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  1. Even though is a pisstake typing FREE DELIVERY must have hurt🤔
  2. Can anyone enlighten me as to what authentic George III gold is Saw it in the trading section as part of the description of a coin
  3. If Hotels and Pubs were open here I'd be working but they're not so home it is
  4. Don't forget to ask about the free postage😀
  5. UK left the gold standard in the thirties did it not
  6. No picture showing here either
  7. If its just bog standard bullion I'm not bothered as long as its not chewed and I can resell at atleast spot+3% If there's pictures its got to look like the pictures Never had a bad one straight from a mint
  8. Its Tinfoil hat, ordinary tin hats don't work
  9. I started always going SD then thought how much extra it cost in the long run and decided it wasn't worth it as so few things go missing in the post and even if a Sov went missing now Ive saved enough on post to cover it three times over at today's prices Today I would only go SD for more than an ounce of AU or an untrusted seller
  10. Whats your preferred method of delivery With people i think I can trust I'm happy to do 2nd class either way with the risk taken by the recipient (I'm usually the recipient0 People I don't know will be SD What about you and why
  11. If you are not going to agree that you're wrong we might as well leave it 😬 Couldn't find a taking the piss face so just went with the grinning one
  12. Two or more people planning something in secret is a conspiracy,it doesn't matter if the outcome is good or bad its still a conspiracy
  13. Doesn't have to be something wrong could be a surprise birthday party
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