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  1. https://www.royalmint.com/our-coins/events/captain-cook/
  2. Who’s gonna get it? Jokes aside who is going to get the gold proof?
  3. I mean if they make different sizes, with the hype they have a very big cash cow now. Why waste the opportunity to grab, I think as a business the mint would be silly not to.
  4. Tbh it looks rushed, 3,000 mintage for the proof is crazy
  5. Yea in I’m sure if you put a few small gold coins, and a pack of face mask. I’m sure everyone will go for the masks.
  6. The 3,000 mintage silver proof, is fully reserved and next week we will see it on eBay at £2,000.. 🤣
  7. Matter fact if you own that coin, you will get taxed for having it.
  8. I was at that stage long ago, but the amount of releases/ price increases from the royal mint has changed me... not for the good it seems.
  9. Now that’s a series I would collect. I mean who doesn’t put on “Wannabe” on full blast when the wife is out. Surely I’m not the only one here 😉 don’t be shy guys...
  10. Really depends who the flippers are. If it’s the regular crowd that have kept them, shortage of capital won’t be an issue. But if it’s new flippers joining the hype of the una and other coins after. I doubt they’d be more cash strapped and end up selling at a loss, or going to a pawnshop 🤣
  11. Thanks for asking about my 5kilo Una, I was bummed out at first... then I woke up and made myself a tea.
  12. I could help you order it and spray paint it gold to avoid the tax part? Let me know.
  13. https://www.lpm.hk/2020-5-oz-great-britain-special-issue-james-bond-999-silver-proof-coin.html
  14. Matt finish sotd, with mirror finish portcullis privy. £950
  15. It’s smart when you have no real collectors buying. U hype it up dump it all on people expecting to make a profit, then they are stuck with an item they can’t sell easily unless near spot. pump n dump, and I guess the royal mint dumped on us.
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