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  1. Been using ATS for a while now, always a great service they only sell what they have in stock, no nonsense of waiting for delivery. They also include a chocolate token 😉
  2. Receipt is fine, however coins etc don’t have serial numbers on, so here’s a thought, Something is worth only what someone is prepared to pay or sell for. I bought a Oz Gold Britannia at top of market £1550 I bought an identical OZ Gold Brit at £1250 when market dropped If I was selling 1 of them now at today’s prices? which coin/receipt should I sell?
  3. Is it not business advice? “Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket”
  4. Guys not to be too dramatic, they don’t have to move it, they just need to persuade you to open it. what if you had several smaller safes? You could give up one and save some of your stash. When we where toddlers Mum wouldn’t keep all the biscuits in the same place!!!
  5. fake tins of beans 🤣 if it ever becomes Mad Max out there? Thieves would probably be more interested in the beans to eat before PMs?
  6. True 👍 have a garage etc think old rusty car/ bicycle numerous hollow tubes etc that can be stuffed get creative, Anything hidden inside another metallic object also deters a metal detector!!
  7. This was a deal breaker when making the decision Gold/Silver, don’t have much myself but for portability/hide ability gold is so much easier than its equivalent weight of Silver. this example is a bit extreme though 😉 https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-europe-38072135
  8. With so many Krugerrands in circulation, not as collectible as other more numismatic coins however, I’ve often noticed on the buy back from bullion coins that an oz is an oz and you get the same price offer. Therefore I personally I choose the value for stacking where I can, have a slight preference for Brits and Sovs as they have a CGT bonus. 👍 just my tuppence worth.
  9. Hi, had similar thoughts a while back, had a good explanation that simple supply and demand set any premium above spot price. For example There are plenty of Krugerrand in circulation , therefore they often have lower premiums,
  10. I suppose it depends how big the stack is? supply and demand? Reading so much about Comex paper manipulation by the big players, naked shorts Etc. They don’t like us speculating with our gold. When Gordon Brown announced as chancellor of exchequer that he was taking our!! Gold to the equivalent of “cash for gold” shop. It had a resulting consequence of massively dropping the price we received as a nation by him advertising what he was about to do. I read recently this was a ploy to help out banks who were over leveraged at the time with massive short options. Any one got a crysta
  11. iggypop


    welcome Mrs Smith, Only been here myself a short while but learning all the time, starting my buying in spring so purchases have been mixed, Got to keep an eye on the premiums that you will pay for your purchases at different bullion dealers/sellers. here is a good link http://goldprice.eu5.net/ you can also get better prices from other members on here, who will also have collectable items that other dealers don't have. do you want Gold bar or coins? look into it, do some research some British coins are free from any "Capital Gains Tax" Britannica's and sovereigns I believe but don't
  12. Hi Everyone, ended here after looking at so many sites gold related. I look at Kitco daily but in all honesty i much prefair the comments section that follow the headline stories. This sight seems to have a wealth of information and insight and I am thoroughly enjoying what I have seen so far. Only started collecting in the spring of this year, so I have made some better costed original purchases then, than my recent at ATH. As artistic and beautiful as most coins are I would say I am more of a stacker at this moment in time. I have recently acquired a Rwanda 1 oz Gold "Nautical Oun
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