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  1. Thank @dicker, @SamGibsonBJJ if you are still after some high quality Morgans, I have plenty from my collection I am looking to rehome
  2. Sorry for the delay, ooo thats one of the worst ive seen...
  3. Thanks again bud, pleasure to do business, I have a nice 83CC that looks like it's been slid across a fair few bars in the old wild west
  4. 82CC is yours mate, will get a picture of the 82O shortly, cheers.
  5. Cheers bud, 82CC and 83CC pics, asking £200 for the 82CC and £100 for the 83CC
  6. To anyone interested, please just tell me the date you are interested in, single prices and pictures will follow, seems a real waste of my time to take pictures and work out a price for all 56 coins if there is no interest
  7. Selling my entire Morgan collection, I have kept a digital list of all my dates, the app didnt include the 1878 7/8 tail feather which I have graded XF45 Strong and the 1878 rev of 79 so 56 total dates from rare to not so rare, have a look at the dates and I will take pictures and sort prices accordingly £3000 All in posted special delivery, offers may be accepted on singles
  8. Stunning example of the Barber half dollar, 1915-D, £250 posted special delivery
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