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  1. fancy doing a copy paste as they want paying to read it Cheers
  2. Chards have them at a fiver a pop
  3. I don't think its got any collector value so maybe £620.00 that's giving a decent premium on the gold price Hattons are still trying to flog them at £900.00 which like all such things is way over priced
  4. I completed a survey today from Populuslive on behalf of the UK Governbent Most of it was is the advice good ,are you following it etc then these questions came up with the options ranging from I definitely would to I definitely would not Download an app to my phone that provided the Government with all my location data at all times Have my temperature taken before attending any social gathering Proactively advise the Government of the ‘pod’ of 10 or fewer people I would be in contact with, and inform the Government any time I met somebody outside this ‘pod’ Be willing to submit a list to the Government of five or fewer places I would attend Download an app to my phone that provided the Government with all my location data and the contact details of people I had been in close proximity to Wear a surgical mask while in a social situation, eg at a restaurant Take a Coronavirus test and carry a Coronavirus immunity certificate at all times when in public Wear a surgical mask while outside in public at all times Wear a surgical mask while in my place of work at all times Proactively inform the Government any time I spent time with people outside my household and who I had spent time with Erich Honecker's GDR lives on in the UK
  5. For the best shaving advise get yourself over to https://www.theshavingroom.co.uk/ Its a UK based forum where you will find more knowledge about shaving than you thought existed
  6. As far as I'm aware you need a license which is most likely impossible to get unless you are a business
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