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  1. Yeh I think this second seller was a genuine mistake although they didnt question my claim and removed or sales literally in minutes so I have to think they knew something. Wow, still has 100% feedback I am guessing with the fact they're still selling and getting bids, unbelievable
  2. Another seller, I know it's like pissing in the wind calling out the fakes on ebay, look at the bid on JM, they all even come with a COA 😅
  3. Yes I noticed that on the sovereigns, although hes still selling the Scottsdale as 1oz silver. This is my fear too, even people listing as plated think they're removing liability, they're not, it's still counterfeit and while you may list it as plated, the people buying from you may not, someone somewhere down the road will get bit, needs to stop. I actually messaged the guy threatening the correct authorities but I dont know who they would be?
  4. haha! I messaged the seller, this is part of the reply "What I would do though if a Customer purchased and was not happy I would offer a full refund including any postage costs." Basically operating on a nothing to lose kind of mentality, worst case scenario, has to refund the buyer, best case, buyer will remain oblivious to the junk they just bought.
  5. This really winds me up! I am keeping the seller ID in here because they are taking the absolute piss! selling counterfeit coins and bars and still has 100% fb! tells me the people paying £23/oz are not educating themselves. I literally studied everything I needed to know about silver and testing it before I bought my first piece back 2014, I hope by chance the unlucky buyers somehow see this and get their money back
  6. Has its pro's and con's I suppose. It is nice to have the ability to view historic sales of exact coins though
  7. Not too popular over here in the UK but there are collectors, I have noticed a spike in value over the past few years, long gone the days you can pick nice ones up below £15!
  8. Hi there, beautiful dollar! Excuse the randomness of this as the post is over 1 year old, was just looking through the forum and some older U.S coins and found this beauty. I always lookup the certificates for value and general interest. Have you sold it since? As cert lookup says this exact coin was sold at auction back in 2011, just got me curious how as you bought it over 20 years ago https://www.pcgs.com/cert/18211530 https://coins.ha.com/itm/early-dollars/1798-1-large-eagle-pointed-9-close-date-vf35-pcgs-b-25-bb-123-r4/a/1151-3936.s?ic16=ViewItem-BrowseTabs-Inventory-BuyNowFromO
  9. I would love a poker game using only silver dollars as the chips!
  10. Cheers buddy, thanks for looking. Its hard if you want specific dates but theirs always hundreds available on eBay UK, I still have a handful of spares for sale, theyre listed in the forum.
  11. Each hold 20 slabbed coins £8 each plus post of choice Have stickers and sticky residue from stickers which will need some hot water and dish soap treatment Each will be a small parcel under royal mail pricing and All 3 together may qualify for small parcel but will confirm
  12. I have had coins look better and coin that are significantly worse than the picture
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