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  1. Long shot! anyone have any spare Morgans I may need? I have 41 different dates/mints/varieties out of 104 so still need a lot of dates, I have 18 duplicates up for swaps or can pay in cash if anyone can help me out 🤙
  2. If you cant hold it, you don't own it, may not even exist, I don't recommend digital metal
  3. Todays haul and my 41st date for the Morgan's, but that ain't the highlight of this lot, look at the 1921 Peace dollar and 1915D Barber Half 🤤
  4. Will always pick this stuff up over fine silver
  5. Prices reflect supply over demand, I imagine I could easily find a 97 proof, 2018 is hard to get, I am the only person I know of selling them right now, the 2019... that speaks for itself
  6. £35 each plus post of choice/risk or take the lot for £120 plus post
  7. I must admit, I may have went a little too far with my masks, I was more prepared for some kind of nuclear/chemical warfare 🙄 Russian GP5 , Also have a Czech cm3 and some chemical grade filters
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