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  1. How much did the signed copies sell for? The 2019 Snowman 50p BU Pack Signed by Walking in the Air Singer And were they available on the royal mint website? With thanks -Gs
  2. My order was also moved to closed with no dispatch email or anything, but today I received the package in the post
  3. Thanks for a very concise response 🙄
  4. I was looking for any information on the release date of the Royal Mint Year of the Pig 1 /4 oz Bullion Gold Coin? Have I missed it? As I only see the 1 oz coin on the mint bullion site? Thanks in advance -Gs
  5. Hi @Zhorro I found this post helpful HTH
  6. Hi @Goldhooked what sort of quality / condition is the coin? I know they are bullion but just curious to how they look? Thanks -Gs
  7. thecoinconnection still have silver proof stock which is increasing in price by the minute! lol It started at £285 and its now £300
  8. Thanks @arshimo2012 I received my Silver Proof Rooster, extremely well package, speedy turnaround and in perfect condition, I'm really happy with my purchase
  9. Sorry to go slightly off topic, but is there a presentation case for the 4 coins? TIA -Gs
  10. Got it! lol it was after the title of the topic 🤣
  11. Hmm, sorry but now I'm getting an error saying "This field is required" for the topic even though I've provided the link? Is it the link I'm supposed to put in here or just the topic title? Thanks
  12. Ah, thanks never thought of omitting the @ sign 😕 lal
  13. Hello I'm trying to leave feedback for @mouldybreadbut when i press save on the window it is saying "there is no member with that display name"?
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