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  1. This is still open and I invite anyone with 1oz or over Gold for sale to come forward 😁 PS: I’d also consider sovereigns.
  2. I’m buying some gold for a family member who’s been made redundant and has a bit of cash wanting to invest in gold instead of wasting it on holidays and never get refunded for cancellations 😁 Looking for max 2% above spot so let me know what you have through PM please as I’m not a type to discuss too much info publicly!
  3. Mas

    The coming Gold crash

    Personally think @Wongerhad few good and valid opinions ... the fact gold goes down to $400 wasn’t one of those I agreed with however, though gold is going through the roof, this might be short lived but can’t honestly see it going below £1200 like what it was end of 2019/early this year... I might be completely wrong and it never comes down to what it was earlier this year but I’ve stopped buying for the moment as prices are very changeable. Glad I bought a bit when spot price wasn’t as crazy!
  4. Mas

    The coming Gold crash

    Then face military actions and perhaps even get further into debt because then you’re being provided with assistance in running your country which you never asked for, guns which you never needed and so on ... the same old story I guess 😂
  5. @kneehow2018 had one for sale few days ago.
  6. Very attractive items even to eyes of someone like me who has absolutely no sense of what’s like to be a collector 😁
  7. Yes, I will. Thanks. db If that becomes the norm then I can see many more trades take place here as it’s always comforting to see a seller has a strong trade history. Re buyers though, how many feedbacks or likes is classed as strong ?
  8. Happy to pay 2% above spot.
  9. I was actually looking for gold but was too late when PMed
  10. Mas

    withdrawn .

    Thanks, been admiring your collection ever since you put up the thread with photos but Im not a collector, hence I’m after £/gram more than anything else tbh.
  11. Beautiful coins, free bump
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