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  1. common bud, royal mint state they can be either way up, I have dog privy's either way up
  2. £23 each plus post of choice/risk
  3. £90 plus post of choice/risk Bank transfer prefared but paypal is ok
  4. 1897P VAM-10 slightly doubled 1 "Bearded Eagle" is a much cooler name since the doubling in the 1 can be invisible
  5. I have the red book by Whitman,104 including a few varieites
  6. Yup that's correct mate, can across a few in my time, this was the best fake in terms of weight, spot 26.7g
  7. My latest additions for those who dont watch my channel, a nice trio from New Orleans, while I am trying to avoid low grade common dates, the 89 and 92 from New Orleans are particularly hard to find and the 98 😍 the mint lustre is just.... puts me at 36 dates and over 1/3rd of the way through my checklist, I have a lot of spares and a couple of quality albums for anyone looking to get started just drop a pm
  8. Hey all, a new interest of mine is shipwreck silver, any certified pieces about? trying to keep it to 2 digits if possible, cheers.
  9. Nice bargain received today, 1.35 troy oz
  10. my teenie weenie delivery today, 100g bars are smaller than I remember 😁
  11. In the market for 1 or a few 100g silver Metalor bars depending on price, found a dealer who has some for £70 posted but thought I would check here first.
  12. Looking for some Morgan dollars, must be uncirculated common dates or VF minimum for rare dates, slabbed or raw, paying market value, I only need specific dates but there is too many to name, I have 33 of 104 so there is a chance you have what I need.
  13. I keep a total and record the average, come time to sell I will research current market value and sell accordingly
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