 will be the one to have, but, I am not going to sneeze at 001, better than having number 439 (no offence to whomever lands that one), ha.
  14. You cannot see the detail in this pic at all, but in person it is subtly wonderful. Received today, and am very happy with my 007 Bond 5oz'er.
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