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  1. Beautiful coins, great history, learn as much as you can and keep stacking!
  2. Thank @dicker, @SamGibsonBJJ if you are still after some high quality Morgans, I have plenty from my collection I am looking to rehome
  3. Sorry for the delay, ooo thats one of the worst ive seen...
  4. Yeh just noticed the prices, more than I thought they would be for <100g package, jeez, lowest postage is insured for £20, £9.xx is insured £50 and £11.xx is insured up to £250
  5. £65 plus shipping to Florida, all yours if you want one bud
  6. Cheers @JunkBond Yes I have been selling them at a variety of value from £50 to £120, more recently around £85 plus post but I am happy to honour £65 of you respond in the next hour @ProjectNeroX 😉😃 plus post
  7. Beautiful example, quite a scarce date with very low mintage £120 NOW £90 plus post of choice/risk
  8. The ping test is a very unreliable test and I am not sure why it is considered a test, it has passed 2 of the main tests, weight and I am guessing by the rare earth magnet test you mean sliding the magnet down the bar propped at roughly 45 degrees? If that doesnt convince you then you can measure density at home.
  9. Nice piece of U.S history from SilverTowne, Conestoga wagon drawn by oxen.
  10. Yeh I think this second seller was a genuine mistake although they didnt question my claim and removed or sales literally in minutes so I have to think they knew something. Wow, still has 100% feedback I am guessing with the fact they're still selling and getting bids, unbelievable
  11. Another seller, I know it's like pissing in the wind calling out the fakes on ebay, look at the bid on JM, they all even come with a COA 😅
  12. Yes I noticed that on the sovereigns, although hes still selling the Scottsdale as 1oz silver. This is my fear too, even people listing as plated think they're removing liability, they're not, it's still counterfeit and while you may list it as plated, the people buying from you may not, someone somewhere down the road will get bit, needs to stop. I actually messaged the guy threatening the correct authorities but I dont know who they would be?
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