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  1. distance selling law applies to this and supersedes any t&c product must be supplied in a timely manor I think it is 30 days so 5 day week is 6 weeks then you are due a full refund most distance selling law doesn't apply to gold but this one does
  2. EU's getting the same thing in July https://www.avalara.com/vatlive/en/vat-news/eu-2021-e-commerce-vat-package.html
  3. This is incorrect, I just logged in to paypal without any need codes so it's not mandatory Hope your mates boy gets it sorted it's a nasty thing to happen
  4. Even though is a pisstake typing FREE DELIVERY must have hurt🤔
  5. Can anyone enlighten me as to what authentic George III gold is Saw it in the trading section as part of the description of a coin
  6. Don't forget to ask about the free postage😀
  7. No picture showing here either
  8. If its just bog standard bullion I'm not bothered as long as its not chewed and I can resell at atleast spot+3% If there's pictures its got to look like the pictures Never had a bad one straight from a mint
  9. Its Tinfoil hat, ordinary tin hats don't work
  10. Depends where in the world you are
  11. US postal system seems to be a mess at the moment Ordered an item from Colorado Springs on 23/5 Got delivery notification on 28/5 but it was in LA wrong direction From there it went to Atlanta 6/6 Eventually hit London 13/6 Cleared customs 15/6 Hopefully get it 16/6 or 17/6 Wont be any better in the other direction Can get stuff from China in under seven days
  12. After examining the picture closely the rim on the head and the slots dont look right therefore I believe these to be rake
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