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  1. Will be interested to see if it can differentiate coins that are encased in other metallic objects ? Surely if you had some sovereigns etc hidden inside an old car engine block for example?
  2. Thanks for replies including some banter along the way, For some Comedy Gold 🤣 I’ll leave you with this
  3. Sounds good 👍 they will need to be small. might make me loose concentration on my steering though 😉
  4. DYOR sorry couldn’t resist 🤣 try google
  5. What is the play here? By the TPTB and their stooge politicians. The current Fiat banking system, does appear to be on its last legs? New systems are being orchestrated in the background. Would appreciate feedback, wise heads on here. What are your thoughts? the manipulation of our stacks by invisible hands is frustrating!!! https://www.thelibertybeacon.com/frances-macron-just-gave-away-the-plot-with-his-outside-voice/
  6. Get creative not too difficult, something metallic of no significant value that’s worth taking, that is also hollow, old bike frame rusty radiator, fire extinguisher etc, you can even buy fake tin cans disguised as baked beans etc. Great for hiding small amounts of gold and have it in different places. Won’t loose all your stash then. how ever if it’s a SHTF moment the thief might be looking for food!!
  7. Great Advice,👌 any other possible newbies having a browse? A tip I picked up on was consider bullion rather than numismatic sets as you may struggle? to sell in a hurry if needed, each to their own and happy stacking, the Gorillas at Wallstreet Silver will be proud of you. 😉
  8. Been using ATS for a while now, always a great service they only sell what they have in stock, no nonsense of waiting for delivery. They also include a chocolate token 😉
  9. Receipt is fine, however coins etc don’t have serial numbers on, so here’s a thought, Something is worth only what someone is prepared to pay or sell for. I bought a Oz Gold Britannia at top of market £1550 I bought an identical OZ Gold Brit at £1250 when market dropped If I was selling 1 of them now at today’s prices? which coin/receipt should I sell?
  10. Is it not business advice? “Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket”
  11. Guys not to be too dramatic, they don’t have to move it, they just need to persuade you to open it. what if you had several smaller safes? You could give up one and save some of your stash. When we where toddlers Mum wouldn’t keep all the biscuits in the same place!!!
  12. fake tins of beans 🤣 if it ever becomes Mad Max out there? Thieves would probably be more interested in the beans to eat before PMs?
  13. True 👍 have a garage etc think old rusty car/ bicycle numerous hollow tubes etc that can be stuffed get creative, Anything hidden inside another metallic object also deters a metal detector!!
  14. This was a deal breaker when making the decision Gold/Silver, don’t have much myself but for portability/hide ability gold is so much easier than its equivalent weight of Silver. this example is a bit extreme though 😉 https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-europe-38072135
  15. With so many Krugerrands in circulation, not as collectible as other more numismatic coins however, I’ve often noticed on the buy back from bullion coins that an oz is an oz and you get the same price offer. Therefore I personally I choose the value for stacking where I can, have a slight preference for Brits and Sovs as they have a CGT bonus. 👍 just my tuppence worth.
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